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Earthquake, Christchurch #eqnz Day 6

If there is a life-threatening risk call 111. The 111 system is operating and ready to respond. #eqnz #chch via @ChristchurchCC

For how to DONATE to the Canterbury Earthquake Appeal – go to bottom of the page.

Prime Minister John Key has asked for 2 minute silence to be held on Tuesday 1 March at 12.51pm to remember those who lost their lives in the Christchurch earthquake. #eqnz

@Police_NZ We ask international visitors to NZ to call friends and family at home. Let them know you are safe and well #eqnz #chch

(4.58) Lyttelton tunnel open to residents only, residents can get a permit from Lyttelton Community Centre or Lyttelton Police Station #chch #eqnz

(2.58 pm) @Police_NZ Please ask drivers in #chch to stay off the roads unless absolutely necessary. Congestion on streets is slowing emergency response time and supplies.
Please stay off the streets #eqnz #chch

The following information is partial and subject to change. Refer previous posts at this site for more information – #eqnz Days 1-5.

Twitter is open domain. You can google all Twitter addresses – for example, @NZcivildefence – to read tweets without being subscribed to Twitter.
(12.27pm) Twitter.com and API access have stabilised. We continue to monitor the situation closely.

Emergency Helpline 0800 77 9997 – only call this number if you need help.

For missing people call Red Cross
0800 RED CROSS or 0800 733 276 #eqnz #christchurch

@CEQgovtnz If you’ve been reported missing in #chch but you are safe, please report to officials: 0800 733 276
Int: +64 785 02199 #eqnz

REFER to Police website for list of victims:
http://www.police.govt.nz (warning: if site overloads – try again later)

A police officer has been assigned to each of the families of those still missing. #eqnz

Faces of the missing: You can leave messages on the profiles of each of the missing. #eqnz http://ow.ly/43Flt

(2.59pm) Police: Many missing may be alive: There is still hope that not all the missing people in Christchurch are victi… http://bit.ly/hWHjZT

Everything you need to know for Christchurch is at http://canterburyearthquake.org.nz/#eqnz #chch #nz

Sources of Official Information:
@CEQgovtnz @ChristchurchCC @ECan

@CEQgovtnz Wellington New Zealand. This Twitter account links to central and local government agencies and others supporting the response to the Canterbury earthquake. The account is active with tweeting tips & latest news supporting @NZcivildefence #eqnz http://canterburyearthquake.govt.nz


Canterbury District Health Board Media Release – 27 February 2011 http://bit.ly/hUWgBy #EQNZ #CHCH #NZquake

(9.50pm) @ChristchurchCC Do not swim, fish, or gather shellfish from sea/beaches, esp Nth Beach to Brighton. Sea water contaminated. #eqnz #chch

(9.45pm) @ChristchurchCC Building owners still not permitted in CDB to check properties. Area and buildings still unsafe #eqnz #chch

(9.00pm) @ChristchurchCC Public information update. Wastewater on beaches, services, welfare, bldg inspections http://bit.ly/hTl4Sk #eqnz #chch

(4.51pm) @ChristchurchCC If you need emergency housing, or can offer housing, call 0800 HELP 00 (0800 435 700) #eqnz #chch

@CEQgovtnz Counselling and support is available to people affected by the quake. For help please call 0800 777 846 between 8am-11pm #eqnz

@minhealthnz Key public health messages for Christchurch residents http://tiny.cc/7larw

@NZcivildefence Quake Update 54: Can I get personal possessions out of a cordoned area?… http://tinyurl.com/4k9axqv
(7.27pm) Process to retrieve personal belongings from cordoned area will be put in place in due course. Public will be advisd when this will occur. #eqnz

Welfare centres open as at Sunday 27 February – http://ow.ly/447Vz #eqnz #chch CC

Map @ChristchurchCC We now have a map online detailing service locations & availability: http://bit.ly/eOzMBM #eqnz #chch

Map @ChristchurchCC Essential #eqnz #chch – This very useful map includes PORTALOOS, water distrib centres, supermarkets, road closures http://eqviewer.co.nz/

@ChristchurchCC We have a Facebook page – spread the word to friends and whanau http://on.fb.me/dSJDQq Another way to spread #eqnz #chch info

@ChristchurchCC Our FAQ page is regularly updated with #eqnz #chch questions & answers http://ow.ly/445c0 includes an A to Z to other subjects

WATER @ChristchurchCC Updated list of water supply locations http://bit.ly/eraFmi #eqnz #chch Drinking Water must be boiled first or add 5 drops of bleach (per 5 litres) and leave for 30 minutes.

ROAD CLOSURES @ChristchurchCC Road closures as at 1pm Sun 27 Feb. List at http://bit.ly/eycj3i, interactive map at http://bit.ly/gUG2ip #eqnz #chch

(6.00pm) The confirmed death toll from the Christchurch earthquake stands at 147. 200 people are still missing and more than 50 people are unaccounted for. Hopes are fading for live rescues. No survivors were found last night #eqnz
Over 20 nationalities among the victims.
2 Britons among the 147 dead.

