Quake off northeastern Japan

UPDATED Saturday, 12 March 2011

Fri 11 Mar 2011
@CEQgovtnz An earthquake of magnitude 8.9 has occured in Japan.
The Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre has issued a Tsunami Watch #chch #eqnz

### 3news.co.nz Sat, 12 Mar 2011 9:03a.m.
Japan buildings designed to withstand strong quakes
By Tom Parmenter
As everything shook in Japan people said the buildings around them moved like jelly. In many cases that’s exactly what they are supposed to do. Modern structures in Japan are designed to move with the earth rather than against it. In giant warehouses different techniques are tested.
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Wed 9 Mar 2011
Magnitude 7.2 quake strikes Japan. This event is superceded by a magnitude 8.9 quake on 11 March. See comments at this post, and this link.

### stuff.co.nz Last updated 4:27 09/03/2011
Large quake off Japan
A strong earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 7.2 hit off the coast of northeastern Japan on Wednesday, the Japanese Meteorological Agency said.
A tsunami warning of up to 50 cm was issued for northeastern Japan, public broadcaster NHK reported. Buildings shook in Tokyo but no damage was immediately reported.
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(via NewstalkZB) This afternoon’s quake occurred 160km east of Honshu.

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  1. Elizabeth

    Breaking News
    JAPAN QUAKE — Smoke is being seen from ports in Tokyo, as people evacuate Tokyo buildings.

    Tsunami hits, cars and trucks at ports seen floating away. Large vessel hits bridge. Quake just 10kms deep – 6 metre tsunami being predicted… could affect a number of Pacific nations.

    Quake magnitude 7.9, 120km off coast of [northern] Japan.

    (via 3News) 7.9 quake strikes Japan: http://bit.ly/gj3bja #japan #earthquake

    See CNN live footage.
    UPDATED: magnitude over 8 – water passing to interior of Japan.
    Increasing reports of damage in Japan urban centres.


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    via Twitter:

    Tsunami engulfing a japanese city live http://wwitv.com/tv_channels/6810.htm

    New tweet: USGS “This is a computer-generated message — this event has not yet been reviewed by a seismologist” so 8.8 may be scaled down #EQJP
    For those confused: 8.8 quake in Japan. While the Richter only goes to 8, magnitude is a mix of Richter and observations of how quake felt.

    There has also been a swarm of earthquakes off the coast of Oregon.

    Tsunami travelling at the speed of a 747 down the coastline of Japan and out across the Pacific Ocean.

    @WeatherWatchNZ: MAP of where Tsunami hit http://www.weatherwatch.co.nz/content/breaking-news-79-quake-hits-japan

    Pacific Tsunami Warning Center: Warnings up for #Japan and #russia; Tsunami watches up for #guam #taiwan #philippines #hawaii #indonesia.

    OMG http://www.jma.go.jp/en/quake/

    Media: Live stream of NHK’s coverage of Tokyo quake: http://wwitv.com/tv_channels/6810.htm #eqjp

    JAPAN QUAKE — This 8.8 earthquake is 1000 times bigger than the recent Christchurch earthquake, although located offshore.

    Tsunami engulfs building and cars [photo] http://twitpic.com/48dj2o

    http://wcatwc.arh.noaa.gov/2011/03/11/lhvpd9/01/lhvpd9-01.pdf PDF shows #Tsunami hazard for the whole pacific #EQJP

    • Elizabeth

      Tweets received cont/


      @nzwon HOLY SHIT!!! RT @jencorbett Youtube footage of the earthquake just uploaded http://youtu.be/WM3RAn1-4rs

      tv is starting to show live tsunami coverage in miagi prefecture :(

      jesus christ… #skynews

      Major quake hits Japan – http://bit.ly/eZAiOb #cnn

      Holy shit! NHK world coverage showing tsunami engulfing houses like lego bricks http://wwitv.com/tv_channels/6810.htm

      Oh my god that live tsunami footage has me in tears…all those cars washing away with people in them…

      revised magnitude of 8.4 – that’s just mind-blowing

      • Elizabeth

        Tweets received cont/

        UPDATE: @NZcivildefence “If a tsunami has been generated, the arrival times in New Zealand have yet to be advised.” – reports of 2am not official

        In shock about japan! What on earth is going with th tectonic plates?

        apocalyptic pictures from Japan. this is heartbreaking.

        dumbfounded by the video coming from Japan, God protect them.

        These pictures on Sky news of the tsunami coming in are nuts :( so sad

        Reuters: FLASH: Tsunami of 7 metres hits northern Japan – Jiji

        @BBCBreaking #Tsunami warnings also issued for Guam, the Philippines, the Marshall Islands, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Nauru, Micronesia and Hawaii

        #japan oh no. now people running :(

        #japan ..are those cars OBEYING TRAFFIC LIGHTS? there’s a wave coming, drive people, drive!!!

        seriously? a 7.1 aftershock, ffs? #japan

        #japan ppl watching from tops of buildings as the waves swallow everything on ground level

        apparently this is 100km inland – tsunami has come up river… :(

        National Advisory has issued a potential tsunami threat warning for NZ as of 1952 hours. No idea when it may arrive.

        WORLD ALERT — Tsunami expected to hit Taiwan in 30 minutes.

        Jap quake upgraded to 8.9 http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/recenteqsww/Quakes/usc0001xgp.php and there has been a 7.1 aftershock

        Well done @3newsbreaking putting micro-bulletins in each adbreak.

        @cnnbrk #Japan earthquake — There have been only 5 other earthquakes larger than this one since 1906

        • Elizabeth

          Tweets received cont/

          UPDATE: @NZcivildefence
          #JapanTsunami potential threat to NZ update1: 2000, 11 March, 2011 A tsunami potential threat advisory is in effect… http://dlvr.it/JtpCq

          UPDATE: New Zealand Ministry of Civil Defence & Emergency Management: – Homepage http://www.civildefence.govt.nz/ #eqjp

          New tsunami approaching Japan’s coastline but there is nothing left to destroy. Sendai’s already gone #eqjp

          I have never in my life seen anything like this… there are going to be many, many deaths #japan #tsunami

          @BBCBreaking #Japan government says more #tsunami possible after massive #earthquake; warnings issued for multiple countries and islands

        • Elizabeth

          Tweets received cont/

          Four million buildings lost power in Tokyo & surrounding areas. I can’t get my head around that #japan #earthquake

          (via New York Times) Huge Earthquake Triggers Tsunami Off Japan’s Coast http://nyti.ms/idIZRu

          @BBCBreaking West coast of US and Hawaii placed on #tsunami ‘watch’; western Alaskan islands on tsunami ‘advisory’ after huge #Japan #earthquake

          @BBCBreaking US widens #tsunami warning to most of #Pacific, after massive #earthquake in #Japan

          Goodness, goodness and goodness again. The Japanese PM’s got it right: keep calm, help each other. #eqjp

          Media: (via TVNZNews) Live coverage on TVNZ 7 (77 on Sky, 7 on Freeview) #japanquake #tsunami

          First reports of deaths beginning to come in from Japanese media. Millions without power, widespread damage to coast #eqjp #japan

          #EQJP UPDATE — Dozens of 4 through 7 metre waves are smashing parts of Japan.

