Large aftershock hits CHCH #eqnz

UPDATED 16 April 2011

### ODT Online Sat, 16 Apr 2011
Aftershock tilts Chch building
A building in central Christchurch is on a lean after a 5.3 magnitude aftershock. The Strategy building in Victoria Street tilted during the 5.49pm tremor tonight and several nearby roads had been closed to the public, Civil Defence said. The aftershock was centred within 5km of Lyttelton, 12km southeast of central Christchurch, at a depth of 11km, GNS reported. It was felt strongly in Christchurch.
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Sunday, 13 March 2011
The state of national emergency has been extended for a further seven days #eqnz (via @nzherald)

Monday, 7 March 2011
See Earthquake, Christchurch Updates #eqnz for more recent information and important links.

Quake: mag 4.8, 11 km deep, Sat, Mar 5 2011 7:34 pm (NZDT), Within 5 km of Lyttelton

@ Monks Spur Road #eqnz

Another large aftershock has just hit Christchurch #eqnz

Quake: mag 3.1 6 km deep, Sat, Mar 5 2011 8:16 pm (NZDT), 10 km north-east of Lyttelton

Quake: mag 3.8 12 km deep, Sat, Mar 5 2011 8:54 pm (NZDT), 10 km north-east of Lyttelton

Quake: mag 2.9 4 km deep, Sat, Mar 5 2011 8:59 pm (NZDT), Within 5 km of Lyttelton

Quake: mag 3.6 8 km deep, Sat, Mar 5 2011 10:45 pm (NZDT), Within 5 km of Lyttelton

Quake: mag 3.1 9 km deep, Sat, Mar 5 2011 10:49 pm (NZDT), 10 km north-west of Lyttelton

Quake: mag 3.7 10 km deep, Sat, Mar 5 2011 11:00 pm (NZDT), 10 km north of Lyttelton

@NZcivildefence PLEASE don’t speculate abt damage after an #eqnz aftershock. Confirmed damage reports will be tweeted by @NZcivildefence and @CEQgovtnz

@NZcivildefence Heavy rain in #chch could cause slips or landslides on hillside areas. If any widening of cracks or land movement occurs please inform Civil Defence by calling 03 941 8999. #eqnz


Tweets (identities removed):

huge aftershock has hit Christchurch – biggest since last tuesday big quake according to some locals

[guesses at a High 4 magnitude 7.34pm]

[report via Twitter saying the choppers are up]

#eqnz Oh, that was a big one. A really big one. A growling rumble that built and built until the whole house was shuddering and banging.

So, erm, “fuck that was bad but we’re ok” big or “fuck, it’s another destroyer” big? #eqnz

hmm somewhere between?

Fuck, that bad.

Wonder if the Grand Chancellor is still standing? Hope all the SAR guys are safe & ok. #eqnz

#eqnz Realized after I’d snatched the wee girl from her bed during that big aftershock… I was still holding a glass of vino. Disgraceful.

We felt that in Ashburton! #eqnz

Its absolutely pissing down. Anyone who’s house isn’t weathertight is having a really really crap night. #eqnz

#eqnz family’s nerves are shot , mine are now gone . looks like I will be gone from chch sooner than planned now. and never coming back

#eqnz another little one ? then ?

ChCh: Keep some of your old buildings, I’d be more worried about Gerry Brownlee collapsing on me in an earthquake #eqnz

#eqnz awwwwww a little baby after shock

Jeez more aftershocks! #eqnz

Just back from shooting story on nightlife in Chch. Another aftershock. #eqnz

#eqnz can we sleep yet ?


@NZLotteries Wow. Thanks to the generosity of Lotto players, $8,248,300 has been raised for the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal #eqnz

@NZLotteries Powerball was not won tonight, jackpots to $20 mill, 5 winners of Lotto First Div, in Chch (yay), Dunedin, Lower Hutt, Havelock North & Akld

@NewstalkZB Chch ticket wins Lotto prize worth $200,000 #eqnz

@NZLotteries tkt sold at bishopdale unichem fyi

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3 responses to “Large aftershock hits CHCH #eqnz

  1. nica

    The windows just rattled big time here in Timaru – first aftershock I’ve felt down here since we got out on the night of the 22nd. Hope everyone up there is OK. All my thoughts and love

  2. Elizabeth

    ### Sat, 16 Apr 2011 6:01p.m.
    Christchurch rocked by quake
    Christchurch has been rocked by another large tremor. A magnitude 5.3 quake rattled the Canterbury region at 5:49pm this evening, centred 10km northeast of Diamond Harbour. It was also felt in Timaru and Ashburton. It was described as a ‘long, rolling quake’ by one source 3 News contacted.
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    ### Published: 6:04PM Saturday April 16, 2011
    Updated 22:21
    Big aftershock jolts Christchurch
    Source: ONE News
    Christchurch has been jolted by another large aftershock. The 5.3 shake hit at 5.49pm, 10km north-east of Diamond Harbour at a depth of 11km, and was followed 10 minutes later by a smaller 3.4 shake. It follows a swarm of quakes throughout the afternoon, most measuring around 3.3 on the Richter scale.
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