Rescue operation continues today Sunday as any normal day.

(yesterday) Foreign search and rescue teams say the NZ rescue effort is the best organised they had ever seen. #eqnz

(5.34pm) Mayor Bob Parker says rescue teams have a high morale and are ‘not giving up hope’. #eqnz

(11.38am today) Police: Quake victims may never be identified http://dlvr.it/HhzKk

(9.11am) Second group of UK disaster specialists flying to ChCh. This from the @Guardian http://bit.ly/hCyvXU

(10.30pm) @ChristchurchCC 755 buildings given Red placards (immediate evacuation, in danger of imminent collapse), 909 Yellow (limited access), 1276 Green (access cleared) within CBD #eqnz #chch

USAR teams inserting steel tubes into the ruined Cathedral & crawling in. http://bit.ly/gNG1zA via @CEQgovtnz

(6.40pm) Teams a quarter of the way through clearing buildings in CBD.
Safe havens for teams established inside and outside Christchurch Cathedral, in case of further aftershocks.
Fire Service spokesman Paul Baxter says specialists are deliberating over how to enter some buildings which are deemed unsafe.

(5.42pm) Still no access to the Grand Chancellor Hotel. #eqnz

(5.41pm) Paul Baxter (Fire Service) says ‘sites of high-potential survivability’ are being searched first.

(5.39pm) Fire Service says urban search and rescue teams are progressing while CTV and Pyne Gould building de-layering continues.

(1.44pm) Number of staff and students still inside CTV building is unconfirmed, but more than 60 – Tertiary Education Minister Steven Joyce

(10.55am) USAR have now begun search of buildings near the Grand Chancellor Hotel. Engineers still working on plan for GC hotel #eqnz

(4.40pm) @StJohnNZ is seeing more people with stress-related issues at Chch welfare centres. StJ has put measures in place, working with other agencies. #eqnz

(4.34pm) @StJohnNZ has today scaled back evacuation of elderly and vulnerable out of Chch as demand dropped. We are on standby to ramp this up. #eqnz #chch

(2.32pm) Lyttelton rock falls cause concern: Rockfalls in Lyttelton are so dangerous that emergency services won’t try to… http://bit.ly/fvCPNF

(8.56am) Aftershocks trigger more evacuations http://bit.ly/hTrU6N #TVNZNews

6,500 homes checked off by search and rescue teams, out of a total of 50,000. The number of teams will be doubled on Monday.

55,000 homes still without water.
Water restored to 65% of buildings in Christchurch.
Water is being trucked into the areas without supply.

100,000 homes have no sewerage services.

(4.45pm) Please assist Orion Energy by conserving electricity. Turn off unnecessary appliances and keep lights to a minimum. #chch #eqnz

(2.33pm) Orion Energy aiming to get power on to 95% of households in next 7 days. Excludes households with damage preventing reconnection & off limit parts of CBD. #eqnz

(9.10am, via Orion Energy) Power restored to 82% of Christchurch homes.
37,000 homes without power, and many will remain so for weeks (see badly devastated eastern suburbs and pockets across city where there are significant faults).

(10.59am) Target is to get power to restored to 95 per cent of Chch by end of the week. People reminded to turn mains off first #eqnz

There have been five fires in past 24 hours, which have injured people. Related to power restoration. Were preventable #eqnz

(via Contact Energy) Contact Energy is refilling 9kg LPG bottles for free at these locations http://tinyurl.com/4zw6yep #chch #eqnz

(1.31pm) @ChristchurchCC Fisher & Paykel community laundries – free washing and drying at Hornby and Kaiapoi. http://www.fisherpaykel.co.nz/communitylaundry/

(5.49pm) Most pharmacies in Christchurch are open and able to fulfill emergency prescriptions and first aid equipment.

Welfare centres open open as at Sunday 27 February – http://ow.ly/447Vz #eqnz #chch CC

(8.43pm) @StJohnNZ is in welfare centres in Chch: Burnside, 300 people, 20 patients; Windsor, 59 people, 16 treated; Rangiora 100; Pioneer 665, 60 treated. #eqnz

(4.51pm) @ChristchurchCC If you need emergency housing, or can offer housing, call 0800 HELP 00 (0800 435 700) #eqnz #chch

(4.48pm) 16,000+ beds available nz-wide for #chch quake victims. http://www.quakeescape.org.nz #eqnz

(11.57am) Chch Telecom customers can divert their landline to another number free. Call 120 or 125 for bus. customers #eqnz.
(10.08am) @TelecomNZ Chch people should keep minimising mobile phone calls. Txt instead if possible to help emergency efforts #eqnz

(8.10pm) Full info on which BNZ stores will be open in the #Chch area tomorrow (subject to aftershocks) available here: http://bit.ly/i0eDrJ #eqnz

(2.25pm) BNZ ATM update: ATMs at Shell Kaiapoi and Parklands FreshChoice are currently out of action. #eqnz

BNZBank In ChCh – the lastest on our ATM network http://bit.ly/i0eDrJ demand is for cash is heavy but we are keeping up #eqnz

@CEQgovtnz Information about animal welfare and lost/found pets is available on the SPCA NZ website http://bit.ly/he8SKU #eqnz #chch

@RNZSPCA Canterbury SPCA animal emergencies 9am-4pm call 03 349 7057 ext 201 or 205; after hours call 03 366 3886 #eqnz

For lost or found dogs please contact Animal Control on 021 240 8310 or visit 10 Metro Place – Open 8:00am to 6:00pm #eqnz

40 vets clinics now operating #chch (only about 5-6 clinics are down). The clinic in Hornby is operating an After Hours service.