          Just a small reminder: The earth has always done this. Mass media coverage, on the other hand, is a new thing. Stay calm. Don’t panic.

        • Elizabeth


          (9.33pm) Hawaii orders evacuation of low-lying coastal areas after massive #earthquake off #Japan triggered #tsunami alert


          Tweets received cont/

          MASSIVE ships thrown onto Japanese highway…Oil refineries on fire… homes demolished…tsunami wreaking havoc.. WHAT THE HECK… #eqjp

          Dunedin civil defence manager Brown: if NZ affected, it would be West Coast. http://www.odt.co.nz/news/national/151391/tsunami-advisory-issued

          (9.27pm) Australian Government now announcing that there is no threat to Australia.

          Four aftershocks felt in #Tokyo in past 45 minutes, says BBC correspondent Roland Buerk

          (via NZStuff) 3500 Kiwis as living in Japan, 1600 in Tokyo and around 100 New Zealanders are in the area closest to the epicentre #eqjp #japan #tsunami

          UPDATE @NZcivildefence Only messages issued by MCDEM represent the official warning status for New Zealand. #JapanTsunami

          The USAR team from Japan is still in Chch, due to fly home tomorrow.

          Japanese Prime minister live on TV3- no Nuclear Power Plant leaks…wow…thank goodness

          (via TVNZNews) Video: Tsunami waves engulf northeast coast of Japan #japanquake #tsunami bit.ly/fZza98

          Media: @TVNZNews TV One is live with situation on Japan quake… and also how it directly impacts New Zealand

        • Elizabeth


          Well, Hawaii’s Big Island is now shaking, too. Just had a 4.5 offshore of Kalapana. http://tux.wr.usgs.gov/

          Hawaii’s sirens sounded earlier…


          Tweets received cont/

          (via CNN) #Tsunami warnings issued for U.S. and at least 19 other countries after #Japan quake http://on.cnn.com/hEJDJm

          (via NZHerald) The death toll from Japan’s 8.9 earthquake stands at 19 nzh.tw/10711806 #eqjp

          Chch earthquake was 20 sec. Japan earthquake about 5 mins.

          (via 3News) Footage shows moment of #earthquake impact http://ow.ly/4cjbU #Japan

          Rolling coverage of 8.9 #earthquake in Japan, streaming now on 3news.co.nz

          Ring of fire is on fire….

          (10.23pm) @EQTW 6.5 – NEAR THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN: Date: Fri, 11 Mar 2011 08:19:24 UTCLat/Lon: 36.3384/140.633Depth: 19.9 http://1.usa.gov/fnil2m

          (10.04pm) #EQJP ALERT — Japan now warning of imminent earthquake closer to Honshu Island.

          JAPAN QUAKE #eqjp
          (10.01pm) Now 21 aftershocks since 8.9, all have been above 5.4 in magnitude. 12 above magnitude 6.
          (9.44pm) Reuters reports the earthquake was the biggest earthquake to hit Japan since records began 140 years ago.

          CHRISTCHURCH #eqnz
          Aftershocks continue this evening.

          @BBCBreaking UN says 30 international search and rescue teams ready to respond to #earthquake and #tsunami in #Japan http://bbc.in/geKRz1

          Oh god. Red Cross estimating tsunami wave is higher than some pacific islands.

          UPDATE: (9.39pm, via 3News) @NZcivildefence say they are not expecting a significant tsunami or land surge. If something arrives it is estimated to reach Northland 6:14am

        • Elizabeth

          Tweets received cont/

          (11.54pm) Nuclear reactor in Japan is in trouble. Sounds like via live coverage @CNN that there is a lack of power avail to cool the reactor.

          (11.49pm) @3newsbreaking Entire towns have been swept away by the #tsunami in #Japan http://ow.ly/4ckju #eqjp

          Media: (11.40pm) @3newsbreaking 3news.co.nz will be feeding #Japan #earthquake coverage all night: http://ow.ly/4ckju #eqjp #tsunami

          (11.30pm) @3newsbreaking Reports death toll has reached 31 #eqjp

          UPDATE: (11.23pm) @NZcivildefence #eqjp Tsunami marine warning is in effect for NZ update5: 2314, 11 March, 2011 A tsunami marine warning is in effect… http://dlvr.it/Jvfk4

          Media: (11.13pm) @3newsnz will be on air at 7am tomorrow with a special bulletin.

          (11.13pm) AFP: Happening NOW: #Taiwan says tsunami hits without major impact.

          (11.06pm, via NewstalkZB) Quake 7th strongest in 100 years: Japan’s mega-quake is one of the strongest in history http://bit.ly/h1C0dt

          (11.01pm) Japan: Now have been 27 aftershocks, all above magnitude 5.0 #eqjp

          UPDATE: (10.49pm) @DnCityCouncil Tsunami caused by earthquake in Japan is NOT expected to cause damage to Dunedin. Be cautious at shorelines. More at http://bit.ly/dKJD6G

          UPDATE: (10.40pm) @NZcivildefence We will copy our website updates to Google Docs while problems with http://www.civildefence.govt.nz/ continue #eqjp #JapanTsunami

          (via 3News) CHINA QUAKE – 5.8M quake hits China in the southwest near the border with Burma… 25 killed, 250 injured, more than 1,000 houses and apartment buildings toppled.

          (via 3News) UN says four nuclear power plants closest to Japan quake epicentre safely shut down #eqjp #tsunami

  2. Stu

    Hawaii, watch out in about 7 hours

  3. Calvin Oaten

    You should ban yourself for at least a week for your incessant insensitivity. We all have TVs and are quite capable of viewing the disaster without your constant barraging.

