Aww, cute. What’s in a name.

DCC, you’re asking us the latest christening names?
C’mon, you’re taking the piss.

We’ve had a say on nothing else.
Or rather, the ‘say’ was had and the ignore was most.

You really want suggestions from ‘the crowd’?
The Frigging Farry Bend, Rugby Tossers Boulevard, Wanker Drive, Shyster Road, don’t stop there . . . TRITE CITY.

[We have a surfeit of road names that are apt, brilliant and utterly unprintable.]

Lastly, Dunedin City Council, DON’T mess with the good name of Carisbrook or we’ll sink you in boiling asphalt, where you properly belong.


### ODT Online Wed, 16 Mar 2011
Public to have say on road names at stadium
By Chris Morris
The Dunedin City Council is to consult the public on new road names around the Forsyth Barr Stadium – but not before suggesting a few of its own. Councillors at yesterday’s infrastructure services committee meeting considered a staff report outlining several possible names for new or realigned roads around the stadium.
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15 responses to “Aww, cute. What’s in a name.

  1. peter

    This is another pathetic attempt at buy in for the stadium. Are we supposed to get excited by this? Carisbrook Street? Utter hypocrisy and faux sentimental twaddle. They couldn’t wait to wreck Carisbrook! Reminds me of that other puke making exercise when they airlifted a bit of the ‘hallowed Carisbrook turf’ to the new stadium a short time back. Stupid drama queen material that comes across as so phony and trite.
    How about Rucked Over St? Double entendre intended.

  2. Phil

    Yellow Brick Road ? I’m sure we could rustle up an appropriate Scarecrow or Tin Man. Either way, it still leads to a mythical utopia.

  3. Anonymous

    Garden Path.

    • Elizabeth

      Any resulting street signs of the sort will be highly collectable. ;-)

      • Elizabeth

        ### ODT Online Thu, 28 Jul 2011
        Proposal dropped
        By Chris Morris
        A plan to change the name of a street near Dunedin’s [name deleted] Stadium has itself been changed. Councillors at this week’s Dunedin City Council infrastructure services committee voted to rename the remaining sections of Parry St – either side of the nearly-completed stadium – as Parry St “West” and “East”.
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  4. Stan

    My guess is that most people would think that “Yellow Brick Road” was in honour of the Elton John Concert – not the effect I think you are looking for :-)

  5. Phil

    Well, I thought that might be a way to slip it in. Without anyone being any the wiser. I just had this vision from a certain movie of the crowd skipping hand in hand down the road towards the stadium while theme music was piped in from above. It could become a real Disney type attraction, with pop up caricatures along the route belting out rousing renditions of “If I only had a Brain” etc.

  6. Stan

    For balance you’d probably have to have the songs about “heart” and “courage” as well.
    So long as you had the flying monkeys, I wouldn’t care.

  7. Phil

    The monkeys are a given. I reckon we’re on to something here. I’ll given the guys at Tourism Dunedin a call, and I’m sure there’s some public funding to be found. No matter if there’s not, I’m sure that Private Funding will turn up at some point. Or sponsorship. At least for the flying monkeys.

  8. Peter

    Liars’ Lane.

  9. Elizabeth

    Another gratifying pronouncement by Dunedinites on the stadium and the Dunedin City Council. Tell me it isn’t. LOL

    ### ODT Online Sat, 18 Jun 2011
    Naming of roads around stadium next month
    By Chris Morris
    Roads around the Forsyth Barr Stadium will be named next month, after public consultation generated only a muted response. Councillors at this week’s infrastructure services committee meeting voted to approve new road names suggested at its March meeting, after receiving just three responses to a call for submissions.
    Read more

    • Elizabeth

      29.6.11 A proposed new road name near the Forsyth Barr Stadium remains in doubt after the council missed a submission from a member of the public. ODT Link

  10. Anonymous

    One of the names will almost immediately be targetted for graffiti. The obvious change from Gambia St to Gambla St is very easy to accomplish.

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