Here we go, more of the sports funding ASK befalling Dunedin City Council, lining up all the (d)ucks and such

Using the old gallery as a “sports house”, providing a permanent base for a variety of sports organisations, had growing support from within organisations, and would allow greater networking opportunities and sharing of resources.

### ODT Online Thu, 5 May 2011
Sport Otago proposes ‘sports hub’
By Chris Morris
Sport Otago has called for changes to some of Dunedin’s recreational facilities, including turning Logan Park into a fully-fledged sports hub and supporting a “two-pool option” for the city’s aquatic facilities. Speaking at yesterday’s Dunedin City Council annual plan hearing, Sport Otago chief executive John Brimble said Logan Park was now the focal point for sport and recreation in Dunedin.
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As we have always suspected, passive recreation at Logan Park for Dunedin residents and visitors will be completely sidelined by organised and professional sports bodies getting the jump on Dunedin City Council for MORE ratepayer funds for their own cause.

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9 responses to “Here we go, more of the sports funding ASK befalling Dunedin City Council, lining up all the (d)ucks and such

  1. Anon

    What’s the story with the extraordinary Council meeting this coming Wednesday to consider a stadium funding application?

  2. Peter

    I am curious to know why ‘this good news’ story was stuck down the bottom of page 23, in the Sports section near the back of the paper, with no byline given. The ‘reporter’ spoke to Dave Cull and this wasn’t a story gleaned from outside the city when they don’t necessarily have a byline.
    Also if it is a ‘good news story’, why is the meeting publicly excluded.

  3. Russell Garbutt

    My picking is that some kind of announcement will be made regarding the private funding level.

    Remember over the last few months there have been a number of stories coming from the ODT via DVML that $40m of private funding has been achieved and that this is “close to what is required by Council”?

    Never mind that this private funding is NOT that – despite a number of people asserting that it is. Forward or advance operational income can only be counted in this way if the stadium runs at a very significant operational profit each and every year.

  4. Phil

    You know the company line reply there. “It’s the standard way that private funding is calculated for stadiums everywhere. Just look at Wellington.” Well, that may well be. But it’s not what everyone in Dunedin thought they were signing on for at the time. A large amount of withholding of explanations of terminology at the time. Maybe a little concerned that if people realised they had may the wrong assumption about a rarely used term, then they might not be quite so supportive. The reality, as we all know, is that operational income will have to pay for the loss of revenue generated by the capital income seat sales. Which means that the bulk of the Private Funding is actually coming from the venue operator, in the form of a non-repaying grant. I wonder if they get some kind of discount benefit for being a main contributor to the project ? Should get something for being such great sports.

  5. Peter

    Wouldn’t it be great if identifiable wealthy Otago stadium beneficiaries are about to announce a very generous donation to at least pay for the extras. Google ‘Otago Rich List’ and you get the names of these fullas. Dated July 2008, but I doubt they have fallen on hard times as yet.
    Eion Edgar of Forsyth Barr fame. Member of CST. Increased his wealth by a cool $30m to $95m.
    Earl Hagaman – former stadium landowner of the biggest chunk of land. Owns Scenic Circle hotel chain. Worth $160m.
    Smith Brothers – owners of Allied Press. Brother Nick was a member of the now defunct ‘Our Stadium’ ginger group. Increased their wealth by $5m to $75m.
    Arrow International head honcho – former member of the CST and project managers of the stadium. Increased his wealth by $5m to $65m.
    Cliff Skeggs, a former Mayor and prominent member (chairman) and outspoken proponent of Our Stadium. $65m.
    Farry Clan are not on the rich list, but John Farry, former stadium landowner, is famously reported as saying his company’s windfall of $1.6m was ‘a piss in the bucket’. Though they are not on the rich list, they are also not on the welfare benefit.
    I don’t know who else on the Otago rich list are maybe covert stadium supporters, but at least they had the sense to shut up.
    In fact, the boys mentioned above could all chip in and pay for the whole damn thing and still have money to burn.
    Our council doesn’t seem to be rude enough or have the balls to insist on them doing their share to ‘get behind the stadium’ to ‘make it work’. Do ya reckon these guys know it can’t work? Surely they aren’t naysayers.

    • Elizabeth

      “Another extraordinary and non-public meeting about the Forsyth Barr Stadium is set for this Wednesday”

      We have bugged the meeting in ways DCC could not imagine.

      All up, any good news will be far too little too late.

  6. Anonymous

    “We have bugged the meeting in ways DCC could not imagine.”

    This always intrigued me that no sweep was done after closing the public portion of a meeting prior to the confidential aspects. Strikes me that it would be very very easy to plant a listening device in the Council chambers.

    But I’m sure that’s not what you implied.

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