    {Everyone here is working to aggregate news from Twitter as it happens via direct links to official agencies, news media, and people who use social media to converse, react, support and keep others informed. How our team works is solely at its discretion – feed goes out in Elizabeth’s name as a site author. Judging by site statistics What if? readers are readily following the links provided. In this way more people are learning how to use Twitter and build their national and global follow lists. Twitter (for free) is acknowledged as one of the most efficient social networking services and help mediums available during disasters and emergencies. We make no apology. -Eds}

  4. I’ve just been watching this on Sky News. Biggest Earthquake on record for Japan, and, even USA’s western seaboard has been put on alert and warnings have been issued for California and other cities along the western coast. It’s madness.


  5. Anonymous

    So go and watch TV Calvin. What’s the problem? You don’t HAVE to read this site, do you? Information about this tragedy from any source is surely a good thing and the information here is as good as any. I can only conclude your pride is still hurting from your own ban to be so bitter.

  6. Calvin Oaten

    I am just saying that if it is good for the gander then it ought to be good for the goose. Take what you like, Anonymous.

  7. Anonymous

    Sure Calvin, the difference is Elizabeth and Paul run this site not you. Start your own.

  8. Calvin Oaten

    If I did it wouldn’t be under a nom de plume.

  9. Anonymous

    Thanks for the info Elizabeth. Calvin, take a chill pill.

    • Elizabeth

      Tweets received cont/

      (4.21pm) @NZStuff Japan earthquake and tsunami – latest updates http://dlvr.it/JzRQf

      (4.19pm) @WeatherWatchNZ GeoNet Bouys show dangerous seas because of tsunami in several New Zealand beaches/regions -… http://fb.me/DXomGJLL

      (4.17pm) @TVNZNews A magnitude 6.1 earthquake hits south east of Tonga today http://bit.ly/gd0WZy #TVNZNews

      (4.06pm) @Reuters FLASH: Japan PM says minute amounts of radiation released from Fukushima plant: Kyodo

      (4.00pm) @NZStuff Radiation levels rise outside Japan nuke plant http://dlvr.it/JzNvM


      (3.37pm) @WeatherWatchNZ JUST IN: 6.8 aftershock 25kms deep, 120kms off the coast of Japan

      (3.35pm) @inhabitat RT @GreenSceneGirl: Despite Major Earthquake Zero Tokyo Buildings Collapsed Thanks to Stringent Building Codes http://ow.ly/1bJ1Ac

      UPDATE: (3.29pm) @nzherald Families concerned about NZers in Japan should contact MFAT on 0800 432 111 or 64 4 439 8000 #tsunami #eqjp

      (3.20pm) @CBSNews Powerful images from #Japan’s earthquake http://bit.ly/e8G3c2 #jpquake

      (3.19pm) @nzherald Japan has declared states of emergency for five nuclear reactors at two power plants: nzh.tw/10711892 #eqjp

      (3.12pm) @TVNZNews Evacuations as tsunami brushes American coast http://bit.ly/iiNkWo #TVNZNews

      (2.55pm) @cnnbrk Reactor cooling water above standard boiling point, Kyodo reports #quake http://on.cnn.com/fJVx1O

      (2.39pm) @cnnbrk States of emergency in 4 Northern Calif. counties due to #tsunami damage http://on.cnn.com/fk6dJY

      (2.36pm) @PressNewsroom Japan tsunami: Fears over nuclear reactors as toll grows: Japan has placed five nuclear reactor units in a state… http://bit.ly/e3h0ZT

      • Elizabeth

        ### 3news.co.nz Sat, 12 Mar 2011 9:03a.m.
        Japan buildings designed to withstand strong quakes
        By Tom Parmenter
        As everything shook in Japan people said the buildings around them moved like jelly. In many cases that’s exactly what they are supposed to do. Modern structures in Japan are designed to move with the earth rather than against it. In giant warehouses different techniques are tested.
        Read more + Video

        • Elizabeth

          Tweets received cont/

          (7.34pm) @NZStuff Japan tsunami: Check for nuclear plant meltdown http://dlvr.it/JzvjS

          (7.14pm) @NZStuff Japan earthquake and tsunami – latest updates http://dlvr.it/JzsV4

          (6.58pm) @ronindotca @Joi “Hiroshima International Council for Health Care of the Radiation-exposed” preparing for possible radiation victims// jebus wept

          (6.42pm) @dicklp If there is full scale Fukushima meltdown current evac zone 10km is inadequate. 30km at least needed.

          (6.42pm) @W7VOA AP quotes experts saying if nuke meltdown, risk zone is 6km radius. #Fukushima #Japan

          (6.41pm) @dicklp Japan faces serious chance of nuclear disaster to rival Three Mile Island. At least, J nuke program is set back years, possibly scuttled.

          (6.41pm) @W7VOA Japanese media report radioactive cesium detected near Fukushima plant quoting nuke safety commission.

          (6.39pm) @dicklp Four other Fukushima nuke reactors are struggling with similar problem. If multiple meltdown begins, it will be uncontrollable.

          (6.10pm) @NZStuff Japan tsunami: Officials expect death toll to ‘rise greatly’ http://dlvr.it/Jzj0c

          UPDATE: (5.54pm) @NZcivildefence #eqjp Cancellation of National Warning – Tsunami: Marine & Minor Land Threat to NZ update 19: 1730, 12 March, 2011… http://dlvr.it/JzgBr

          (4.54pm) @WeatherWatchNZ MAPS – Showing all recent quakes around Japan – and a global view which shows just how many are clustered… http://fb.me/OjdHQazG

        • Elizabeth

          Tweets received cont/

          (9.10pm) @twelveplusone I don’t know if events have overtaken this account bit.ly/gU0ew1 but please read re reported Japanese reactor meltdown.

