St Clair esplanade, Dunedin

### ODT Online Thu, 31 Mar 2011
Developer sells share in hotel
By Simon Hartley
St Clair developer Stephen Chittock and Calder Stewart Property – who together built 26-room boutique St Clair Beach Resort, valued at $14 million – have parted company, with Mr Chittock retaining no stake in the award-winning hotel.

In October 2006, the area was rezoned from residential 1 to local activity 2, allowing commercial activity for small-scale businesses, retail shops, apartments and restaurants to be built as of right, without public notification. The Dunedin City Council spent more than $6 million rebuilding the Esplanade seawall and redeveloping the landscaping in 2004.

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  1. Elizabeth

    ### ODT Online Sat, 4 Jun 2011
    Developer selling St Clair Esplanade precinct properties
    By Simon Hartley
    Developer Stephen Chittock’s remaining St Clair Esplanade precinct properties – two commercial operations and three residences – go on sale next week. Mr Chittock has been involved in projects within the precinct for more than a decade. Collectively, the five adjacent properties cover a total 2739sq m and have a capital value of $4.4 million.
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    • Elizabeth

      ### ODT Online Fri, 1 Jul 2011
      Properties’ sale deadline extended
      By Simon Hartley
      The deadline to sell a block of five adjacent properties in the Esplanade precinct at St Clair has been extended 12 days, to July 12. Developer Stephen Chittock’s remaining St Clair properties – the seven-unit Esplanade Motels and Apartments complex, Swell restaurant and three private residences – have been for sale since early June. The properties cover a total 2739sq m and have a combined capital value of $4.4 million.
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      • Elizabeth

        Note the ODT image accompanying this item shows the historic slate-roofed turret house, designed by John Arthur Burnside.

        ### ODT Online Wed, 20 Jul 2011
        Multiple offers for St Clair properties worth $4.4m
        By Simon Hartley
        Multiple offers are being considered for parts of a block of five adjacent properties in the Esplanade precinct at St Clair, with a combined valuation of $4.4 million. The properties belong to Dunedin developer Stephen Chittock.
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        • Elizabeth

          ### ODT Online Tue, 16 Aug 2011
          Future of Chittock companies in doubt
          By Dene Mackenzie
          The future of four companies associated with St Clair businessman Stephen Chittock and his wife Janet will be decided at a meeting next Monday after a voluntary administrator was appointed yesterday. The companies are White Island Investments, White Island Properties, St Clair Village Hotels and Sunbay Enterprises.
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        • Elizabeth

          Mr Ullrich said a proposal for a would-be buyer to lease the St Clair Salt Water Pool from the council was also under consideration.

          ### ODT Online Thu, 25 Aug 2011
          $20 million-plus St Clair proposal revealed
          By Simon Hartley
          A more than $20 million proposal for a development at St Clair in Dunedin – potentially involving Chinese investors – has been revealed in the wake of a Dunedin developer’s businesses being placed under voluntary administration 11 days ago. The proposal is the latest in a string of multimillion-dollar plans in recent years which, aside from construction of the boutique St Clair Beach Resort hotel, have failed to gain traction.
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        • Elizabeth

          Most unfortunate.

          ### ODT Online Sun, 28 Aug 2011
          St Clair developer’s companies forced into receivership
          By Simon Hartley
          Receivers of South Canterbury Finance receivers have forced three companies of St Clair developer Stephen Chittock into receivership over a $1.5 million debt – just days after they were placed into voluntary administration. Both voluntary administration, then the more serious step of being placed in receivership, generally attempt to trade affected companies out of their financial predicament, but the move this week by South Canterbury through the courts is just a step away from liquidation; where assets are frozen then sold to immediately try and repay debts.
          • Mr Chittock’s companies in receivership are White Island Investments, White Island Properties and St Clair Village Hotels.
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        • Elizabeth

          ### ODT Online Tue, 18 Oct 2011
          Swell restaurant sold in $1m deal
          By Simon Hartley
          Swell Cafe and Bar in the Esplanade block at St Clair – constructed by local developer Stephen Chittock whose three companies are in receivership – has been sold in a deal worth more than $1 million. The purchaser is understood to be Thai restaurant chain operator Murray Macarthy, but he did not return calls yesterday.
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        • Elizabeth

          ### ODT Online Wed, 2 Nov 2011
          St Clair properties under offer
          By Simon Hartley
          More than $2.4 million has been raised from sales of St Clair developer Stephen Chittock’s property assets within the Esplanade block. Swell Cafe and Bar were sold last month for more than $1 million; a residential home in Bedford St had sold earlier for about $400,000, and now homes in Bedford St and the Esplanade are under firm offers, understood to total more than $1 million for the pair.
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  2. Hype O'Thermia

    I looked at the word Potentially (“potentially involving Chinese investors “) and cast my mind back to the Farry sales pitch involving a high proportion of private sector funding………….
    ………..and I hope that someone, somewhere in the DCC remembers history in order not to repeat it.
    You know those banners that fly from poles all around town? I think they need to be renewed with ones saying “$8 million minimum” so as to help anyone vulnerable to vision-itis to join a support group a.s.a.p.

  3. Anonymous

    South Canterbury is obviously rolling down the loan book. Seripisos up north, now Chittock. There will be more.

  4. Peter

    That must be ‘The Southern Way’ that Malcolm speaks so fondly of.

