Christchurch heritage buildings approved for demolition #eqnz

Canterbury Earthquake
Media advisory – Tuesday 15 March 2011, 1930 hours

Process for approving deconstruction
In the case of heritage buildings, a robust process is followed that involves an assessment by Heritage and by Lifelines (utilities) and an inspection carried out by a suitably qualified engineer.
Every endeavour is being made to contact all owners of buildings if demolition or deconstruction is necessary.
There will be no salvaging of materials in buildings unless it is by the building owner or those contracted to carry out salvage work.

Heritage buildings approved for deconstruction
* Provincial Hotel – 274 Cashel Street
* 112 Centaurus Road – Dwelling
* Cathedral Grammar – Chester Street West 8 (2), Stratham Building
* Austral Building – 603 – 615 Colombo Street (includes 170 Tuam Street)
* Bean Bags and Beyond – 626 (aka 626) Colombo Street
* 625 – 629 Colombo Street – Commercial buildings
* Wave House/Winnie Bagoes – 194 Gloucester Street
* Hereford Court – 116 Hereford
* Piko Whole Foods – 229 Kilmore Street
* Park Lane Handbags – 111 – 113 Lichfield Street
* Former Ridley Building – 116 Lichfield Street
* Nurse Maude – 192 Madras Street
* Charlie Backpacker – 268 Madras Street
* Former City Council Offices – 198 Manchester Street
* Forbes Building – 17 Norwich Quay 17, Lyttleton
* Rhodes Memorial Hospital – Overdale Drive 2
* Edison Hall, Workshop, Witchery – 230 – 232 Tuam St
* Domo – 236 Tuam St
* Fuller Brothers Ltd – 180 Tuam Street
* Addington Flour Mill – 14 Wise Street
* Gopals Restaurant and Pedros Restaurant – 143 Worcester Street

This totals 21 buildings, but note that Colombo Street’s Austral Building also includes 170 Tuam Street and there are multiple buildings included in the Colombo Street addresses
NB: This list differs slightly from the list provided at the media briefing today.

Deconstruction of Addington (aka Old Woods) Flour Mill, 14 Wise St
This deconstruction was triggered by USAR, who recommended the partial or total deconstruction of the building for rescue or recovery purposes or because it presents an unacceptable safety risk from aftershocks.
There are three separate buildings on site that were assessed:

* the mill building itself that has the greatest heritage value,
* a chimney, and
* a brick-clad silos assessed as having a lesser heritage value.

The silos and chimney were badly damaged. The mill building itself was assessed as repairable. The engineer’s report recommended the deconstruction of the silos and the chimney only.
This approved deconstruction sign-off process was followed in this case and the recommendation provided to the National Controller for approval/signature on March 3.



Photograph of quake-damaged Addington mill building
By @Motmunter, Campbell Live cameraman

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13 responses to “Christchurch heritage buildings approved for demolition #eqnz

  1. Elizabeth

    Related Post:
    15.3.11 Adding duress, Christchurch #eqnz


    16.03.2011 Christchurch earthquake demolition process ‘a train wreck’ (via NZStuff/ThePress)

    (5.03pm) @ChristchurchCC Deconstruction and Demolition FAQs. Definitions and details about the deconstruction and demolition process: #eqnz #chch

    ### Wed, 16 Mar 2011 6:24p.m.
    Chch building owners in the dark over demolitions
    By Michael Morrah
    A prominent Christchurch property owner is angry his buildings are being demolished without his knowledge. He says the whole deconstruction process has been poorly managed and the national controller of Civil Defence has admitted he does not know how many buildings have been bulldozed – nor the number of business owners kept in the dark. Antony Gough co-owns 10 buildings in the Christchurch CBD.
    Read more +Video

    (6.33pm) @10PARK NAMED – Of concern: Frews, Southern, and Ward demolition crews – and more … #chch #eqnz #3news

  2. Elizabeth

    Demolition of St Elmo’s Court in Christchurch started today, it will take a month to clear the site. (via 3News)


    @ChistchurchCC Latest Public Information Update: Sunday 20 March, 1800 hours #chch #eqnz

    • Elizabeth

      (5.38pm) @NZHerald Video: Anger erupted in Chch today as business owners broke cordons to try to get to their quake-hit buildings. #eqnz