          (9.10pm) @msnbc_breaking Explosion rocks earthquake-hit Japanese nuclear plant http://on.msnbc.com/flwLBb

          (9.06pm) @clarecurranmp Watching the BBC. Reporter stopped at a police barrier 60 kms from nuke plant

          (9.02pm) @CEQgovtnz If u can’t contact family in North-East Japan contact Min of Foreign Affairs 0800 432 111 or from overseas +64 4 439 8000 #eqjp

          (9.02pm) @CEQgovtnz If u can’t contact family in North-East Japan contact Min of Foreign Affairs 0800 432111 or from overseas +64 4 4398000 #eqjp

          (8.57pm) @Reuters FLASH: Several people appear to have been injured after reported Fukushima plant explosion – media

          • #explosion at around 4pm JST

          (8.55pm) @BreakingNews Explosion heard at quake-hit Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan – AFP via Sky News

          • #earthquake M 5.0, Fiji region: March 12, 2011 08:38:39 GMT http://1.usa.gov/gOi3C3 #alert

          (8.54pm) @Reuters FLASH: Explosion heard at TEPCO’s Fukushima Daiichi plant around 0630 GMT – media

          (8.44pm) @cnnbrk Small amount of radioactive material in air near #Japan nuclear plant. Check blog for latest updates. http://on.cnn.com/gzqBrm

          (8.21pm) @W7VOA We have landed at Fukushima. #jpquake

          (8.17pm) @NZStuff Japan earthquake and tsunami – latest updates http://dlvr.it/K00t9

        • Elizabeth

          Tweets received cont/

          (9.42pm) @BreakingNews #EQJP UPDATE — Tepco now announcing that the explosion may have been one of hydrogen – a method used to cool down the plant.

          (9.39pm) @martyn_williams Radiation release of 1015 μSv/h, equivalent to annual dose for human, measured near Fukushima nuclear plant – govt news conference imminent

          (9.36pm) @BreakingNews #EQJP FLASH — Tokyo Fire Department is sending a special nuclear rescue team to Fukushima. (NHK)

          (9.34pm) @paulhayton There were four large boxes one for each reactor but now the camera images are only showing three.

          (9.34pm) @BreakingNews #EQJP ALERT — Smoke is being seen ‘billowing’ out from the severely damaged nuclear plant. (NHK/SKY News)

          (9.32pm) @nzherald NHK.com reporting cesium detected outside Fukushina nuclear plant, indicating there may have been a chain reaction. http://bit.ly/fDNJ2B

          (9.32pm) @BreakingNews #EQJP ALERT — Radioactivity has risen 20-fold and walls & ceilings are completely destroyed at a Fukushima nuclear plant.

          (9.28pm) @paulhayton It’s the no. 1 reactor looking at before/after images on NHK it looks like a lot has gone in explosion. Assuming I’ve interpreted it right.

          (9.26pm) @nzherald Explosion reported at nuclear plant in Japan: nzh.tw/10711892 #eqjp

          (9.26pm) @BreakingNews Japan nuclear plant update: Walls and roof of a building at site destroyed by blast – NHK via Sky News

          (9.23pm) @BreakingNews Japan nuclear plant update: Government officials tell AP there was shaking, white smoke at site http://on.msnbc.com/hAQkNs

        • Elizabeth

          Tweets received cont/

          (10.08pm) @Reuters FLASH: #Japan chief cabinet secretary Edano: confirms radiation leak at Fukushima plant

          (10.06pm) @BreakingNews RT @SkyNewsBreak: Japanese government warns of further aftershocks, urging people to move to higher ground

          (10.05pm) @NatashaUtting EQ moved Japan’s main island 2.4m & is estimated to have shifted the world on axis by 10cm http://bit.ly/eS2HIe

          (10.01pm) @martyn_williams Here’s the video NTV was showing: RT @johnthackara: Fukushima: exploding nuclear reactor on film http://tiny.cc/25zh0

          (9.59pm) @paulhayton Russian news channel is carrying replay of the reactor explosion the destruction is obvious concern shifted to where the wind is blowing.

          (9.58pm) @BreakingNZ #EQJP UPDATE — People should take these precautions: cover mouths/noses with wet towels, wash all exposed skin & do not drink tap water.

          (9.57pm) @Opdiner Fukushima from the air i.imgur.com/yQGkS.jpg

          (9.56pm) @BBCWorld ‘Explosion’ at Japan atomic plant http://bbc.in/hURYrS

          (9.54pm) @BreakingNZ #EQJP UPDATE — NHK is advising Japanese viewers to protect themselves against radiation.

          (9.52pm) @cnnbrk Japan scrambles to reach trapped #quake #tsunami victims amid devastation. http://on.cnn.com/fyrSuV

          (9.48pm) @johnthackara Fukushima: exploding nuclear reactor on film http://tiny.cc/25zh0

          (9.47pm) @W7VOA Chief Cabinet Sect’y Eda in Tokyo now speaking to reporters about the Fukushima nuke incident.

          (9.47pm) @BreakingNZ #EQJP FLASH — Nuclear authorities are warning possible imminent meltdown at Fukushima is a high possibility. (Reuters/Jiji)

        • Elizabeth

          Tweets received cont/

          (Saturday 11.59pm) Reuters Radiation leaking from quake-hit nuclear plant http://reut.rs/fl4vvq

          (11.52 pm) @martyn_williams NHK World, in English, is live streaming here: http://bit.ly/hKzDrj

          (11.51pm) @TVNZNews Japan quake and tsunami – Day two as it happened http://bit.ly/glKoRB #TVNZNews

          (11.50pm) @martyn_williams Japanese domestic TV live: NHK http://bit.ly/f6c1ia ; TBS http://bit.ly/cjiRvJ ; TV Asahi http://bit.ly/eui4Nm ; NTV http://bit.ly/fqC929

          (11.46pm) @newscientist World Nuclear Association comms dir adds that if the hydrogen has ignited, then it is gone, and doesn’t pose any further threat

          (11.44pm) @newscientistWorld Nuclear Association comms dir says blast due to hydrogen igniting, may not necessarily have caused radiation leakage – via @Reuters

          (11.34pm) @martyn_williams BREAKING NEWS: Serious damage unlikely to reactor container: safety agency – Kyodo

          (11.23pm) @martyn_williams Here’s the correct UStream link for the CNIC news conference in 30 minutes: http://bit.ly/bvcKoW

          (11.19pm) @BBCBreaking Japanese chief cabinet secretary confirms radiation leakage occured from explosion at #Fukushima nuclear power plant – Reuters

          Corrected at 11.23pm (11.17pm) @newscientist RT @rowhoop: NHK: 1050 microSieverts of radiation around Fukushima nuclear plant not life-threatening but exceeds national safety level

          (11.11pm) @W7VOA Another strong quake hitting — Nagano-ken.

