Dunedin conniptions over RWC 2011, yawn

We could be forgiven for thinking The World isn’t about to arrive here in slumberville.

### ODT Online Sat, 16 Apr 2011
RWC to challenge city
Just five months from the Rugby World Cup, Dunedin faces a formidable planning challenge, not least working out how to host an estimated more than 15,000 supporters before and after matches. A report to the Dunedin City Council finance, strategy and development committee on Monday lays out the tasks the city faces to be prepared.
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Report – FSD – 18/04/2011 (PDF, 196.2 KB, new window)
Rugby World Cup 2011 – Update

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  1. Phil

    I’m a bit confused here. I don’t know if Deborah really is as dumb as she’s making herself out to be, or if it’s a cunning strategy to avoid responsibility in the event it all falls over. I’m kind of on the fence there. Anyway, what Big Debs hasn’t figured out, or thinks that we haven’t figured out, is that she’s counting the same people every time there’s a match in town. It’s straight out of the CST financial play book. There ain’t 15,000 visitors coming, Debs. You can call off the hounds. The drunk lying in the gutter on Sunday morning with his Leeds United supporter’s jersey smeared in pizza is the same Yorkshireman who was lying there the previous Sunday. And it’s highly likely he’ll be lying in the same gutter next Sunday. There’s not 3 of them. Even if he’s seeing 3 of you.

    • Elizabeth

      ### ODT Online Tue, 19 Apr 2011
      DCC eyeing own marquee plans
      By David Loughrey
      The Dunedin City Council has its own plans to set up marquees in the city for the Rugby World Cup, despite telling Octagon bars they could not do the same there. Some councillors have suggested changes to recent decisions the council has made relating to the event, including the marquee ban, because of an increase in the number of visitors expected, but Cr Syd Brown said last night there were still options to be developed to deal with the increase.
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  2. Calvin Oaten

    Don’t forget that Debra is steeped in the world of ‘multiples’. It is the most extensively used weapon they have. Take any factor, apply the correct multiple and ‘presto’, the desired result.

  3. Elizabeth

    The ‘propping’ of the dull spendthrift sport continues.

    ODT: Rugby: Southland board to resign

    Southland Times (via NZStuff): Southland rugby board to get the boot

    Southland Times (via NZStuff): Rugby Southland releases report Click here to view the change manager’s findings.

  4. Russell Garbutt

    {We appreciate your comments, and have sourced the weblink. All media citations used at What if? must be referenced. -Eds}

    It is intriguing to note that the Stuff story seems to be suggesting that Roger Clark, who was the CEO of the Southland Rugby mob and is now the CEO of the Highlander’s mob, lost control of spending, didn’t adequately financially report to the Board, relied on community money to meet deficits – amongst other things. At the time of his appointment to the Highlander’s position, the following appeared in a Stuff story (11/10/2010).

    Roger was the “standout applicant” for this new position.

    “He has 12 years’ experience as a rugby administrator and is highly respected both within the franchise region and beyond. One of Roger’s many tasks will be to build and lead an off-field Highlanders’ management group – handling the franchise’s commercial, marketing, high performance and team management functions. He will also work closely alongside coach Jamie Joseph and his boys on the paddock.”

    Meanwhile, Clark had been looking forward to but did not under-estimate the challenges of his new role:

    “My principal task is to establish and maintain the Highlanders’ franchise as a commercially viable organisation. A continuation of significant operating deficits is not acceptable.”

    I don’t know if others find it as amazing as I, that a person who seems to be being held to blame for losses that will require community funding of $4.5m over the next three years is the stand-out candidate for another franchise also expecting widespread community hand-outs. In Southland this means a whole heap of other, far more worthy amateur organisations will lose out on funding which would have benefitted a whole heap of people, while Roger Clark leaves the mess behind him and walks into an equivalent, but I’m sure way better paid position in Dunedin.

    But why am I amazed, this is the way that professional sport in this country operates. And rugby in particular.

    • Elizabeth

      It’s a pity the good people of Dunedin didn’t keep RWC OUT of the city altogether.

      ### ODT Online Thu, 21 Apr 2011
      Keep-out zones for RWC
      By David Loughrey
      The Kiwi tradition of a sausage sizzle to raise money for a junior rugby team will have to make way for the marketing rights of big business during the Rugby World Cup – at least in an exclusive 500m “clean zone” around the Forsyth Barr Stadium.
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      Debra, you say education and communication is the key, rather than enforcement. You then wax on about enforcing the rules. Huh?

      • Elizabeth

        ### ODT Online Wed, 18 May 2011
        Functions, free parks and 3-D
        By Hamish McNeilly
        Free inner-city parking, a town hall function, an untested transport plan and games shown live in 3-D are some of the possibilities emerging for Dunedin during the Rugby World Cup. More than 100 tourism, hospitality and transport representatives were given an update of tournament planning at a meeting in the Dunedin Public Art Gallery yesterday. Dunedin City Council Rugby World Cup co-ordinator Debra Simes confirmed the council was investigating offering free covered car parks as part of its traffic management plan.
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  5. Anonymous

    What happened to the notion of putting more money back into the local economy by capturing all of the visitor dollar? Are parking fees not set to some extent to govern demand for central city parking? Why then make them free at the point of highest demand?

    • Elizabeth

      Why DCC shouldn’t attempt to do “business”, has not the first inkling. Maybe Debra can outline the raft of financial benefits accruing to Dunedinites from such splendid ‘roll-over’ council strategies – make that yesterday!


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      • Elizabeth

        Dunedin City Council
        Media Release

        Proposed RWC 2011 Shuttle Services Topic of Discussion with Transport Providers

        This item was published on 28 Jun 2011.

        The Dunedin City Council’s Rugby World Cup 2011 team continues to liaise with the city’s transport providers to ensure visitors and residents can reach matches at the Otago Stadium with ease.

        The transport providers have recently been asked to comment on proposals for shuttles before and after matches. The proposals are based on matches finishing at 10.20pm and the need to cater for both those people who are going home and those who plan to socialise in the city.

        Shuttles will commence from points within easy walking distance of the city centre but will not originate in, or go through, the Octagon. Shuttles services may include:

        – The Exchange to Caversham Village, Forbury Corner and St Clair
        – The Exchange to Kaikorai Valley via Roslyn, returning via Stone Street or Kenmure Road
        – Cumberland Street outside Centre City Mall to George Street and the Gardens, returning via the one way street system. (As George Street will be closed between Hanover and Frederick Streets, it is sensible for this northern shuttle to start away from the main street.)
        – Special services to the motor camps in Kaikorai Valley Road and Leith Valley
        – An increase in the number of scheduled services from St Kilda into town (travelling via the Dunedin Motor Camp at Tahuna) before and after the matches
        – Additional services to points further afield, such as Waldronville/Brighton after the matches

        The city’s transport providers have been asked to consider of these proposals and offer feedback to ensure the transport plan is practical from their perspective, while meeting the needs of its users.

