The haunting

Words come back…

Connections are so important. Hell, file sharing is super important.

Some days we watch, listen, argue, read, sigh, laugh, throw stones, wait. Then a narly rock lands here, setting up some of the best ripples.

What if? regularly receives presents of good intention – background information, secret squirrel, opinion, latest stories and links, as prompts.

Today, in came another one…

Thus we searched Channel 9 archives at for “stadium debate” and clicked on “The Great Stadium Debate Sept 28, 2007”. Ron Kjestrup referees a discussion with supporters, detractors and the Carisbrook Stadium Trust.

Some of the references we find interesting.

The following highlights are not an attempt to represent a full transcript of the debate. They are places to pause and consider who said them, with what veracity, honesty, false security.


8:26 (minutes into debate) Land Quotes from Malcolm Farry, independent chairman of Carisbrook Stadium Trust and director of the Highlanders [from 5/03/2005 until recently]
“We will not seek a premium but a fair commercial rate”
“We have budget for it and will not exceed our budget”

[Note: Their budget was originally $15m then went up to $20m. The final price paid for the land was $35.6m. Land owners were paid approximately three times the present capital value of the land. One of the land owners, Maxton Holdings (shareholders John Farry/Tony Clear) bought their land in 2001 for $220,000 (CV was $400,000) and sold their land for $1.6m (CV was then $600,000). When D Scene approached John Farry for comment he said it was “a piss in the bucket”.]

9:00 – “If we cannot secure the land within the budget that will almost certainly be the end of the project.”

9:25 – Carisbrook “Land value close to $10m”
[D Scene reports recently that a valuer put land value at $4m.]

14:32 – RWC “6-8 week window” in a “75-100 year project”
“not trying to belittle the RWC”

14:50 – RWC – started off as the major driving force
– we’ve moved over from rugby
– now major driving force is Uni saying we need it by 2011
– critical space shortages.

15:27 – “We’ve made a major undertaking it won’t go above the budget”

16:40 – GMP of $188m “people say we can’t do it”
“We are here to prove them wrong”
This is cost driven.
“This won’t exceed $188m by one cent”
Otherwise “it won’t get built”

18:30 – Some people say “figures don’t work”. “they’re wrong”

20:40 – “We won’t allow a blowout” “We knew”

21:45 – “conflicts of interest” Ron Anderson CST trustee and shareholder Arrow International

Thankyou, Sources.

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4 responses to “The haunting

  1. Russell Garbutt

    It is incredibly important to be able to go back and read and listen to the absolute BS and lies spoken by the drivers of this ill-fated project.

    We can all judge, by doing so, how much truth was being spoken by those that forced through the decisions. From my perspective, almost each and every one of these people are actually culpable for what has happened. Some may plead with a great deal of truth that they were too stupid to understand what was happening, but others cannot use that as a viable excuse.

    Personal profit, pandering to egos, and much much worse are elements of this project.

  2. Peter

    If words come back to bite one in the bum, Farry’s must be savaged to the point where he doesn’t have one left.
    One of my favourites was his claim that the stadium would have a ‘plethora’ of cafes/restaurants. He stated this while on tour to Queenstown to whip up financial support for the stadium. Failed.

  3. Calvin Oaten

    My most vivid recollection is Malcolm’s claim that there would be 500 more students per year attracted to Dunedin Uni because of the stadium and that there would be an economic benefit to the region of $20 million per year.

  4. Russell Garbutt

    If it is the case that approaches have been made to various authors to write the story of the stadium by those that have caused it to happen, you can bet your bottom dollar that all of these little snippets of information will be quietly removed from such archival resources. I assume that such a book would be published by those used to publishing fiction.

    I still have copies of the various radio interviews – or at least some of them – and some of them are hilarious if they weren’t so frightening. The best of all was in my view, the interview between Paul Holmes and Chin on Newstalk ZB. Chin sounded so bad, disconnected and incoherent that Holmes asked him if he wanted to start again. Second time through was as bad.

    Mind you, some of the interviews with Farry bullying and browbeating other interviewees take a bit of beating as well.

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