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Earthquake, Christchurch #eqnz Day 8

The following information is partial and subject to change. Refer previous posts at this site for more information – #eqnz Days 1-7.

Twitter is open domain. You can google all Twitter addresses – for example, @NZcivildefence – to read tweets without being subscribed to Twitter.


@geonet QUAKE: Mag 4.6, Tuesday, March 1 2011 at 10:42 pm (NZDT), 10 km west of Lyttelton. http://tinyurl.com/48w9aba #eqnz

(10.07pm) Wellington has been rattled by a small earthquake tonight. #eqnz

@geonet Quake: mag 4.5, Tue, Mar 1 2011 10:07 pm (NZDT), http://geonet.org.nz/3472164g 20 km north-west of Wellington

GeoNet reports the quake that struck WGTN was at a depth of 40km #eqnz


National State of Emergency extended for a further 7 days http://dlvr.it/HvTsz #eqnz

A two-minute silence was held today Tuesday 1 March at 12.51pm, to remember those who lost their lives in the Christchurch earthquake. #eqnz

(11.09am) @nzherald “I have a feeling it will open the taps for a lot of emotion.” – Bob Parker on this afternoon’s two minutes’ silence. #eqnz


If there is a life-threatening risk call 111. The 111 system is operating and ready to respond. #eqnz #chch via @ChristchurchCC

Emergency Helpline 0800 77 9997 – only call this number if you need help.

For missing people call Red Cross 0800 RED CROSS or 0800 733 276 #eqnz #christchurch

@CEQgovtnz If you’ve been reported missing in #chch but you are safe, please report to officials. 0800 733 276 Int: +64 785 02199 #eqnz

REFER to Police website for list of victims.
http://www.police.govt.nz (warning: if site overloads – try again later)

@Police_NZ We ask international visitors to NZ to call friends and family at home. Let them know you are safe and well. #eqnz #chch

(6.00pm) The confirmed death toll from the Christchurch earthquake remains at 155. 200 people are still missing and more than 50 people are unaccounted for. Hopes are fading for live rescues. #eqnz
Over 20 nationalities among the 155 victims, including 2 Britons. An elderly Australian woman has become the second Australian confirmed to have died in the Christchurch earthquake #eqnz

(5.34pm) Police Supt Dave Cliff: More victim names will be released tomorrow morning #eqnz

(10.53am) At least three bodies were recovered from PGC building overnight, say police #EQNZ

(10.47am) Families of the deceased have been notified this morning and Supt Cliff expects to release the names of another three names today #eqnz

(10.46am) Final death toll thought to be around 240, say police #eqnz

(10.44am) Supt Dave Cliff has reiterated once again that the process of identifying bodies is a complex, emotional, involved and lengthy one #eqnz

(8.25pm) URGENT: stay away from all Christchurch beaches as seawater is currently contaminated with sewage. #eqnz #chch http://bit.ly/eburWD

(10.59am) @BNZBank We’ve just updated the list of working BNZ ATMs, Papanui and Riccarton Mall now up again http://bit.ly/i0eDrJ #eqnz

(10.29am) @BNZBank Our Riccarton store at 81 Riccarton Rd is probably the most centrally located BNZ store open right now. Closes at 4:30pm today #eqnz

Help available for disabled in Christchurch http://bit.ly/h4Gihi #TVNZNews #eqnz

@quakeescape people can register on www.quakeescape.org.nz if they have temp accommodation available. nearly 5,000 so far.