        Contact Debra Simes, Dunedin Rugby World Cup Co-ordinator on 477 4000.

        DCC Link


        ### ch9.co.nz June 28, 2011 – 7:05pm
        City Council says Rugby World Cup public transport plans are coming together

        • Elizabeth

          ### ODT Online Wed, 29 Jun 2011
          Editorial: Being good World Cup hosts
          The looming Rugby World Cup will be a thorough test not just for the All Blacks but also for the people of New Zealand. Can we, as individuals, communities and a nation, rise to the challenge and welcome our guests with friendliness, courtesy, helpful- ness and effectiveness? Will Welsh, Argentinians, Romanians return home singing the praises of our place? We have the beautiful scenery but do we have the people to match?
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      • Elizabeth

        Join the sharks for a quick buck. Embarrassing opportunism.

        ### ODT Online Mon, 18 Jul 2011
        Homes fetching up to $600 a night during RWC
        By Hamish McNeilly
        Dunedin property owners are cashing in on a Rugby World Cup accommodation shortage in the city, with homes fetching up to $600 a night. A crunch on available commercial rooms has led to some residents advertising their homes on third-party websites; the properties being promptly snapped up by fans.
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        ODT Online: English fan assured of a warm bed

        • Elizabeth

          ### ODT Online Fri, 22 Jul 2011
          City council’s RWC co-ordinator resigns; to leave after first game
          By David Loughrey
          The woman in charge of Dunedin’s planning for the Rugby World Cup has resigned and will leave her role one day after the first match is played. Dunedin City Council marketing and communications agency manager and Rugby World Cup co-ordinator Debra Simes is leaving her position on September 11.
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        • Elizabeth

          This idea needs to be turfed out… but then Cr Hudson is not the brightest plank.

          ### ODT Online Wed, 27 Jul 2011
          Logan car park bid for stadium
          By Chris Morris
          Logan Park could yet become a giant car park for thousands of fans heading to Otago Stadium during this year’s Rugby World Cup. Dunedin City Council staff have agreed to reconsider the idea, having previously ruled it out, after a request from Cr Paul Hudson yesterday. If a solution was found, the ground could provide space for up to 3000 vehicles across the road from the stadium.
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        • Elizabeth

          ### ODT Online Sat, 30 Jul 2011
          Stadium car park option ruled out
          The Dunedin City Council has ruled out using Logan Park as a giant car park for the Forsyth Barr Stadium during this year’s Rugby World Cup.
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        • Elizabeth

          A Tourism Dunedin accommodation audit showed Dunedin had about 2100 rooms, including hotel, motel, dormitories, farmstays, homestays, and private rooms, such as B&Bs, available. The rooms could accommodate up to 5488 people, or 6325 when more beds were added.

          ### ODT Online Thu, 28 Jul 2011
          Rooms in short supply for RWC
          By Hamish McNeilly
          The no-vacancy sign for the Rugby World Cup is about to be hung up by Dunedin accommodation providers. With just 43 days remaining to the start of the tournament, those looking to stay in the city had to settle for rooms as far afield as Palmerston, Moeraki and Middlemarch.
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        • Elizabeth

          ### ODT Online Fri, 29 Jul 2011
          Cup volunteers receive training
          By David Loughrey
          A force of volunteers who will be both the face of the Dunedin and the backbone of the city’s response to the Rugby World Cup received some job training yesterday. The city has 397 registered volunteers who came from all walks of life, Dunedin City Council marketing and communications agency manager Debra Simes said.
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        • Elizabeth

          ### ODT Online Tue, 2 Aug 2011
          Ticket fees ‘averaged’ out
          By Mark Price
          Travel agents buying 2011 Rugby World Cup tickets to on-sell to rugby fans as part of travel packages were encouraged to consider having some customers subsidise others when paying hidden administration fees.
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        • Elizabeth

          ### ODT Online Wed, 10 Aug 2011
          $250,000 council shortfall in RWC festivities expenses
          By Chris Morris
          The Dunedin City Council is dipping into other budgets to cover a $250,000 shortfall to cover expenses for Rugby World Cup festivities in Dunedin. The council had budgeted $100,000 for planning and events associated with the tournament, but council staff yesterday confirmed that had proven to be about $250,000 short.
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          ### ODT Online Wed, 10 Aug 2011
          PayPass, not eftpos, for World Cup
          By David Loughrey
          Dunedin’s Forsyth Barr Stadium is expected to be using only MasterCard’s “PayPass” system, or cash, for the Rugby World Cup, rather than eftpos.
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        • Elizabeth

          ### ODT Online Sat, 3 Sep 2011
          Accommodation for RWC going fast
          By Rebecca Fox
          If you are more worried about the rugby than the thread count of the sheets you will sleep on that night, you might be struggling to find accommodation in Dunedin for the main World Cup games. Camping grounds and backpackers are just about filled up, with some booked out for the first and last games at the Forsyth Barr Stadium.

          Dunedin Visitor Centre manager Louise van de Vlierd said commercial accommodation was “very tight” for the month, but a few vacancies had opened up because of cancellations. Yesterday there were about 70 beds left on the list.

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        • Elizabeth

          ### ODT Online Tue, 6 Sep 2011
          $48,000 of fencing for city streets
          By Debbie Porteous
          Fancy new barriers will provide a smart appearance to the lower Octagon around Rugby World Cup matches, and make it clear where the temporary liquor ban applies, says the Dunedin City Council. The fencing, the $48,000 cost of which was justified by the fact it would be used for other events, and was to be hired by bars.
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          ### ODT Online Tue, 6 Sep 2011
          Police to use eye in the sky
          By Debbie Porteous
          Those enjoying Rugby World Cup games in Dunedin should keep an eye on the sky for the long arm of law. Police have hired a fixed-wing plane for at least the first cup game in Dunedin, so they can spot key pedestrian and traffic congestion points around the city before and after the match.
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  6. Phil

    I like the phrase “possibilities emerging”. They have had how many years to organise this ? Now, with less than 100 working days left, they have “possibilities emerging”. Whatever happened to a manager making a decision and sticking by it ? They all work in the same building. Debra could have walked up the stairs a year ago to the City Property office and asked “How about it, Robert ?”. 5 minutes and she [would] have been able to say if it was more than a “possibility”. Worth noting that campervans can’t access the car parking buildings. But I’m sure she’s figured that one out. I see that Debs is still pushing the “10,000 English supporters” barrow. Helped along by The Sun’s usual high standard of factual reporting. After all, what would the government know ? It always seems to turn back towards the Octagon bar owners issue, so there’s clearly internal pressure being applied to have Council’s decision overturned. Stay strong, Dave.