      (6.58pm) @TVNZNews Frayed tempers turn to civil disobedience in Chch #TVNZNews

      ### Mon, 21 Mar 2011 6:03p.m.
      Angry Chch business owners storm red zone cordon
      By Hamish Clark
      Christchurch business owners have stormed the cordon and burst angrily into the city’s red zone in protest at, what they say, is the lack of communication from Civil Defence. Their frustration boiled over after weeks of complaining that buildings are being demolished before property and financial records can be retrieved. The threat of the Army didn’t deter the peaceful protesters; over 100 upset business operators breached the city cordon today, soldiers standing guard were powerless to stop them.
      Read more + Video


      A new round of Community Briefings in Christchurch this week:

      (8.54pm) @PolarBearFarm It’s not the council which is the problem. It’s Civil Defence.

      (8.52pm) @PolarBearFarm I can just tell the community meeting in Hagley Park on Wednesday will be heated.

      (8.45pm) @PolarBearFarm Wed 12pm for CBD people. There is a list of them here:

    • Elizabeth


      (7.27pm) @rebuildchch Christchurch Buildings set for demolition, partial demolition or make safe

      • Elizabeth


        (5.30pm) @10PARK RT @ZNO_NZ Google Doc of buildings to be demolished sortable by street, critical level etc .. .. we’ll add a 3D map soon #eqnz

      • Elizabeth

        ### 5 April 2011
        Christchurch heritage demolition process ‘abysmal’
        By Paul Harper – NZ Herald
        Errors on the list of the Civil Defence’s list of Christchurch CBD buildings set for demolition throws the whole process into question, a Christchurch not-for-profit organisation manager says. On Friday Civil Defence released a list of 184 buildings which require full demolition, partial demolition, or to be made safe. However the Civil Defence yesterday acknowledged errors had been made and a new list would be released tomorrow.
        Read more


        ### Last updated 17:06 13/04/2011
        More buildings to meet wrecker’s ball
        By Ben Heather – The Press
        Another 87 quake-hit Christchurch buildings have been earmarked for demolition, with Civil Defence warning hundreds more will follow. Civil Defence national controller John Hamilton said this afternoon that 87 buildings will be demolished on top of the 128 previously announced, including 20 heritage-list buildings.
        Read more

        The Updated List via


        ### Thursday, 14 April 2011 08:51
        Morning Report with Geoff Robinson & Simon Mercep
        Country’s largest recycling project for quake rubble
        Three Christchurch companies have begun the largest recycling project ever attempted in New Zealand.
        Audio Ogg Vorbis MP3 (duration: 3′20″)

        • Elizabeth

          Twitter pals on the Red Zone situation:

          @PolarBearFarm Two months on, 78% of businesses in the Red Zone have had no access at all. #eqnz

          @PolarBearFarm As a number, that’s 3% of all businesses in NZ with at least 1 employee, which have had no access to their workplace for 2 months #eqnz

          @ronindotca @PolarBearFarm they are urgent @ knocking shit down They are urgent at not recycling They are urgent at lots of stuff Just not what’s needed

          @PolarBearFarm @ronindotca there are several large elephants in the room, while they piss about dusting the architraves.

        • Elizabeth


          (4.01pm) @ronindotca Holy shit! Another 55 buildings added to the Civil Defence demo/partial demo/make safe list. 348 now.

        • Elizabeth

          ### Last updated 05:00 21/08/2011
          Heritage may yet tumble
          By Lois Cairns – The Press
          Hopes of saving Christchurch’s few remaining historic buildings look increasingly slim, with only about $4.5 million in the Canterbury Earthquake Heritage Building Fund. The big four quakes – September 4, December 26, February 22 and June 13 – severely damaged many of the city’s heritage buildings, some beyond repair. Information supplied by the Christchurch City Council shows that, by the end of last month, about 80 listed central city heritage buildings had been demolished. The fate of another 34 buildings is up in the air, including the town hall, Christ Church and the Roman Catholic cathedrals, Knox Church, the McKenzie & Willis building, the Excelsior Hotel, the Canterbury Provincial Council buildings, and the Edmonds band rotunda. “With the continuing aftershocks and ongoing assessments of damage, it is not possible to say which buildings will remain, and which will be demolished,” the council says.
          Read more

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