          (11.11pm) @BBCWorld From the BBC’s Chris Hogg: Driving through Ibaraki north east of #Tokyo, it´s clear vast swathes have no power. Long queues for petrol.

          (11.10pm) @martyn_williams Japan TV networks report evacuation zone expanded to 20kms [12 miles] around nuclear plants

          (10.56pm) @martyn_williams Citizen’s Nuclear Information Center (http://www.cnic.jp) to hold news conference at 8pm. Videonews to stream live http://bit.ly/gzx7RW

        • Elizabeth

          Calling it quits for the night on #eqjp #tsunami
          The What if? Team


          Tweets received cont/

          (2.56am) @limlouisa Kyodo: before explosion radiation levels 70 times normal levels inside main gate of Fukushima plant

          (2.52am) @martyn_williams Three civilians in Fukushima diagnosed with radiation poisoning. Were outside awaiting rescue near plant at time of explosion – NHK

          (2.37am) @CBSNews Director of the U.S. Geological Survey tells @theearlyshow that #Japan quake aftershocks could go on “for years” http://bit.ly/f0NyA4

          (2.36am) @cnnbrk Japan planning to distribute iodine, a radiation antidote, IAEA says. #quake http://on.cnn.com/gzqBrm

          (2.29am) @limlouisa NPR science desk says using seawater to cool reactor will make it unusable. So they’re basically destroying that reactor.

          (2.24am) @martyn_williams URGENT: 9,500 unaccounted for in Miyagi’s Minamisanriku [Japanese port]: local gov’t – Kyodo (matches Fuji TV report of 10,000 missing)

          (2.23am) @martyn_williams Strong quake shakes eastern Japan at 10:15pm. M6.0, centered 40kms under Pacific Ocean off Fukushima – JMA via NHK

          (2.21am) @newscientist Interactive graphic: Japan’s deadly seismic history, from 1900-2011 http://bit.ly/eJcjtO

          (2.19am) @martyn_williams Quake measured lower 5 in Fukushima. Hypocenter, magnitude yet to be determined

          (2.17am) @martyn_williams Tokyo shaken by one of largest aftershocks yet

          (2.16am) @martyn_williams QUAKE WARNING FOR TOKYO

          (2.09am) @martyn_williams RT @AmbassadorRoos: US military is prepared to augment Japanese Self Defense Forces with all available assets and equipment upon request.

          (2.07am) @cnnbrk Japan to pump seawater into nuke plant. #quake http://on.cnn.com/ePqCuo

          (1.54am) @martyn_williams Fuji TV says up to 10,000 unaccounted for in Minami Sanriku Cho, Miyagi prefecture.

          (1.52am) @martyn_williams TBS reports 3 citizens have recorded higher than normal levels of radiation in checks. Unclear on how serious. More could follow.

          (1.11am) @martyn_williams How many aftershocks? Stunning list from Met Agency of those measured 3 and over http://bit.ly/d6w29p

          (1.06am) @cnnbrk Official: Blast at Fukushima nuclear plant caused by “water vapor that was part of the cooling process.” #quake http://on.cnn.com/gzqBrm

          (12.51am) @SkyNewsBreak Fukushima plant operator confirms no damage to container of nuclear reactor following Japanese earthquake and tsunami http://bit.ly/hXjyKM

          (12.48am) @BreakingNZ LIVE #EQJP — WATCH LIVE from Japan in English: http://yokosonews.com/live.

          (12.46am) @martyn_williams Kan makes speech, but leaves Edano to deliver the news everyone was waiting to hear

          (12.44am) @martyn_williams Japan nuclear plant explosion was NOT reactor – chief cabinet secretary Edano citing TEPCO

          (12.40am) @BBCWorld The BBC’s Rachel Harvey in #Japan: Passing through the outskirts of #Yamagata. Long queues at petrol stations. Thick snow on the ground.

          (12.37am) @BreakingNZ LIVE #EQJP — PM Kan: rescue first, save as many lives, mobilise larger rescue efforts later.

          (12.35am) @BreakingNZ LIVE #EQJP — P.M. Kan: I have visited Nuclear plants and talked to the staff, visited affected towns.

          (12.34am) @cnnbrk Authorities extend evacuation area to 20 kms near Daiichi nuclear plant in #Japan after reports of radiation leak. http://on.cnn.com/gzqBrm

          (Sunday 12.30am) @martyn_williamsStatement by Japanese PM Kan expected shortly – Japanese TV networks covering live

          (Sunday 12.26am) @BBCBreaking Japan’s Self Defence Forces: Troops find up to 400 bodies in Rikuzentakata, which was virtually wiped out by tsunami – broadcaster NHK/AFP

          (Sunday 12.15am) @NZStuff Explosion at nuclear plant, Japan quake death toll rises http://dlvr.it/K0wgc

        • Elizabeth

          Twitter is open domain. You can read tweets online by clicking on the links provided here or googling any address, for example @nzherald, without subscribing. Twitter is a free (no cost to subscribers) social networking service.

          Tweets received cont/

          (12.34pm) @W7VOA Latest jolt was at depth of 10km and M6.2.

          (12.34pm) @NZStuff Japan earthquake and tsunami – latest updates http://dlvr.it/K36n4

          (12.33pm) @nzherald Latest updates on Japan: nzh.tw/10712128 #eqjp #tsunami

          (12.26pm) @W7VOA This is a good shake — big throughout Tohoku region.

          (12.23pm) @NZKiteboarding The earth’s axis shifted 25cm as a result of the earthquake, the main island of Japan had shifted 2.4m. Source: Italy Geo & US Geo.

          (12.15pm) @BreakingNews 15 near Fukushima nuclear plant exposed to radiation – Kyodo News

          (12.13pm) @BreakingNZ#EQJP ALERT — CNN is now reporting a possible nuclear meltdown while the 6th reactor at Fukushima loses cooling functions.

          (12.10am) @W7VOA Chief govt’t spokesman now briefing reporters again in Tokyo about nuke emergencies. Watching on TV from Fukushima.

