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What if? resumes Dunedin posts

All Christchurch Earthquake information – including Emergency Help numbers – features at #eqnz Days 1-8 further down the home page at this website.

* EQC 0800 DAMAGE 0800 326 243

* Government helpline 0800 779 997

* Healthline (24 Hours) 0800 611 116

* Christchurch City Council helpline 03 941 8999

Information updates in brief will continue here on a twice-daily basis, after noon and 6.00pm, posted to comments at #eqnz Day 8


Update: Thursday 3 March, Day 10
Official Death Toll and Missing Persons

The confirmed death toll from the Christchurch earthquake has reached 161 and is expected to rise to 220 persons. Foreign Minister Murray McCully says up to 100 of those dead are from other countries. #eqnz

SEARCH at Christchurch has moved to RECOVERY OPERATION.
(3.00pm) National controller John Hamilton announced that operation in CBD is to transition to “recovering those who lost their lives”. Attention turning to controlled clearing of debris and demolition of buildings.

(3.16pm) Search will continue at the Cathedral, and at Forsyth Barr, CTV and PGC buildings. Recovery will continue using heavy machinery very carefully, including clearing sections of streets and turning to buildings that have suffered catastrophic collapse – these buildings were unable to be accessed up until now, they will be delayered down to the foundation layer. The Disaster Identification Victim (DIV) process will remain the same.

Victims list available at www.police.govt.nz

### ODT Online Wed, 2 Mar 2011
Editorial: A nation shaken to the core
Each day, the official death toll from the Christchurch earthquake climbs. Each day, there is news of further heartbreak and trauma. Each day, additional ramifications become apparent from the jolt that shook a city and its people and, as the reverberations spread, a nation to the core. Each day, the realisation of the enormity of the earthquake sinks in deeper. Christchurch has changed irrevocably, and so has New Zealand.
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### ODT Online Wed, 2 Mar 2011
Dunedin’s message sent loud and clear
By Ellie Constantine
It started with a prayer and ended with a song. Dunedin’s message of support to Christchurch was sent loud and clear yesterday as thousands gathered in the Octagon for two minutes’ silence at 12.51pm, one week on from the devastating earthquake.
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