  7. Peter

    To be fair this would be a ghastly event to organise, for anyone, especially considering Debra has to work with the likes of the mercurial Farry and the crew at DVML, whom I understand are largely inexperienced with events management. If I was her I’d invent a mysterious illness, take leave, and leave it all to DVML to get egg on their faces. After all, that’s supposed to be their job- to manage events. David Davies is being paid $250k to make it happen. Let him get on with it.

  8. Phil

    I remember Debra’s predecessor hiding out in the toilets of the Craft Bar when she had forgotten to unlock the power for the food stalls at an Octagon festival, and Environmental Health were shutting the whole place down. We know all the hiding places now.

    • Elizabeth

      The “Octagon Forum”, doesn’t that sound pretentious…

      ### ODT Online Wed, 25 May 2011
      Town hall could become World Cup bar
      By John Lewis
      Dunedin’s inner city bar owners have welcomed suggestions to create additional bars in the Dunedin Town Hall during the Rugby World Cup. The bar owners, known as the Octagon Forum, are apprehensive about whether they will be able to cope with the demand generated by the large influx of cup supporters.

      Council Rugby World Cup co-ordinator Debra Simes said the idea was submitted by Dunedin Venues Management Ltd, and the council had endorsed it.

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  9. Peter

    The town hall has seen some great, uplifting occasions. This won’t be one of them. A whole lot of pissed people in the town hall is not a good look for the city. I guess the drunks that regularly piss in the alley ways and doorways outside the building now have the option of doing so inside. Will they use the RWC volunteers to clean it up or will this go on the DCC tab?

  10. Calvin Oaten

    Don’t worry Peter, the swollen policemen and Maori wardens will take care of it. Of course John Farry might turn up, but then he pisses in a bucket so no worries there. All in all, I have no doubt that the numbers Debra Simes and co. dream of will be just that, ‘dreams’.

  11. Peter

    Calvin. I’d prefer John’s ‘do ray me’, from the ratepayers, than his piss in the bucket.

  12. Phil

    I am presuming, from the relatively warm response from the Octagon bar owners, that the Town Hall is being opened up for the Octagon bar owners to set up additional bar facilities inside. The article is a little vague, but given the quote from the Octagon pub owners’ group, “There’s no way we could cater for that many people without this extension”, that’s the way it reads to me. It doesn’t read like it’s an event to be hosted and staffed by Town Hall staff. The bar owners would be crying foul if that were the case. So, are the Octagon bar owners going to be paying the standard venue rental hire for the use of the Town Hall ? Including a higher risk premium for insurances, cleaning, repairs, and the use of a general manager licenced person. One presumes so. In these days of Council cost cutting I would imagine that we won’t be funding private companies with public money.

    The rejection of the “beer tent” proposal was pretty clear by Council. And endorsed by pretty much everyone in the city except for the applicants. No-one wanted a couple of extra thousand drunks pouring into a confined part of the city which is already populated by drunks. That wasn’t the look that the city wanted to portray to the rugby playing world. According to Council. So how does this proposal differ ? Still going to be a couple of extra thousand drunks pouring into a confined part of the city which is already populated by drunks. Is this not just a caving in to the Octagon bar owners original demands via a side door ?

  13. Elizabeth

    Event manager for 3DLive Simon Walker said watching games in 3-D could sometimes give a better view than stadium seats. It was almost like “having front row seats all the time”.

    ### ODT Online Wed, 8 Jun 2011
    3-D screen for Rugby World Cup impresses
    Dunedin rugby fans have had a taste of rugby in 3-D, and while for some it may not beat the atmosphere of a live stadium game, others have described it as “the next best thing”. The official 3-D broadcaster of the Rugby World Cup, 3DLive, brought its demo truck to the Octagon yesterday as part of a nationwide tour promoting its 3-D screenings of games, which will be shown at venues throughout New Zealand.
    Read more

    • Elizabeth

      ### radionz.co.nz Updated at 10:51 am on 30 July 2011
      3D rugby plan abandoned
      The International Rugby Board has abandoned plans to broadcast some of the Rugby World Cup games, including the final, in 3D.
      Read more

  14. Elizabeth

    Hamish Saxton knows better. We know he knows better.

    The local boggleheads for RWC haven’t even checked the Dunedin establishments they’re promoting in terms of food and service. Let me add a cafe review that is utterly consistent with recent experiences of Governors cafe, Dunedin.

    Governors on a Friday late afternoon is appalling through and through for lack of service, rude service, slow service, shutting WAY earlier than the hours advertised on the door (Friday nights), delivering the wrong beverage and not apologising or replacing it free of charge, ultra salty food, very poor food handling ability, lack of cleanliness, clear evidence of other customers being made unwelcome on arrival at the counter (including a small, well-behaved family group), etc.

    We gave Governors the benefit of the doubt three times, it massively FAILS – now we’re telling the world. It’s that bad.

    The review: http://www.menumania.co.nz/restaurants/governors-cafe

    It’s most unfortunate that Potpourri and Strictly Coffee have been mentioned in the same sentence as Governors. They are a brilliant cut above anything Governors presently represents.


    ODT Online Wed, 8 Jun 2011
    International profile of city on the rise
    By Hamish McNeilly
    Dunedin’s international profile continues to rise after the latest pre-Rugby World Cup write-up. The city is set to host four pool matches, including three involving the England team. The Christchurch earthquake and decision to revise the match schedule had resulted in increased interest in Dunedin, Tourism Dunedin chief executive Hamish Saxton said.

    Cafes such as Potpourri (“try its delicious apple crumble”), Governors (“catering for hungover students since 1977”) and Strictly Coffee, with its “retro vibe”, get glowing endorsements.

    Read more

  15. Anonymous

    No surprise that St Clair Resort gets rave reviews in that article contributed by its former manager. Otherwise, the rest of the article could have been written at any time in the last 10 years.

  16. Hype O'Thermia

    That’s “Up to” – in other words mostly under. And one example they gave was 8-brm for $400 which was cheaper than a motel. What’s not fair about that? And what’s not fair about high price for high quality / low price for a cheap doss – much the same as student flats, it’s good to have landlords encouraged to insulate buildings and upgrade them but there were always some people who were happy to endure 3 or 4 years of cold rooms and peeling paint when it meant they didn’t have big debts. It’s only bad when people are gouged bigtime in return for poor value. Perhaps there needs to be a fairness assessment procedure, and rather than something long drawn out and bureaucratic I suggest a name shame and photograph internet site – tenants from overseas might be as motivated as local property owners towards fairness if their record doesn’t stay meekly in a file in a local office.

  17. Hype O'Thermia

    I have no intention of saying anything about sinking ships.