          (12..06pm) @BBCWorld Exodus from Japan nuclear plant http://bbc.in/fusOov

          (12.06pm) @3NewsNZ TV3 has a Japan quake special … which you can … view online at http://bit.ly/ejWJqR

          (12.00pm) @cnnbrk Nuclear safety agency: Meltdown may be under way at power plant hit by quake, #tsunami http://on.cnn.com/gzqBrm

          (11.55am) @MrMikeMcRoberts Number of aftershocks off the coast of Japan last night, most around the mid 5 mag, one tho was 6.4 [TV3’s Mike McRoberts is reporting from Tokyo]

          (11.53am) @NZStuff Second reactor emergency following Japan earthquake, tsunami http://dlvr.it/K32MB

          (11.39am) @Reuters FLASH: Japan’s TEPCO says it has started preparations for releasing pressure from Fukushima Daiichi No. 3 reactor after cooling failed

          (11.30am) @CBSNews BREAKING: #Japan’s nuclear safety agency reports an emergency at a second reactor – AP http://bit.ly/exMpxQ #jpquake

          (11.18am) @cnnbrk Sea water, boron being being used to try to cool reactor, IAEA says #quake http://on.cnn.com/ePqCuo

          (11.03am) @PressNewsRoom Thousands evacuated near nuclear plants after Japan earthquake, tsunami: Authorities in Japan are evacuating 140… http://bit.ly/hYiwR4

          (10.47am) @BreakingNews Death toll in Japan may top 1,800; more than 300,000 evacuated – Kyodo News http://bit.ly/gDwaX6

          (10.39am) @SkyNewsBreak Reuters: Nine people already exposed to radiation from the nuclear power plant in Japan but total could reach up to 160, an official said

          (10.32am) @Reuters Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant faces new reactor problem reut.rs/eisGG1

          (10.25am) @cnnbrk USGS: More than 140 quakes mag. 4.5 and higher in NE Japan in 24 hours #quake http://on.cnn.com/fyrSuV

          (10.09am) @Reuters Japan nuclear safety agency says there is a possibility at least 9 people have been exposed to radiation from Fukushima facility

          (10.04am) @nzherald A compilation of video from Friday’s disaster in Japan: nzh.tw/10712129 #eqjp

          (10.04am) @BreakingNZ #EQJP ALERT — Japan’s nuclear safety agency says Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant No. 3 reactor’s emergency cooling system not functioning.

          (9.58am) @MrStevenGeorge #Japan Residents within 10km of #Fukushima tested 4 radiation levels. Results & updates on @AJELive blog: http://aje.me/eUEJsQ #Prayforjapan

        • Elizabeth

          Twitter is open domain. You can read tweets online by clicking on the links provided here or googling any address, for example @nzherald, without subscribing. Twitter is a free (no cost to subscribers) social networking service.

          Tweets received cont/

          (2.32pm) @limlouisa NHK says 3 reactors at no 2 plant are overheating:cooling water 100 degrees C compared to 30 degrees normally.

          (2.30pm) @cnnbrk State of emergency at 3 reactors at Fukushima Daiichi nuclear facility #quake http://on.cnn.com/fyrSuV

          (2.28pm) @BreakingNews TEPCO says it has started releasing air from No.3 reactor at the Fukushima nuclear plant – Reuters http://reut.rs/gS8WW3

          (2.16pm) @cnnbrk 49 nations offer aid – food to nuclear expertise – to Japan #quake http://on.cnn.com/ih1cEM

          (2.07pm) @NatGeoSociety Japan Tsunami Pictures: Nuclear Reactor and Cities Burn http://on.natgeo.com/eo89Zf

          (2.05pm) @cnnbrk Third reactor in danger of overheating, chief Cabinet secretary says #quake http://on.cnn.com/fyrSuV

          (2.00pm) @martyn_williams Problems now at No3 reactor (of 4) in Fukushima No1 plant. Saturday’s accident could have been exposed 150+ to radiation – Japan’s NTV

          (1.42pm) @W7VOA Heading east in Fukushima trying to reach evacuees from radiation exclusion zone.

          (1.41pm) @martyn_williams Good morning from Tokyo. Japan wakes up this morning to news of problems at a second nuclear reactor.

          (1.40pm) @NewstalkZB Fears grow over nuclear emergency: US officials are trying to work out what might happen if there is a meltdown … http://bit.ly/hHhfm6

          (1.14pm) @segdeha More than others I’ve seen, these photos bring home the devastation wrought on Japan by the quake: http://lat.ms/eB89Be

        • Elizabeth

          Twitter is open domain. You can read tweets online by clicking on the links provided here or googling any address, for example @nzherald, without subscribing. Twitter is a free (no cost to subscribers) social networking service.

          Tweets received cont/

          (3.52pm) @DavidHuebner Kiwi USAR team heading to #Japan, w/ the large cache of high-tech equipment gifted by US teams when they left #Christchurch. Paying forward.
          [David Huebner (Wellington NZ) is the US Ambassador to New Zealand and Samoa, via Mahanoy City, Princeton, New Haven, Tokyo, Los Angeles, and Shanghai.]

          (3.47pm) @BBCWorld VIDEO: ‘Problems’ at Japan nuclear plant http://bbc.in/eVW3bd

          (3.46pm) @W7VOA 84 y.o. woman nuke evacuee in shelter just tried to give me her rice ball lunch! She says I have a handsome face! #Fukushima

          (3.36pm) @W7VOA Thanks to Red Cross volunteer they’ll get rice balls, water today. But not bath/shower facilities.

          (3.35pm) @sciam Nuclear Experts Explain Worst-Case Scenario at Fukushima Power Plant http://bit.ly/eac1o3

          (3.35pm) @W7VOA There are about 2,000 evacuees here in Miharu, from Futaba, Okuma and Tomioka towns around Fukushima nuke plants.

          (3.33pm) @martyn_williams Saturday’s explosion occurred when hydrogen that was being vented from containment vessel mixed with oxygen – MOFA official

          (3.32pm) @martyn_williams Both containment vessel and reactor pressure vessel are intact at Fukushima No1 plant, No1 reactor – MOFA official

          (3.31pm) @mpoppel Just had a talk with the Wa Dept of Health about Japan. Says they want to reassure people that there is no threat to the US

          (3.31pm) @mpoppel Kyodo: Radiation at No. 3 reactor very small, under control, fresh water injected into reactor

          (3.28pm) @martyn_williams Flooding of No1 reactor with sea water on Saturday was at order of Japanese government – MOFA official

          (3.24pm) @martyn_williams“The incident is fundamentally different from anything of a Chernobyl style” – MOFA official

          (3.22pm) @martyn_williams Radiation monitor data taken in vicinity of power plant endorses TEPCO, no explosion in containment vessel yesterday – MOFA official

