Another outrage of trite ill-informed force of change: Maltexo, Ward St

Another horny tale. Yes, the complete failure of a developer to carry out ANY heritage building assessment for the industrial site that would have told him which valuable components to retain on site, for good stewardship of the Dunedin harbourside’s architectural character and integrity.

The developer says he has spoken to architects – he might have. The question is which ones – no architects currently working out of Dunedin have the professional accreditation necessary to offer a heritage assessment or building conservation advice – plenty of the local boys need work.

The Maltexo sign, while iconic, is paint on a simple brick wall of a simple shed (a simple feature to retain and keep maintained in situ if desired); however, it is NOT the most valuable architectural historical component to be retained on site – the frontage of the gabled building immedately south of the sign on Ward St, is.

To a lesser extent, a small number of brick sheds to the rear of the site, in fair to reasonable condition, could have been architecturally integrated into any new industrial complex.

Mr Barnes can file his comments where the sun doesn’t shine.

“Key to the industrial area is revitalising these sites … This is a cornerstone, modern, highly visible site which is what businesses are looking for.” –Chris Barnes, developer

### ODT Online Mon, 25 Apr 2011
$2 million business park by end of the year
By Simon Hartley
A $2 million business park is due to be completed in Dunedin by the end of the year. It will be built on land now occupied by the former Maltexo factory, which is scheduled for demolition. Last November, Dunedin property investor Chris Barnes bought the lessee’s interest in the site, on the corner of Ward and Halsey Sts, with the deal to be closed on completion of demolition; scheduled by June 30.
Read more

Don’t you love a man of largesse. We should be pleased?
Lest we forget, thanks too, to Port Otago Limited and its subsidiary Chalmers Properties’ current property manager.

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6 responses to “Another outrage of trite ill-informed force of change: Maltexo, Ward St

  1. Elizabeth

    Pertinent comment on greenfields:

    ### ODT Online Tue, 26/04/2011 – 10:53am.
    Nah, poor effort
    By mevad
    …this sort of scorched earth policy represents a very narrow vision for Dunedin. Most of this site could be levelled while retaining a few key walls and a small section that has some of the most interesting industrial roof structures in the city. The developer has gone for the ‘too hard’ basket way too soon. Don’t assume prohibitive cost. Modern development does not mean an area needs to be divorced from its heritage and history, and there should be more incentives for developers to do better, and more disincentives for them to trash the place…
    Full comment

  2. Anonymous

    In other news, a 3-tenancy development constitutes a business park.

  3. David M

    Reminds me of a calculator I had in 1992

  4. Elizabeth

    Embarrassing to note that some ODT columnists have no idea about social networking services in a month of Sundays.

    In today’s newspaper (‘Is anyone logging the signs of our times?’, page 35) Civis remarks:

    “So yet another grand Dunedin sign is to disappear. I refer to MALTEXO, which is for the axe, the city council having agreed to the demolition of the former Wilson Malt Extract Co Ltd buildings late last year (and without, so far as I know, any fanfare whatsoever). Leaving aside for greater minds than mine the question of the preservation of industrial buildings, the prospect of MALTEXO disappearing raises an issue that has troubled me before: is anyone, amateur or professional, keeping a photographic record of commercial signage.” {continues}

    For heaven’s sake.

    When is ODT going to provide weblinks for local opinion columnists’ rants. So we can pull them apart.

    How can those of us adept in social media share or dissect views with tired turkey columnists if ODT remains locked in the primeval past of printed paper?!

    Civis also questions what DCC is doing (by paint) in South Dunedin’s King Edward St, and comments on the current demolition, by Kavanagh College, of the two former Dunedin Art School (Otago Polytechnic) buildings in Tennyson St.

    All topics having been aired at What if? Dunedin… (and in ODT), yeah thanks for the reinforcement.

    The team at What if? acknowledges ODT news items every time we provide a leader or comment to them. Civis, on the other hand, appears to read What if? Dunedin… while pleading frigging ignorance.

    By way of correction (do your research, Civis), New Zealand Historic Places Trust does NOT confer designations.

    The Trust (NZHPT) maintains a national register of historic places. Registration of a historic place does NOT confer protection of a building or site. Registration is an advocacy tool that may assist councils to enter historic places on their District Plan schedules, for protection.

    In the case of the former Dunedin Art School building (King Edward Technical College), the Trust has notified its intention to register the building and the nomination is currently under review. This information is publicly available at NZHPT’s website. The closing date for submissions is 3 May 2011.

    Updated Link (20.3.13):

    Disclaimer. Elizabeth Kerr is a former chair of the New Zealand Historic Places Trust – Otago Branch. All opinions she expresses at What if? Dunedin… are her own.

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