Oh wait, you mean…. | 2011 Residents’ Opinion Survey

Where’s the fun.

### ODT Online Mon, 25 Apr 2011
Survey about rating services not councillors
By Chris Morris
The Dunedin City Council is again asking Dunedin residents to rate the council’s performance, with the unveiling of the 2011 Residents’ Opinion Survey. However, this year’s survey launch last week also came with a request from council acting chief executive Athol Stephens for disgruntled members of the public not to use the opportunity to have a crack at elected representatives. The 4500 surveys were due to begin arrive in randomly-selected Dunedin letterboxes at the long weekend.
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Media Release 21 Apr 2011
Dunedin City Council 2011 Residents Opinion Survey

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr


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4 responses to “Oh wait, you mean…. | 2011 Residents’ Opinion Survey

  1. Elizabeth

    ### ODT Online Sat, 21 May 2011
    Few have opinion
    By Chris Morris
    A muted response to this year’s Dunedin Residents’ Opinion Survey has Dunedin City Council staff scratching their heads. The council posted about 4500 surveys to randomly-selected homes across the city last month . . . council policy team manager Nicola Johnston confirmed the deadline for survey returns had been extended by a week, until May 27, due to the low number of returns.
    Those not selected to receive a copy of the survey could still complete the survey online.
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    Residents’ Opinion Survey
    These surveys measure residents’ satisfaction with the Council’s performance and with Council owned facilities. The output of these surveys enables the Council to assess the extent to which the Council has met its performance objectives.

    ROS Online Survey
    This link takes you to an external website: ROS 2011 online survey.

  2. Calvin Oaten

    For what it is worth I am one of the 600 (another Light Brigade?) who returned within two days. Not difficult, but my comments might have just qualified it for the bin.

  3. James

    Pleased to see that their commercial survey provider is actually pretty cheap (worst case scenario $99/month). Would have been a little worried if they were using something expensive given the free technology available.

  4. Anonymous

    Whoa, Dr Bidrose pops up everywhere. Where did she come from? And, wow, does she do the power look. I reckon she makes the man in this pic look smaller. That $5M on her Spook department must be really paying off. I think I’m starting to like this council, the media seems to be telling me to like them, it must be true…


    (Ps. The council was corrupt last year and is still corrupt.)

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