          (3.11pm) @martyn_williams At the Japan Foreign Ministry waiting for Ambassador Makio Miyagawa, DG for Disarmament, Non-Proliferation and Science

          (3.10pm) @mpoppel IAEA reports, via Japanese officials, that one employee has died at Fukushima plant after a crane accident

          (3.09pm) @mpoppel IAEA reports, via Japanese officials, that Unit 3 at the Fukushima plant is in a safe, cold shutdown

          (3.06pm) @mpoppel BREAKING — Kyodo reports that a total of 22 people have now been exposed to radiation

          (2.59pm) @BreakingNews Radiation at Fukushima No. 1 plant has surpassed legal limit, TEPCON, via Kyodo

          (2.46pm) @nzherald Photos – how people have coped following Friday’s disaster in Japan: nzh.tw/g/117242 #eqjp

          (2.41pm) @martyn_williams Heading to Foreign Ministry briefing with nuclear expert [Tokyo]

        • Elizabeth

          Twitter is open domain. You can read tweets online by clicking on the links provided here or googling any address, for example @nzherald, without subscribing. Twitter is a free (no cost to subscribers) social networking service.

          Tweets received cont/

          (5.05pm) @martyn_williams 70% chance of Magnitude 7-class quake in next three days, 50% chance for three days after that – Japan Met Agency

          (5.04pm) @W7VOA But he says cooling failure is a terrible situation. Predicts Reactor-1 at Fukushima-1 can never be used again. Removal will be “big issue.”

          (5.03pm) @W7VOA Nuke vet says Japan gov’t taking conservative steps but from scientific standpoint the announced rad readings are not signficant.

          (5.04pm) @martyn_williams There remains a risk of strong, severe aftershocks – Japan Met Agency

          (5.01pm) @W7VOA Nuke vet says no one ever planned for tsunami above 2m high at Fukushima. But waves were 4 to 7m and wiped out power system.

          (5.01pm) @martyn_williams Friday’s quake was three very large quakes in quick succession. Overall magnitude revised to 9.0 – Japan Met Agency

          (4.59pm) @DailyYomiuri Before/after satellite photos of disaster area from Google http://bit.ly/dY7qxM #Japan #tsunami

          (4.46pm) @W7VOA Did background phone interview with respected, retired nuke power plant expert. Terms situation as likely partial core damage to reactor…but says “partial meltdown” not responsible term for journalists to use as no one can see inside reactor vessel to confirm.

          UPDATE: (4.13pm) @mpoppel JMA has upgraded to magnitude of Friday’s earthquake to 9.0 – NHK
          [Japan Meteorological Agency]

          (4.01pm) @cnnbrk “Assuming meltdown occurred” at 1 reactor, chief Cabinet secy says #quake http://on.cnn.com/gzqBrm

          (4.01pm) @mpoppel TOKYO (AP) — Japan’s top govt spokesman says fuels rods were briefly exposed at second reactor.

          (4.00pm) @zazie9 IAEA update on Japan Earthquake http://www.iaea.org/newscenter/news/tsunamiupdate01.html #EQJP [Dunedin-based tweep, recently returned from living in Tokyo – still has family there]

          (3.58pm) @mpoppel TOKYO (AP) — Japan’s top govt spokesman says partial meltdown likely under way at second reactor.

        • Elizabeth

          Twitter is open domain. You can read tweets online by clicking on the links provided here or googling any address, for example @nzherald, without subscribing. Twitter is a free (no cost to subscribers) social networking service.

          Tweets received cont/

          (6.26pm) @nzherald Toshiba, maker of the troubled reactors, has been told to do all it can to contain issues at Japan’s nuclear plant nzh.tw/10712128 #eqjp

          (6.25pm) @cnnbrk Japanese officials raise official death toll in #quake to 801. http://on.cnn.com/fA8njR

          (5.59pm) @martyn_williams How the world is reporting the Japan quake. Front pages from the world’s newspapers via Newseum http://bit.ly/fKEAN7

          (5.25pm) @paulhayton RT @heykim: video taken from inside #Sendai Airport as #Tsunami struck http://youtu.be/p_6iDBoOvb0

          (5.20pm) @martyn_williams Putting radiation levels into perspective. Measured 1,200 uSv/h compares with 6,900 uSv/h for a CT scan – MOFA official

          (5.17pm) @Reuters Q+A: Dangers posed by Japan’s quake-hit nuclear plant reut.rs/f1VsVw

        • Elizabeth

          Twitter is open domain. You can read tweets online by clicking on the links provided here or googling any address, for example @nzherald, without subscribing. Twitter is a free (no cost to subscribers) social networking service.

          Tweets received cont/

          (10.09pm) @BBCWorld VIDEO: Footage of moment tsunami hit Japan http://bbc.in/hretIr

          (10.02pm) @martyn_williams More than 48 hours after massive quake, Japan lifts lasts tsunami warnings/watches

          (10.00pm) @TVNZNews Japan tries to avert nuclear meltdown; 10,000 may be killed http://bit.ly/dOgx1k #TVNZNews

          (9.59pm) @W7VOA Scene at radiation monitoring station in Koriyama, Fukushima-ken: http://bit.ly/hZovbV #nuclear

          (9.33pm) @NZStuff New nuclear plant explosion threat following Japan earthquake, tsunami http://dlvr.it/K4TqH

          (8.53pm) @IBIELIEBER Justin donated $1,000,000, Miley donated $5,000,000, GaGa donated $16,000,000, Britney donated $64,000,000 to Japan. Respect.

          (8.49pm) @NZStuff Japan earthquake and tsunami – latest updates http://dlvr.it/K4K0N

          (8.00pm) @martyn_williams BREAKING NEWS: Miyagi police chief estimates over 10,000 deaths in Miyagi: NHK via Kyodo

          (7.47pm) @NZStuff Millions without water after Japan earthquake and tsunami http://dlvr.it/K49tp

          (6.52pm) @DrTomostyle 10,000 people still missing/unaccounted for in Minami-sanriku town of Miyagi pref after tsunami(town population 17,500) http://bit.ly/fJnMkm

        • Elizabeth

          Twitter is open domain. You can read tweets online by clicking on the links provided here or googling any address, for example @nzherald, without subscribing. Twitter is a free (no cost to subscribers) social networking service.

