Dunedin: What makes a good city?

### Ch9.co.nz May 11, 2011 – 7:07pm
Open Space Technology to be used in Dunedin
Meetings to discuss public issues are held frequently in Dunedin, but tomorrow a meeting will be held that differs from the norm. There will be no agenda, no guest speakers and no flashy presentations, all factors in a relatively new meeting technique called ‘Open Space Technology’.

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3 responses to “Dunedin: What makes a good city?

  1. Elizabeth

    Woops. Port Otago Limited have been trialling OST with their staff but company executives meeting beforehand to decide agenda…

  2. wirehunt

    What makes a good city? One with work is a start. But wait, we got 6000 jobs over the last five or so years, oh hang on. That’s right, it’s 400 supposedly…

  3. Peter

    Among other things a good city is where corruption is kept at the lowest possible level. It is given corruption takes place where the use of public money is so available to private interests. A city’s progress can stall, or even go back, when those holding the levers of power – publicly elected officials, public officials, media and outside private interests – pursue an unholy alliance to get what they want. We’re not just talking about petty pilfering with hands in the till. Large scale ‘pilfering’ takes place by so-called legal means. It’s got to stop.
    Feel good stuff, for a good city, is all good, but potential to make good, ‘great’, is limited by corruption.

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