    • Elizabeth

      ### ODT Online Sat, 23 Jul 2011
      Anthem singers sought
      By Nigel Benson
      Auditions are being held around New Zealand to find singers to perform national anthems before Rugby World Cup matches. The New Zealand Choral Federation will hold a workshop in Dunedin next week to find 30 people to be part of a choir to sing the national anthems before matches at Otago Stadium.
      Read more

      To take part in the workshop and/or audition, register at nzcf.org.nz

  18. Pedant

    Now this item has got me searching for the plans that showed Display ‘N’ Sell as one huge car-park.

  19. Phil

    Classic reply from Cr Staynes that the extra money was required to do the job properly and to “set the right tone”. So, do we take it that the originally budgeted $100,000 was to do an incompetant job and to portray the city in a poor light ? A first match is a first match and the costs would have always been the same regardless of who was playing. That’s a pretty limp excuse.

    “council had underestimated the organisation and costs associated with RWC fixtures”

    Not Council, but the Events department of the DCC, who clearly admit that they didn’t do their homework. And seem to be rather relaxed about that. I guess, as Debra is leaving, that she possibly doesn’t care. But someone should.

  20. Anonymous

    Yeah, I spotted the cognitive dissonance that “council” had got the sums wrong, when they would in fact, have been rubber-stamping a staff report containing the budget. For the person who probably wrote that report to be passing the blame back to “council” is disingenuous to the max.

    • Elizabeth

      ### ODT Online Fri, 12 Aug 2011
      Free wireless internet trial extended
      By Chris Morris
      A trial of free wireless internet in Dunedin’s Octagon is to continue, and an improved service is planned to cater for an influx of Rugby World Cup tourists from next month.
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  21. Elizabeth

    ### ODT Online Sat, 27 Aug 2011
    Hotels filling up around RWC games
    Dunedin hotels are filling up at the times of the key Rugby World Cup matches, but rooms are still available.
    Read more

    • Elizabeth

      ### ODT Online Wed, 31 Aug 2011
      City ready to roll with World Cup
      By Chris Morris and Ellie Constantine
      Dunedin cafe and bar owners have stockpiled orders, extended trading hours and changed menus in preparation for the event of “unprecedented” scale – Rugby World Cup 2011. The greater city, meanwhile, is as ready it can be to roll out the welcome mat when members of the Argentine rugby team arrive at Dunedin International Airport tomorrow night, deputy mayor Chris Staynes says.

      Council Rugby World Cup co-ordinator Debra Simes said between 50 and 70 community events would take place in Dunedin during the tournament.

      Plans to convert the town hall into an accredited fan zone were also well advanced, with big screens, food and beverage services – together with a purpose-built bar – to cater for up to 2000 fans, Dunedin Venues Management Ltd chief executive David Davies said. The fanzone’s operation would be funded by DVML and staffed by stadium caterer Compass Group New Zealand, with security on hand to ensure a well-behaved crowd, and was expected to make a small profit.

      Read more

  22. Hype O'Thermia

    Today’s ODT Online poll shows less than universal hysteria – currently (2.15pm) it’s :
    Are you excited about the World Cup?
    You bet! Bring it on!
    49% (84 votes)
    Yawn. When does it finish?
    40% (69 votes)
    Hmm. Won’t know until it starts.
    12% (20 votes)
    Total votes: 173

  23. Peter

    Yes, the rugby heads would have us believe we are all behind the RWC hysteria. Wiser heads know that when the party is over the real hangover begins. The bills come in and after seeing the new stadium, out of curiosity, the numbers attending approach Carisbrook in recent years.
    Rugby is no longer king.

    • Elizabeth

      Peter, don’t we love Ian Taylor’s (abridged) burst in the ODT’s letters to the editor today. How much will Ian make from his ‘partnership’ with stadium, tertiary and sporting interests?

      You’d almost think Russell Garbutt’s recent lines of inquiry, statements and publications have been getting to the boys, just a tad.

  24. Peter

    Great reply by Russell to Ian’s letter today. You kind of get the impression Ian is reliant on wishful thinking about the stadium’s prospects. I wonder how much he does know about the financials. He seems to at least acknowledge there is some problem to do with the stadium’s viability but, like others, chants the ‘let’s move on’ slogan. It’s dangerous to get caught up in euphoria about a game you love and let the heart separate from the head.

    • Elizabeth

      ### ODT Online Thu, 1 Sep 2011
      Wrong map in stadium ticket-holders’ booklets
      By Hamish McNeilly
      An outdated Otago Stadium map has been printed inside the official Rugby World Cup ticket-holders’ booklets, but World Cup organisers say it will not be a problem. The map printed on page 51 of the booklet shows Forsyth Barr Stadium – which will be known as Otago Stadium during the tournament – including all its usual nine gates, instead of just the four that will operate during the tournament.
      Read more


      ### ODT Online Thu, 1 Sep 2011
      Matches expected to sell out
      By Hamish McNeilly
      Three of Dunedin’s four Rugby World Cup matches are likely to sell out, with 74,000 tickets already snapped up by fans. As Otago welcomes the Argentinian and Irish teams today, Rugby New Zealand 2011 chief executive Martin Snedden said the new stadium, coupled with the four Dunedin pool games had helped ticket sales exceed expectations.

      The opening match at the stadium, Argentina v England (23,900 tickets sold) was expected to sell out first, followed by Ireland v Italy (22,000) and England v Romania (18,100).

      Read more


      ### ODT Online Thu, 1 Sep 2011
      ‘Only the best’ toilets
      By Ellie Constantine
      Plans to deal with three kinds of waste – landfill rubbish, recyclables and human effluent – during the Rugby World Cup are in place, with sorting bins and somewhat posh portable toilets to be rolled out around Dunedin.
      Read more

  25. Elizabeth

    ### ODT Online Fri, 2 Sep 2011
    Flowers to power huge Cup symbol
    By Ellie Constantine
    Not many rugby players would likely associate their decidedly masculine sport with delicate white flowers, but how could anyone not be impressed with a huge, five-tonne rugby ball covered in them. When looking for a novel and stimulating way to mark the Rugby World Cup, the Dunedin City Council came up the idea of a gigantic flowering rugby ball.
    Read more

  26. Phil

    I’m a bit confused here about all the sudden panic and extra work with regard to crowd control. We’ve had a football stadium and football matches in the city before, which, at times, had a greater number of attendees than the new stadium. If the new stadium is going to hold a maximum of around 20,000 people for a RWC game, then that’s the maximum number of people who are going to be moving to and from the stadium. Just as they did at Carisbrook. So why should the perceived problem today be any greater than it has been at Carisbrook for the past 50+ years ?