(4.21pm) Red Cross staff waiting at Auckland Airport to support those coming off Chch flights. Saw another DVI team on its way down too. #eqnz

(4.19pm) @aklcouncil Accommodation for groups sought. Hotels, maraes, school camps for our friends from Chch. AKGEOClogistics@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz

(6.03pm) Telcos to offer credit to all residential customers in Christchurch after quake http://tinyurl.com/69fe3do

(5.03pm) Telecom will credit all Chch customers for national + international landline calls made in the week after the quake #eqnz

(4.47pm) 2degrees network restored in Christchurch http://bit.ly/etQneo

(4.27pm) ACC claims line operating additional hours. 8am to 8pm, Monday to Friday. Call 0800 101 996. #chch #eqnz

(11.23am) @TelecomNZ Here’s a map of avail payphones, wifi and Telecom stores in Christchurch. http://cot.ag/ghdpTQ #eqnz ^NR

(5.48pm) Roger Sutton from Orion says energy conservation is very important #eqnz

(4.23pm) It’s hoped power will be restored to 86% of Christchurch by the end of today – 27,000 people are still without power. #eqnz

(11.41am) @ChristchurchCC Update from Orion on power network status: map http://bit.ly/frFAEV and position statement http://bit.ly/h1Fxlz #eqnz #chch

(10.27am) Power transformer to be installed in eastern Christchurch suburbs http://bit.ly/fIXrxY #TVNZNews

(4.15pm) Residents not required to pay their rates due 28 Feb. Rates can be paid at a future date. No penalties will apply. #chch #eqnz

(4.07pm) Christchurch’s Main North Road is closed to northbound traffic as part of the carriageway has slumped #eqnz

All schools and earky childhood education services in Christchurch will remain closed until further notice.

(9.19pm)@ChristchurchCC Please note Pioneer Welfare Centre showers close at 8pm and open 9am. http://canterburyearthquake.org.nz/welfare-centres/ #eqnz #chch

There are now 900 personnel from 12 international contributors working shoulder to shoulder with our New Zealand rescue workers #eqnz

(6.47pm) Contractors have removed the top of the PGC building this afternoon, which will allow USAR teams to continue clearing floor by floor #eqnz

(6.47pm) Three diggers and around a dozen workers are pulling apart the layers of the CTV building in an attempt to recover those underneath #eqnz

(5.58pm) Russell Wood says the steel support structure at the Christchurch Cathedral is expected to be finished to be put in place tomorrow morning #eqnz

(5.40pm) USAR have requested dogs to help with search of Hotel Grand Chancellor #eqnz

(5.38pm) Russell Wood from NZ Fire Service says the stairwell in the Forsyth Barr building is not accessable so they’re using ropes and ladders #eqnz

(5.37pm) Russell Wood from NZ Fire Service says USAR is starting to search the Hotel Grand Chancellor #eqnz

(11.05am) There will be a controlled felling shortly at the top of the PGC building due to safety concerns around the stability of the structure #eqnz

(10.58am) Christchurch earthquake: Cordon around Hotel Grand Chancellor narrows http://dlvr.it/HtJdD

(10.50am) Concrete was being pumped into the bottom of the Hotel Grand Chancellor to stabilise the building. #eqnz

(5.44pm) Bob Parker says the aim is to have 95% of the silt off the streets, more than 200,000 tonnes to shift #eqnz

(5.17pm) Fed Farmers has an army of workers avail to help clear up/shift debris in #Chch ph 027 266 7926 if you need help.http://bit.ly/gY4S31 #eqnz

(11.44am) The majority of people evacuated from the hills above Sumner have returned to their homes. #eqnz

(10.50am) Quake: 100,000 homes damaged, 10,000 can’t be saved http://bit.ly/elQX4b

@CEQgovtnz Water is being chlorinated for public safety. However, the public are advised to continue to boil drinking water #eqnz #chch

@CEQgovtnz Full list of water stations http://tinyurl.com/6xwb4p6 #eqnz 3chch

@CEQgovtnz Water supply maybe intermittent as it is often turned off soon after being restored to repair leaks. #chch #eqnz

(10.39am) 66% of water is back on in Christchurch. 67 tankers in areas which don’t have water. Some weeks before 100% of areas have water #eqnz

(11.33pm, via NZStuff) Christchurch earthquake: Latest news http://dlvr.it/HwkJW

(9.47pm) University of Canterbury cancels April graduation ceremonies http://bit.ly/ejokrW #TVNZNews

(8.36pm, via NZStuff) $14 million raised for Christchurch earthquake relief http://dlvr.it/HvyLS

(8.pm) @ScoopWellington #Wellington: Christchurch has “changed the game” for Wellington’s quake risk, warns mayor: News release – Wellin… http://bit.ly/hwYeJM

(8.34pm, via NZStuff) Christchurch Embassy has been set up in the Dunedin Railway Station for anyone to come get the support they need http://bitURL.net/a8d3

TV3 is moving out of its building in the CBD.