  5. Elizabeth

    ### ODT Online Fri, 20 Jun 2014
    Hotel St Clair up for sale
    By Simon Hartley
    Hotel St Clair, at the southern end of the Esplanade, has been put up for sale by Milton’s family-owned Calder Stewart group of companies. The 26-room hotel, Pier 24 restaurant and conference room were opened in December 2009, after Calder Stewart took over 100% ownership while building the hotel.
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  6. Elizabeth

    ### ODT Online Sat, 6 Sep 2014
    St Clair project to start soon
    By Simon Hartley
    Construction of St Clair’s twin $3.2 million commercial and apartment project in Bedford St and Forbury Rd could be under way by the new year and initial ground work is expected to be completed by December. Tender documents for builders are expected to be out by December. A separate, potentially $5 million to $7 million six-apartment-only development on the Esplanade seafront at St Clair remained ”live”, but was at present ”on-hold” over negotiations with a possible buyer, a spokeswoman for the Wellington-based developers said yesterday.
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  7. Elizabeth

    ### September 8, 2014 – 5:45pm
    Multi-million dollar St Clair apartment complex on hold
    Plans for a multi-million dollar apartment complex along the St Clair Esplanade are on hold, as negotiations continue with a potential buyer.

    • Elizabeth

      Sat, 20 Aug 2016
      City’s dearest apartment?
      By Simon Hartley
      Construction will start shortly on what could be Dunedin’s priciest apartment — a $1.6 million three-bedroom dwelling fronting the Esplanade at St Clair. Three years after the plan was announced, a house was demolished on the Esplanade on Thursday in readiness for the building of the four-storey apartment with ground-floor garaging.
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      [click to enlarge]
      Apartment development, 6 Esplanade, St Clair - early iteration over current render (2016)Apartment development, 6 Esplanade, St Clair – early iteration over 2016 render

      DCC Webmap - 6 Esplanade, St Clair JanFeb2013DCC Webmap – 6 Esplanade, St Clair, Dunedin

    • Elizabeth

      Wed, 7 Sep 2016
      ODT: Work on apartment building begins (photo)
      Contractors drove in sheet piles this week as work starts on a four-storey apartment building fronting the Esplanade at St Clair. The complex will house what could be Dunedin’s most expensive apartment – a $1.6million, three-bedroom dwelling.

      Industry experts are saying the publicised sums for the development seem too slight.

      • Hype O'Thermia

        Perhaps savings are achieved by following DCC contractors’ practice and only driving piles in till they reach solid sand.

    • Elizabeth

      Thu, 15 Dec 2016
      ODT: Foundations completed for Esplanade apartment block (photo)
      Foundations are complete for the estimated $5.5 million-$7 million apartment block being built on the Esplanade at St Clair. […] Three years after the apartment development was first mooted, the original brick house on the site was demolished in August and construction began, by Dunedin company Naylor Love. Cont/

  8. Elizabeth

    Good news for the sellers, we hope.
    [So long as this doesn’t involve a deal with the city council to restrict public use of the salt water pool. See comment above.]

    ### ODT Online Wed, 6 Jan 2016
    Koreans buy Hotel St Clair
    By Chris Morris
    Dunedin’s Hotel St Clair has been sold in what is likely to be a multimillion-dollar deal. The sale agreement, which will take effect later this month, was confirmed by Calder Stewart development director Alan Stewart yesterday.
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    • Elizabeth

      This is hardly a “luxury” hotel given the build and current fitout.

      ### Last updated 14:37, January 7 2016
      Workers at luxury Dunedin hotel may lose jobs
      By Hamish McNeilly
      Thirty-five staff at a luxury Dunedin hotel may lose their jobs after the beach front property was sold. Hotel St Clair has been sold by construction company Calder Stewart to Korean interests. Calder Stewart development director Alan Stewart said hotel staff were informed of the sale prior to Christmas, and the company was “consulting with the staff on the impact of the sale on their future employment”.
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    • Elizabeth

      ### ODT Online Thu, 21 Jan 2016
      Most St Clair Hotel staff back in work
      By Simon Hartley
      The change of ownership of the Hotel St Clair in Dunedin has resulted in 35 job losses, but 30 of those staff have either been re-employed by the new owners or have already got jobs elsewhere. […] the new hotel owners are offering employment to eight of the 35 full-time and part-time staff, with the balance of 27 staff made redundant.
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  9. Elizabeth

    ### ODT Online Wed, 13 Jan 2016
    Electrical fault damages pipes, forces pool to close
    The St Clair Hot Salt Water Pool has been closed after an electrical fault, but it is hoped it will reopen later this week. Dunedin City Council parks and recreation planning manager Jendi Paterson said an electrical fault occurred in the pool plant room on Monday night which resulted in damage to pipes.
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    ### Wed, 13 Jan 2016
    Pool closes after electrical fault
    An electrical fault in the plant room of the St Clair Hot Salt Water Pool has resulted in its closure this week. Contractors are working to try and repair the damaged pipes but some will need replacing. Once the work is finished the pool water needs to be treated and then heated. It’s hoped the pool will be able to re-open tomorrow.
    Ch39 + Video

  10. Elizabeth

    ### ODT Online Thu, 14 Jan 2016
    More problems at St Clair pool
    The St Clair Hot Salt Water Pool has had to close again and may not re-open until tomorrow. […] Dunedin City Council parks and recreation planning manager Jendi Paterson said it re-opened at 2pm today, but had to be closed about an hour later due to a mechanical problem related to the earlier fault.
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  11. Elizabeth

    ODT: Salt water pool reopens
    The St Clair Hot Salt Water Pool reopened this morning, returning to normal operating hours.

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