    • Elizabeth

      Local RWC organisers petrified the good public will transgress IRB’s hosting rules, y’know creating total civil disorder and couch fire chaos between the Octagon and the stadium. And other such marketing triumphs.

      • Elizabeth

        Remind me again, what is a public place? Is an “open area outside the front of the [who-is-paying-for-it] University Plaza” a public place?


        ### ch9.co.nz September 6, 2011 – 6:53pm
        Dunedin Police warn against inappropriate behaviour during the RWC
        Dunedin Police are warning the public against inappropriate behaviour during the Rugby World Cup. Early this morning, two males – aged 18 and 19 years old – were apprehended for skate-boarding in an open area outside the front of the University Plaza, next to Otago Stadium. Both students were warned against unlawfully accessing a yard. Acting Senior Sergeant Paul McLaughlin of Dunedin Police, says any unusual behaviour carried out near the stadium is being dealt with efficiently and seriously.


        According to ODT Online, the men were found skateboarding in the Forsyth Barr Stadium car park about 12.20am, flouting RWC protocols. (ODT Link)

        • Elizabeth

          “We” keep parting out money, DCC.
          Ngai Tahu, The Wealthy. Or was that Channel 9’s error, they meant Kai Tahu? Partnership!!!!!!!!!!! What else has DCC promised to cement ‘ties’. I’m surprised there’s any charity left at DCC given the enormous gift of a new stadium to a poor dentist and his chairside assistants.


          ### ODT Online September 6, 2011 – 7:12pm
          Community art to go on display during the Rugby World Cup
          The DCC is supporting Ngai Tahu in the creation and installation of a community art display during the Rugby World Cup. The Council is contributing $50,000 toward a temporary pay-per-view art installation called a ‘Haka Peep Show’. Mayor Dave Cull says it’s a unique way of showing visitors and residents of the increasingly strong ties that exist between Ngai Tahu and the city.
          Read more


          SHAME on the Dunedin City councillors once more.
          $50,000 on TEMPORARY ART, that DCC didn’t spend on keeping its social housing warm and dry for city tenants, for example, to hit that particular heartstring.
          We get the picture. You wet, irresponsible bunch of scumbags.

        • Elizabeth

          A temporary peepshow artwork in the form of a black penis costing $50,000 of ratepayers money. Brilliant, Dave. And the koha goes to the “caretakers” of each haka. As a colleague says, just about as good as DCC’s temporary i-site in the Octagon that looks like a portaloo (a lot of thinking went into this, obviously).


          ### ODT Online Sat, 10 Sep 2011
          A matter of some contention
          By David Loughrey
          An artwork in Dunedin’s Octagon that raises controversial issues of the “commodification of Maori and indigenous sportsmen” in the middle of the Rugby World Cup has made Mayor Dave Cull “pretty proud”. The artwork, in the shape of a deodorant can of a brand connected to the All Blacks, also considered the “sexualisation” of Maori, and artist Rachael Rakena yesterday said it did have a phallic reference.

          The work attracted $50,000 of Dunedin City Council money, just a year after the council’s last funding of public art work, the controversial $45,000 Harbour Mouth Molars.

          Read more

  27. Amanda kennedy

    The poor dentist ain’t poor no more! And children of councillors too. They do alright in this fair city. $350,000 dollars more. I wonder if councillor Hudson would consider adopting me?

  28. Peter

    ‘I wonder if councillor Hudson would consider adopting me?’
    Poor Amanda. The city’s problems must be getting to you. You need a stiff drink and/or a cold shower.

    • Elizabeth

      Register to read D Scene online at

      ### D Scene Wed, 7 Sept 2011
      A Barr on underage drinking (page 4)
      By Wilma McCorkindale
      Dunedin Venues Ltd is working with police after its catering contractor was caught selling alcohol to minors at the new Forsyth Barr Stadium. The offending occurred during a police controlled purchase operation at the Otago v Canterbury ITM rugby match on August 27. The incident has not pleased the chairman of Dunedin Venues Sir John Hansen.
      {continues} #bookmark

      {Without prompting, a comment has been removed in regards to the ‘unpleased’. -Eds}

  29. Russell Garbutt

    The best response to that sort of arrogant remark is “Why, don’t you know either?” The gentleman in question would be another who I’m sure could dig deep in his wallet and free a few mill.

  30. Anonymous

    Work on the outside of the stadium is down to the wire. Academy of Sport building is not yet complete and landscaping of the Plaza area is still ongoing. Will be lots of work at the last minute, which means overtime, but not a cent more than $188 million, as we know well.

  31. Peter

    This is hilarious. A big, black cock in the Octagon. A shame about the price tag for something so temporary. Not sure about the artist’s interpretation. Still, she calls the shots, I guess, because she’s the artist. Are only indigenous guys sexualised about their masculinity? How about white guys? Dan Carter in undies, for example, and the others regularly beef caked in photo opps. Maybe she doesn’t see the white guys as sexy.
    Is it possible the phallic structure can be personified, but she is not letting us in on the secret? I’d change the colour to white, however, if that was the case!

  32. Calvin Oaten

    Perhaps it is an enigmatic reference to the Stadium. “A Monumental Cock Up!!”

  33. Hype O'Thermia

    Classic, Calvin!

  34. Peter

    A sculptor friend went this morning to see the Peep Show, put his coin in….and nothing happened. It didn’t work. Again symbolic?

    • Elizabeth

      To note, larger rugby crowds have been hosted historically at Carisbrook with little disruption.

      ### ODT Online Mon, 12 Sep 2011
      Praise aplenty for city, stadium
      The city, the stadium and supporters have been lauded for playing their parts in a successful event when the Rugby World Cup arrived in Dunedin on Saturday. Only minor niggles were reported from a night when England fought to a tight 13-9 victory over Argentina, and even a fire callout to the sold-out Otago Stadium during the game could not dampen enthusiasm.
      Read more


      ### ODT Online Mon, 12 Sep 2011
      Dunedin’s big night out
      By Nigel Benson
      The opening weekend of the 2011 Rugby World Cup had cash registers ringing and Dunedin businesses singing the praises of overseas visitors.
      Read more


      ### ODT Online Mon, 12 Sep 2011
      No train chaos in Dunedin
      By Matthew Haggart
      Trains ran on time for Dunedin commuters who travelled by railway to the first World Cup match on Saturday night. Transport woes, such as those experienced by rugby ticket-holders in Auckland, were non-existent for two Taieri Gorge Railway services taking passengers from Waitati and Mosgiel to Dunedin for the game between Argentina and England.
      Read more

    • Elizabeth

      Dunedin City Council Media Release
      Genesis of a creative dream

      This item was published on 12 Sep 2011.