          Tweets received cont/

          (2.53am) @AJELive #Japan: Sea water injection at #Fukushima No.3 #reactor initially unstable, causing water level to lower significantly. http://aje.me/gWhbuF

          (2.23am) @newscientist Fears grow of explosion, meltdown at plutonium-fuelled Japanese reactor http://bit.ly/fkc50u

          (1.56am) @SkyNewsBreak Reuters: Sea water injected into third reactor at nuclear plant damaged by earthquake.

          (1.33am) @limlouisa Amazing NYT interactive on crippled nuclear reactors http://nyti.ms/dV99Ge

          @jtnatsuko Japan Meteorological Agency- the possibility that aftershock over M7.0 occurs within 3 days is 70% http://nhk.jp/N3ug68tt

          (12.41am) @W7VOA It’s M6.0 at depth of 10km.

          (12.40am) @W7VOA Miyagi, Yamagata, Fukushima strongest hit by this latest aftershock.

          (12.38am) @mpoppel Strong quake off NE Japan.. 6.2 magnitude.. says early warning system

          (12.28am) @W7VOA TEPCO: Rolling blackouts for Japan from tomorrow. Every regional utility to share burden, take turns of 3 hour outages.

          (12.27am) @W7VOA I lived in Japan for total of 18 years & only remember electricity going off once or twice.

          (12.26am) @BreakingNZ #EQJP UPDATE — Japan’s meteorological says there is a 70% likelihood of a 7.0+ earthquake striking in the next 3 days.

          (12.12am) @DailyYomiuri #Japan prime minister gives press conf., says he’s approved Tokyo Electric Power Co. plan to conduct rotating outages beginning Monday

          (12.05am) @BreakingNews Japan’s prime minister says country is in the worst crisissince World War II, urges people to unite – AP

          (12.05am) @W7VOA Chief gov’t spokesman’s words, reading between the lines, not reassuring about fate of Fukushima #3 reactor.

          (12.04am) @W7VOA Japan gov’t admits food relief for quake/tsunami-hit areas not adequate.

          (11.59pm) @W7VOA Kan says the situation here in Fukushima with the nuke plants is very serious.

          (11.59pm) @Reuters NEWS FLASH: Japan PM Kan: This is biggest crisis since end of WW2

          (11.56pm) @W7VOA Prime Min. Kan calls for Japanese to conserve electricty amid shortage due to quake, nuke reactors damage.

          (11.55pm) @chicoharlan PM Kan says power in short supply; Tokyo and other areas will have blackouts. Please curb power use, he says.

          (11.54pm) @CNNLive Japan PM: Power plants in short supply. Gov’t asking industries to cut back on power usage. Live: http://on.cnn.com/cnndcl3 #quake

          (11.54pm) @W7VOA Kan says 12,000 people rescued so far.

        • Elizabeth

          ### ODT Online Mon, 14 Mar 2011
          Japan facing nuclear emergency
          Japanese officials have warned of a possible second explosion at a nuclear plant crippled by the earthquake and tsunami as they race to stave off multiple reactor meltdowns. More than 180,000 people have evacuated the area, and up to 160 may have been exposed to radiation. Officials provided few details about whether they were making progress. AP
          Read more


          Twitter is open domain. You can read tweets online by clicking on the links provided here or googling any address, for example @nzherald, without subscribing. Twitter is a free (no cost to subscribers) social networking service.

          Tweets received cont/

          (12.06pm) @2covet News item discussing performance of smart phone apps in relation to Japanese EQ. http://nydn.us/gWLvQ3

          (11.57am) @BreakingNews Japanese govt says more than 46,000 structures damaged by quake, tsunami; 5,700 have collapsed – NHK http://bit.ly/ie34Qx

          (11.49am) @NZStuff Evacuations amid Japan earthquake, tsunami, nuclear crisis http://dlvr.it/K7KdF

          (11.29am) @BreakingNews Radiation level again exceed legal limit at Fukushima No. 1 plant – Kyodo News http://bit.ly/h0yUYE

          (11.27am) @smcnz Japan’s nuclear crisis – Q&A with experts: Japanese nuclear authorities continue their efforts to avert nuclear … http://bit.ly/hok0wE

          (11.26am) @W7VOA Higher than normal rad levels from Fukushima were around 0220 JST Monday. We’re told no new nuke plant explosions, however.

          (11.13am) @W7VOA Kyodo: Radiation level again tops legal limit at Fukushima No. 1 nuke plant. #Japan

          (11.13am) @W7VOA TEPCO: Unprecedented power cuts for Tokyo area to begin at 1000 JST today. #Japan

          (11.08am) @NZStuff Japan earthquake and tsunami – latest updates: Monday http://dlvr.it/K7DLl

          (11.04am) @W7VOA US NRC: Available info indicates weather conditions have taken the small releases from Fukushima reactors out to sea away from population.

          (10.50am) @NewstalkZB Kiwi voices in disaster zone: Kiwis in Japan, including an earthquake engineer, spoke to Newstalk ZB’s Mike Hosk… http://bit.ly/fYmRGf

          (10.48am) @BreakingNews UN nuclear agency told radioactivity levels at Onagawa nuclear plant have returned to normal – BBC http://bbc.in/gsjWCQ

        • Elizabeth

          Tweets received cont/

          (10.42pm) @W7VOA How ironic: at 7/11 in Fukushima there’s a donation box for relief for the earthquake…in New Zealand.

          • Per NHK people within 10 km should evacuate holding wet towell over their mouths as they leave

          (10.29pm) @WeatherWatchNZ Latest weather forecast at Fukushima Power Plant shows winds developing which will hopefully push any radioactive cloud out to sea

          (10.29pm) @WeatherWatchNZ DEVELOPING: Latest news on the massive explosion at Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant, plus VIDEO of explosion -… http://fb.me/Eaz2lsEl

          (10.28pm) @BBCBreaking Video of the explosion at nuclear plant in #Japan: http://bbc.in/hyr4iD Follow the latest on our live event page: http://bbc.in/e29Rho

          (10.28pm) @BreakingNews Japanese officials order evacuations of several coastal areas and warn that aftershocks may trigger 2-metre tsunami waves

          (10.25pm) @BreakingNews Japan nuclear plant update: Hourly radiation leaking from Fukushima is equal to amount permitted in one year, official tells Kyodo

          (10.13pm) @TVNZNews Explosion at Japan’s quake-hit nuclear plant – media http://bit.ly/i7Yxkr #TVNZNews


  10. Calvin Oaten

    So the faceless furtive take chill pills? Interesting.

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