Notice to families (via @ChchArtGallery): The Air Force Museum is open to the public from today onwards. @AirForce_Museum

(6.26pm) Lions Club volunteers will be bolstering the Red Cross effort in Christchurch tomorrow Thanks Lions Club! http://bit.ly/eBfgEW #eqnz

(5.54pm) Jeremy the #eqnz sign language interpreter now has his own Facebook fan page, says Mayor Bob Parker

(5.43pm) Information pamphlets in a number of languages are being prepared #eqnz

(5.15pm) Prelim hearing of Royal Commission on #pikeriver has been deferred until 5 April because of Chch quake #eqnz

(5.05pm) 788 individual employees have applied for Job Loss Cover. Over 1,500 sole traders have also asked for help.

(5.05pm) 1,718 employers, covering over 8,000 staff, have applied for the Earthquake Support Subsidy. #eqnz

(5.04pm) More than 10,000 people have applied to the Government for its earthquake support package #eqnz

(11.19am) @ChristchurchCC Public information update. http://bit.ly/eR4kEQ #chch #eqnz

(10.45am) @NZRedCross Wow! We’ve just hit $10.3m for the people of Christchurch! Thank you to every person, family and business for your incredible support #eqnz

(10.42am) There was no earthquake-related crime over night, described as “fantastic” result by police #eqnz

(10.15am, via NZStuff) Christchurch earthquake: Exodus gains pace http://dlvr.it/HtB9D

A third time capsule has been found – this one inside the cross that fell off Christchurch Cathedral http://bit.ly/fLOVEp #eqnz

(10.58am, via NZStuff) Christchurch earthquake: ‘Remarkable’ find in ruins http://dlvr.it/HtJdH

(10.50am) Info on time capsules is online now http://bit.ly/fo3vtk

(10.34am) Time capsules, one with a hand written letter found under John Robert Godley statue in Cathedral Square, says Mayor Bob Parker #eqnz

We’ve opened a “door into our past that may be a portal into our future” – Bob Parker.

JR Godley, founder of the city. The time capsules (2) are thought to contain documents around the intentions and vision of the founding of the city #eqnz

The statue http://bit.ly/ffeuRZ broken in the earthquake: http://bit.ly/gILLV4

@NLNZ Papers Past, the story of Godley statue’s message in a bottle http://is.gd/Y0mxJf

And the full page spread from The Colonist 1918 http://bit.ly/hL61Lh


Follow latest quakes via Twitter @geonet

Satellite images of Christchurch after the quake http://bit.ly/fO3XaJ

@tetoroa NZDF GIO Geospatial Intelligence Organisation: Christchurch Earthquake – Imagery and Geospatial Info nzdf.mil.nz/downloads/gio/default.html #eqnz

Before/After Google maps satellite images of the destruction in the Christchurch CBD http://bit.ly/hHf13O #eqnz

@dannews has compiled a montage of radio and television audio/footage as news of the quake became known http://bit.ly/hDEDv3 #eqnz

@NZStuff Photos: Before and after the Christchurch earthquake http://dlvr.it/HnMQH

Post quake satellite images @DavidClinchNews

New Google Earth/GeoEye Feb26 shows amazing details http://bit.ly/dJVneH

A view of #Christchurch & #Wellington from the International Space Station http://bit.ly/ieBUoy #NZ #NZtravel >> cool

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