      Rachael Rakena’s 3D video artwork, Haka Peepshow, unveiled in the Octagon last Friday, has been a dream long waiting to be realised. Ms Rakena says she has had the concept evolving in her imagination for quite some years, but partly due to lack of access to the necessary technology, she wasn’t able to realise it until now. Approached late last year by the DCC Art in Public Places Committee, Ms Rakena seized the opportunity presented to initiate the development of her concept and begin the journey to create this provocative and memorable artwork.

      Haka Peepshow was not finally funded by the Art in Public Places Committee, but rather through the DCC’s Marketing budget.

      Read more

  35. Peter

    ‘No Train Chaos in Dunedin’. What a joke. Dunedin is clearly not Auckland for starters.I don’t think there would be hordes of people from Waitati and Mosgiel clogging the special occasion service. Do you? This is really scraping the bottom of the barrel in the self congratulatory stakes. How hick are we.

  36. Mike

    Check out Acklin’s comments in the last paragraph of today’s story about Vandervis’s resignation – in a wizard of oz (id?) moment he loudly tells us to pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

    All I can conclude from this wonderful piece of cognitive dissonance is that they’ve raided the art budget for the RWC and don’t want anyone to know.

    • Elizabeth

      ### ODT Online Tue, 13 Sep 2011
      Cr resigns ‘in disgust’ over ‘rented’ art
      By Allison Rudd
      Dunedin ratepayers have spent $50,000 to rent an art work, Dunedin city councillor Lee Vandervis says. He said yesterday he “resigned in disgust” from the council’s Art in Public Places subcommittee two months ago when the committee supported spending $100,000 on artist Rachel Rakena’s 3-D video art work Haka Peep Show, which was unveiled in the Octagon on Friday.

      “As far as I am concerned, this art work was funded from the Rugby World Cup budget and is nothing to do with the Art in Public Places subcommittee. Anyone who says otherwise is seriously breaching confidentialities”.
      -Cr Bill Acklin

      Read more

      • Elizabeth

        ### ODT Online Tue, 13 Sep 2011
        Editorial: City basks in warm cup glow
        It was a long time coming. All the planning, all the spending, all the waiting and all the anticipation came to a head at the weekend with the opening of the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand and the beginning of the South’s role in that. For Dunedin this has been an especially drawn out build-up, primarily because of the Otago Stadium, the giant leap of faith by those who pushed it through. Questions remain about the stadium’s affordability, particularly because the city fathers and mothers, faced with monumental costs, have not curbed other expensive projects or started to run a tighter city council operation. But the stadium and the beginning of the Rugby World Cup in Dunedin at the weekend far exceeded expectations.
        Read more

  37. Thomas Van Guard

    Would the support given by councillors for the $50,000 spent on the black penis in the Octagon be a case of penis envy? Or is it more symbolic that we in Dunedin have actually been shafted? The flacid nature of the present council suggests that this giant dildo was an attempt to improve their own flagging performance rather than the ratepayers’. Viagra anyone?

  38. Peter

    Bill can be quite funny at times. I guess that’s why he’s an entertainer. And it does bring some light relief to all this sorry business. Always see the funny side of life.

  39. Pedant

    [audio src="http://www.r1.co.nz/podcasts/Aaron-RachaelRakena.mp3" /]

  40. Russell Garbutt

    I would have thought that prior to any money changing hands anywhere, the issue of who actually owns the thing would have been sorted. If it is unsure whether the DCC owns it after spending $50k, the artist doesn’t have a clue who owns it, and Ngai Tahu also don’t know who owns it, then someone who set the deal up was simply not doing their job. Sounds a bit like the waka thing in Auckland to me…..

    • Elizabeth

      Rachael’s been around long enough to know how to ‘contract’ for her art. What the hell, has she regressed? Besides (personal and subjective judgement call) the artwork looks like crap (haka aside), is temporary, is not worth $50,000 of ratepayer funding – whichever way you look at it. I won’t ‘swallow’ the argument that because it’s controversial it must be good contemporary visual art. A black penis is a black penis is a black deodorant can. Or a pou. The Art in Public Places subcommittee should be sacked. Spray the quango.

      The richness and consideration of Rachael’s interview with Aaron Hawkins doesn’t help the peep show object where and as it stands in the Dunedin City Council context. Most people won’t get to hear it.

  41. Calvin Oaten

    If anyone is bothered they can read this from the bottom up, delightfully.

    Subject: Re: Stadium Cost
    From: calvino10@xtra.co.nz
    Date: Tue, 13 Sep 2011 10:34:01 +1200
    CC: dave.cull@clear.net.nz
    To: rbryant@dcc.govt.nz

    Indubitably! I agree, you are wasting your time, particularly when you are too lazy to do the homework.
    Still, exercising your editorial responsibility is better than no exercise at all.

    On 13/09/2011, at 8:46 AM, Rodney Bryant wrote:

    You are clearly an expert on everything and I’m just as clearly wasting my time trying to convince you otherwise.
    As far as I am concerned this correspondence is now closed – and that is exercising my editorial responsibility!

    From: Calvin Oaten [mailto:calvino10@xtra.co.nz]
    Sent: Monday, 12 September 2011 09:46 p.m.
    To: Rodney Bryant
    Cc: Dave Cull
    Subject: Re: Stadium Cost

    Hello Rodney,
    Are you in effect saying that the DCC has a policy to deceive and mislead?
    Two of the basic tenets of journalism, I would have thought, would be accuracy of ‘facts’ and ‘timeliness’. Perusal of the current LTCCP would be a good start. Your published stadium cost fails on both counts.
    The $198m was, at best a projection overtaken by time. Any cursory enquiry would have disclosed today’s facts as I demonstrated to you. Namely, $240m plus. Pedantic maybe, but what you presented to the public is demonstrably wrong, and therefore misleading. I think perhaps you do need reminding of your editorial duties lest the ‘City Talk’ becomes a glossy, irrelevant, false rag. Best put it past Athol Stephens.

    On 12/09/2011, at 10:27 AM, Rodney Bryant wrote:

    Not quite sure why your’ ‘facts’ are more acceptable than mine (DCC’s).
    I need no reminding of my editorial duties nor of your evaluation of them.

    From: Calvin Oaten [mailto:calvino10@xtra.co.nz]
    Sent: Monday, 12 September 2011 09:31 a.m.
    To: Rodney Bryant
    Cc: Dave Cull
    Subject: Re: Stadium Cost

    Hello Rodney,
    What a trite, hollow response to a factual comment made on the subject of the stadium finances. Firstly, I never expected an apology from you for myself, but rather an explanation of the truth to the people.
    Just why, because ‘City Talk’ is a product of the DCC, it entitles you to use false figures eludes me. Unless of course it is DCC policy to deceive and mislead. If you have been relying on the figures published for several years as you state, it again reinforces my comment about the duties of editorship.

