Dunedin’s one-way system

Council acting transportation planning manager Sarah Connolly wants public input on the project, and for the council to consider what its priorities were in the area.

### ODT Online Thu, 31 Mar 2011
Major road rerouting back on agenda
By David Loughrey
A multimillion-dollar plan to reroute traffic through Dunedin is back on the agenda, and a major change to the city’s one-way system is heading the list of possibilities. The Dunedin City Council has been working with the University of Otago, the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) and the Otago Regional Council on the issue, and council staff plan to take the results of their work to councillors later this year.
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11 responses to “Dunedin’s one-way system

  1. Stephen

    The heavy traffic bypass doesn’t work as it is. Yet all it would take is some changes to the timing of traffic lights and trucks would use it more.

    So simple, yet it seems too hard.

  2. Russell Garbutt

    Stephen, why do we need so many heavy trucks and their loads coming through Dunedin?

    It seems to me that we had an ideal opportunity to stop the truck traffic to Port Chalmers some years ago. Why is it that logs, chips and God only knows what that is about to be transported by sea, needs to be transported by truck to Port Chalmers? Why was it that we needed to spend about $5m creating land at Port Chalmers when there were other, better, option available?

    What various pressure groups have managed to do is to create a situation whereby goods awaiting transport by sea are stored somewhere round the port. Anyone with half a brain would realise that freight hubs should be where there is good transport connections and storage areas. How about Wingatui as a place where all logs are transported to and when a ship comes into port then all the logs are simply transported en masse to the wharf when they can be loaded? Gets rid of all the trucks going through the City. Has anyone ever seriously considered these options?

    I see those waste metal yards sitting alongside rail sidings filling up flotillas of trucks choking the roads everytime a waste metal freighter comes into Port. Why?

    Rail is an efficient, effective mode of bulk transport but it seems to me that once again a specific pressure group is able to foist their self-interest onto the rest of the community.

    But then, why should I really be surprised? If it isn’t road transport pressure groups, it is property developers, or professional rugby players. Roll over Councils – carry on the proud tradition of subsidising business from ratepayers.

    • Elizabeth

      Russell, of course this has all been considered. Rail due to government policy is as yet more expensive than road. See various national and regional reports published to date that address your points. Also consider the plans for an inland port on the Taieri.

  3. Anonymous

    I often wonder why SH88 was not realigned to come straight down the rail corridor, coming out behind Station Apartments, to meet the existing Ward St roundabout, then down Thomas Burns and Wharf St to join SH1 via Strathallan St

  4. Stephen

    The inland port has been talked about for how long now Russell. Yes it’s a great idea, but when will or more to the point would it ever happen????

    There is also a lot of trucks that go through Dunedin, not just to the port. But they don’t use the bypass for the simple reason of it’s slower. Try getting around the corner onto Portsmith Drive at the Mobil garage at 0745 through to say 0900, a nightmare if there are trucks around as the lights are so quick to change. So the trucks don’t tend to use this route so much, if I was them I wouldn’t either as it stands.

    Why hasn’t this been addressed? Changing a few setting to get the trucks using that route seems so simple. But we don’t.

  5. Stu

    Log trucks do use the bypass; they just come on to Thomas Burns St via the overbridge rather than Strathallan St. The two changes to the roading curves at Strathallan St at Andersons Bay Road and Portsmouth Drive were supposed to ease this, but I don’t think they have changed habits much, probably for the traffic light phasing issue mentioned.

    Andersons Bay Road is at least a free left turn on red; Portsmouth Drive I had thought would be the same but it isn’t.

  6. James

    Many other considerations aside, was brunching down near Queens Gardens today and wandering round a bit, and getting SH1 out of those areas would really change the place.

    • Elizabeth

      Tomorrow, we have a DCC Built Environment (YCOF) leadership group meeting to hone our inputs to the proposed Spatial Plan, which involves our considerations on Transportation Planning – as a help or hindrance to the built environment.

      Last week, we met with acting transportation planning manager Sarah Connolly to gain some overview.

  7. Stephen

    So will we get a brief in the next few days Elizabeth?

    • Elizabeth

      It comes through on the proposed Spatial Plan which is due out for public consultation quite soon – has to be approved by councillors before release. We understand 75% of the information needed for the Spatial Plan is now to hand.

  8. Elizabeth

    ### ODT Online Sat, 4 Jun 2011
    $85 million budget for Dunedin roads
    By Matthew Haggart
    Dunedin motorists are set to benefit from a transport package of highway and roading network upgrades totalling about $85 million during the next five years. The New Zealand Transport Agency has projects which total $34 million currently in the design and investigation stage, with $20 million worth of highway upgrades already on the go. Meanwhile, the Dunedin City Council has budgeted $32 million for its transport operations this year.
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