    PS. Yes I did note the impact the RWC is having on Dunedin and the country as a whole. Despite all that has been said, I have never been averse to the stadium per se, but have always been totally opposed to the extravagant cost for this modest city, and for the way it was foisted upon the ratepayers to carry the financial burden. Again, you are remiss in your duties as the city’s publicity officer in not putting the full facts in front of the citizens. In a word, an abysmal performance.

    On 12/09/2011, at 8:44 AM, Rodney Bryant wrote:

    You’re welcome to your interpretation and I (the Council) to mine.
    There is certainly no intention of apologising to you, or anyone else for that matter, for using figures we have been relying on for several years.
    It can’t have escaped your notice that City Talk is the product of the DCC which entitles us to use our figures.
    PS Hope you enjoyed the excitement generated throughout the city by the events of the RWC 2011 in Dunedin.
    Didn’t we do well. It would take a very dog-in-the-manger resident to gainsay the positive image portrayed across the country and the world by the way the city embraced the event.

    From: Calvin Oaten [mailto:calvino10@xtra.co.nz]
    Sent: Sunday, 11 September 2011 10:14 a.m.
    To: rbryant@dcc.govt.nz
    Cc: Dave Cull
    Subject: Fwd: Stadium Cost

    Begin forwarded message:

    From: Calvin Oaten
    Date: 9 September 2011 5:12:52 PM NZST
    To: rbryant@dcc.govt.co.nz
    Cc: Dave Cull

    Subject: Stadium Cost

    Hello Rodney,
    I have just read the ‘Stadium Fact File’ as published in the September City Talk. The final point is the Cost: $198 million. Why do you publicly continue to promote this “myth” to the unsuspecting citizens is a serious case of either deliberate deception, non investigative journalism, or you in turn being seriously misled. Either way, it is a poor commentary on your overseeing the duties of editorship.

    A simple verification of the facts would show you that the situation is as follows: DCC contribution $170m (as determined by last Monday’s 5th Sept [FSD Committee] meeting when it was approved that DVL’s authorised capital should be increased to $160m, and DVML’s to $10m; this to cover required commitments), Otago Regional Council $37.5m, Otago Community Trust $7.5m, Otago University $10m, and Central Govt $15m. This all adds up to $240m. This, of course does not include the purported “private funding” of at least $30m, which is quite possibly included in the DCC’s $160m. If not then should it be separate, the total would be in the vicinity of $270m. The true picture (extremely difficult to determine) could be very much greater, with the discrepancy huge. The people deserve better.

    I think that there should be a public explanation of the true picture and an apology for the deception being promulgated.

    Yours faithfully
    Calvin Oaten

    • Elizabeth

      Calvin, this exchange will go down in history! Not to Rodders’ delight. Hell I can already see a salary saving! Can be tweeted in some form – before long people will see how ‘Dunedin City Council’ (via this individual) does business in the public realm. In the present climate I don’t know of another staff member who would be this stupid.

  42. Phil

    Classic. Well done, Calvin. It may not have occurred to Rodney (aka Whistling Jack) that a number of current DCC managers and sitting Councillors are active followers of this site. The perils of firing off emails from the hip.

    I never quite understood why it is that Rodney has his own dedicated DCC vehicle, which is not available for any other staff member to use during business hours. A pivilege enjoyed by no-one else except for the former CEO and one Group Manager (who shall remain nameless but we know who you are, little man). But then, I’ve always been a bit confused about exactly what it is that Rodney does.

    • Elizabeth

      ### ODT Online Wed, 14 Sep 2011
      Waitati trains cancelled
      By Eileen Goodwin
      The Dunedin City Council has cancelled the next two Rugby World Cup trains from Waitati to Dunedin because of low ticket sales. Fans would be taken instead by bus from Palmerston, for the England-Georgia match on Sunday, and England v Romania on September 24.
      Read more

      • Elizabeth

        On the committee that would have committed $100,000 of its funds to the Haka Peep Show… but gee, look what you get for $50,000 from the (???) DCC’s RWC Marketing budget.

        ### ch9.co.nz September 13, 2011 – 6:27pm
        Breach of protocol
        Dunedin Mayor Dave Cull believes Councillor Lee Vandervis breached protocol speaking with 9 Local News yesterday. Cull says the workings of the Art in Public Places sub-committee are confidential, and cannot be discussed in the media.

  43. Hype O'Thermia

    From a piece on the difference between skeptics +scientists and “trubees” [true believers] which is I think relevant to Rodney Bryant’s reflex attitude when faced with a challenge to his repetition of old, now demonstrably false, “facts”:
    “Does the prospect of potentially being proven wrong make us feel anxious or angry? Or does the potential of finding a flaw in our worldview make us feel excited? ….
    Typically, this isn’t the case with our opponents. They don’t seem excited to find out more about the true state of reality. Generally, the concept that they may be wrong is met with anger or anxiety. It’s a very telling red flag.” (Daniel Schealler, response on http://thecusp.org.nz/blog/viqles/2010-04-05/why-trubees-believe-or-being-careful-skeptic-tm

  44. Peter

    An invidious position not being your own man or woman. But that is a life choice some prefer to take.

  45. Hype O'Thermia

    That’s just silly. What’s the big deal about the Art-in-PP sub-committee? Al Qaeda might infltrate an installation, pack a sculpture with semtex? Confidential my aspidistra!

    Embarrassing when revealed, now that’s another story and one that invites two responses – harden up, and the one about heat-sensitive persons being advised to promptly vacate the food preparation area.

  46. Amanda kennedy

    “…Didn’t we do well..?.” asks Rodney Bryant. Is he serious? Where has he been? The city is in massive debt. We may have to sell assets to make some headway. Obviously Bryant, Hudson and mates are fine with this, but I would think anyone with a modicum of fiscal understanding would be able to figure out that the stadium cost outweighs any gains. Unless, of course, you happen to be the person who owned the land the stadium is built on. Then you would be grinning all the way to the bank.

  47. Hype O'Thermia

    Rodney Bryant is doing well – City Talk still hasn’t been axed. I wonder if that’s on the jobs list pinned to the new CEO’s door. It would make sense.

    And by the way Calvin, wrap up another petard and give it to Rodney, would you? A man of his substance can easily use another one or two.

  48. Phil

    While we’re on the subject of media spin, I was interested to receive a couple of emails yesterday from local travel agents whom I have had a lot of dealings with in the past. Both were offering me “heavily discounted” tickets to the RWC quarter finals, semi finals AND the final match. A pretty good offer I thought for matches that were supposedly sold out months ago.

  49. Hype O'Thermia

    Oh Phil, aren’t you lucky! They must have fitted in more seats!

  50. Calvin Oaten

    HO’T, I would gladly hoist Rodney on his own petard, but I could never lift the bugger off the ground.

  51. Amanda Kennedy

    Acklin, for the haircut alone, should be removed from council. But if we can ignore that, he should be the one resigning due to his total uselessness in making fiscal decisions. He continues his fiscal disinterest with the $50,000 grand to rent an artwork off a giant Rexona deodorant bottle in the Octagon. Funny to observe him doing the Cr Walls thing of trying to make it seem as if he alone represents this wondrous thing called ‘the council’ and trying to sideline Vandervis at the same time.

  52. Peter

    Just wondering. Should a councillor resign if $60,000 is still owed to creditors for a failed business? Should a councillor resign after being charged with drink driving? Not sure really what is punishable by resignation.

  53. Hype O'Thermia

    Should councillors be alcohol and mind-altering drug tested before voting? Given the irrationality of decisions made it’s not an unreasonable question. We are told repeatedly how badly people drive cars when impaired by substance abuse and many workplaces now have robust testing in place.

  54. Peter

    Do you mean every time they cast a vote on Council?! That’d be funny to watch. How about being frisked when they leave? Family silver and all that!

  55. Hype O'Thermia

    WORK-force – definition? What are the odds on there being exclusions oddly correlative with status, salary ….

  56. Amanda kennedy

    Yes. This is why politicians have traditionally gained such a bad rap. Not doing what is right but what is politically smart, The mayor is basicaily obliged to be the one who says everything is alright. He is impotent, as it were, as far as voicing his concerns go. Now all we need is an ODT article about how happy all the jolly councillors are (except for the grumpy annoying one) and how they are all working heroically to offset the massive debt that (some) of them created.

  57. James

    Mixing metaphors:
    Keeping powder dry for the real battle?
    Bigger fish to fry. Or same fish, but much hotter frying. Perhaps searing to lock in the juices, followed by a nice long roasting?

  58. Phil

    Oh dear, Cr Acklin. If you’re going to play the moral high ground game, you need to be pretty sure that the ground you’re preaching from isn’t about to suddenly sink beneath you.

    24 hours is a long time in news.

  59. Mike

    It does explain the haircut though

  60. Calvin Oaten

    Perhaps they could bring in a consultant to investigate as to whether Bill Acklin didst invoke any bullying in order to get the entertainment contract. Similar to that invoked at the Library. Payment subsidy could be sought from central government from the Early Childhood Education Vote.

    • Elizabeth

      If the Office of the Auditor General cleared it who are we to snivel, right.

      ### ODT Online Fri, 16 Sep 2011
      Acklin defends dual role after gaining entertainment contract
      By Chris Morris
      Dunedin city councillor awarded the entertainment contract for Dunedin’s town hall fan zone has again been forced to defend his dual role. Cr Bill Acklin – a city councillor and performer who runs Bill Acklin Entertainments – secured the contract to provide entertainment for Rugby World Cup revellers at the Town Hall.
      Read more

      • Elizabeth

        ### ODT Online Fri, 16 Sep 2011
        Overseas reaction concerns artist
        By David Loughrey
        The creator of the phallic work of art causing ongoing controversy in Dunedin says she is disappointed the “humour aspect” of the story is being picked up overseas. Artist Rachael Rakena said yesterday of the strong reaction to the work: “I suppose it is to be expected.”

        It has caused ructions within the council over funding and confidentiality issues, and the story has ended up on the US-based Huffington Post website, accessed by millions, as well as New Zealand newspapers.

        Read more


        ### 3news.co.nz Tue, 13 Sep 2011 10:31a.m.
        Dunedin councillor resigns from arts committee over ‘black penis’
        Dunedin city councillor Lee Vandervis has “resigned in disgust” from a council arts sub-committee, over a giant, black phallic artwork that has cost ratepayers $50,000 to rent. Mr Vandervis said yesterday the council’s Art in Public Places subcommittee rubber-stamped a $100,000 spend on artist Rachel Rakena’s 3d video art work ‘Haka Peep Show’. The piece was unveiled in the Octagon on Friday and is in the shape of a deodorant can brand endorsed by the All Blacks. Ms Rakena describes the work as “towering black pou” (pillar or post) with a phallic reference.
        Read more (plus comments)


        • Elizabeth

          ### ODT Online Tue, 20 Sep 2011
          Public reacts to Octagon ‘black penis’ artwork
          Rugby World Cup fans give their views on Dunedin’s controversial ‘black penis’ art piece in the Octagon.

  61. Peter

    Is the talent pool so limited in Dunedin that Bill Acklin has scored the NZ Masters Games Tournament entertainment contract – six times- since 2000? Just pure coincidence he is also a member of the Masters Games Board? It must be awkward at the Board meeting when the topic comes up concerning the entertainment contract- whether Bill is present or not. Who drops the news to Bill that he has been dropped? And why? Far easier to let things be. So as to not offend anyone. Namely, Bill. That’s how it works.
    Fresh face? Fresh talent? Ooooo, no.

  62. Anonymous

    Section 3 is the part that you have to parse, not section 1.

  63. Mike

    Subsection one is important because it applies to Hudson and Acklin.

    Subsection 3 is important because it says that the council must formally apply to the audit office, not the councillor – Acklin can’t just give them a ring to see if it’s OK.

  64. Anonymous

    Yes subsection 3 does say that but it also says that the OK can be given retroactively. Presumably this is the process the DVML refer to and as they are a council-owned company they will have formally applied.

    Another good venue for an Official Information Act submission – all correspondence relating to the letting of the contract for RWC2011 entertainment including dates.

  65. Mike

    Well since it’s the council that has to make the request of the AG for an exemption I’d expect it to be minuted on a full meeting of the council ….

  66. Anonymous

    “Council” is a movable feast in terms of definition. The enquiry was probably made by the Governance Officer, on delegated authority of the Acting Chief Executive.

    • Elizabeth

      ### ODT Online Sat, 17 Sep 2011
      Editorial: Octagon artwork provokes
      If art is meant to be provocative the Haka Peep Show in Dunedin’s Octagon well and truly succeeds on that score. The mayor, David Cull, might be supporting the installation but it is a safe bet many Dunedin residents like neither the work nor the council spending on it. Serious questions are also being raised over the process of approval and confidentiality.
      Read more

  67. Hype O'Thermia

    There is something limp-brained about the attitude that if something put forth as an art work causes controversy, discord, provocative (of resentment at wasted money) it must be of merit.
    I have a suggestion for dealing with another matter altogether: boy racers hooning around suburban streets while people are trying to sleep. They are annoying enough, goodness knows, so why don’t we redefine them as performance art? That way there will be no “problem” to be solved so the fact that despite words about doing something about them, followed by nothing happening, will be perfectly OK. Admirable, in fact. Not to mention edgy.

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