Go to the Trade Me home page for information on missing and found pets.

Pets on the Net http://www.petsonthenet.co.nz/ Pets on the Net is working with the SPCA to save lives, this is a free community service. Earthquake: Petsonthenet is the nationwide database for lost and found pets, as phone service resumes please report and search for lost, found or deceased pets here.
Phone reports will be accepted for those without internet access on 07 868 5581

There is now a good microchip register in New Zealand.

Text “HELP” to 4662 to donate $3 to Paw Justice towards pet food for Chch Animal Quake victims ♥

The Government will announce an economic package on Monday nzh.tw/10708856 #eqnz

Student Volunteer Army
@ucvolunteerarmy REQUEST: WE STILL DESPERATELY NEED WHEELBARROWS!!! We are struggling to work to our potential because of a lack of… http://fb.me/V9cPZHCS
University of Canterbury Volunteer Army

@ucvoluntaryarmy WE STILL NEED MORE VOLUNTEERS!!! If you are able to give a day of your time please come to the UCSA car park RIGHT… http://fb.me/U4naaNJn

(12.21pm) @tinopai: Wow, Dunedinites donated 17,000 lunches to the UC Volunteer Army. Choice.


(8.17pm) @ChristchurchCC Sewage leaks diverted from streets to North/Waimairi/Parklands beaches via stormwater pipes. Avoid these beaches #eqnz

(8.10pm) @ChristchurchCC Stay away from rivers, estuary, and beaches. Sewage is overflowing into Avon & Heathcote and out to sea. #eqnz #chch

(7.14pm) Ministry of Health – do not eat garden produce if the soil has been affected by liquefaction http://bit.ly/hcTkbe #chch #eqnz

(7.06pm) Earthquake levies may triple: It’s likely Earthquake Commission levies for all New Zealanders will rise. http://bit.ly/hVpNSh

(5.38pm) Christchurch schools stay closed as extent of damage revealed http://bit.ly/fZt0uQ #TVNZNews

(5.32pm) Christchurch Cathedral has been blessed to lift any tapu where victims of the quake still lie #eqnz

(5.05pm) Thousands quit Christchurch: Thousands of the 350,000 inhabitants of Christchurch have left in droves http://bit.ly/fFeH53 (NewstalkZB)

(4.34pm) @StJohnNZ has today scaled back evacuation of elderly and vulnerable out of Chch as demand dropped. We are on standby to ramp this up. #eqnz #chch

(4.23pm) PM John Key has announced a global appeal for Christchurch. Donate at http://www.christchurchearthquakeappeal.govt.nz #eqnz

(4.10pm) Housing New Zealand has suspended rent for 3 weeks for 2500 affected tenants http://bit.ly/ePWvHd #chch #eqnz

(3.48pm) Earthquake minister points to massive demolition: Once the search for victims of the Christchurch earthquake i… http://bit.ly/gxg05t (via @NZPlanning)

(2.23pm) Former PM Helen Clark has visited Christchurch CBD and has said it’s as bad as #Haiti. She is travelling as private citizen #eqnz

(1.31pm) Christchurch teachers are being asked to stay away from schools for their own safety: nzh.tw/10709110 #eqnz

(1.29pm) @TelecomNZ Lost a pet during the earthquake, register on: http://www.petsonthenet.co.nz/

(10.51am) Australian police have ‘full power’ of constables, have been sworn in. Aus police have been making arrests #eqnz

(10.48am) Police wearing huia feather today to signify dead colleague in earthquake, says Police commander. #eqnz #chch

(10.32am) @StJohnNZ is rotating ambulance officers from other parts of the country to support and keep appropriate staff levels up in Christchurch

(10.15am) Extra funeral directors flown in to Christchurch as the number of people killed by the earthquake rises. http://bit.ly/i6f9hp #eqnz #chch

Hoax calls wasting valuable time – St John http://bit.ly/gNdl5j #TVNZNews

(9.10am) Salvation Army looking for a safe building or storage unit in Christchurch to stage food distribution. Call Robert Ross 027 449 4540 & he’ll get back to you. #eqnz

(9.00am) Ngai Tahu offer facilities to ALL affected by the quake. Please Re-Tweet, spread the word #EQNZ #christchurch #ngaitahu http://j.mp/dZSvek

@ACC_nz_govt ACC claims line operating additional hours today (Sunday 27 Feb), 9am-1pm. Call 0800 101 996 #chch #eqnz

(2.33pm, via NZHerald) Keep in touch with latest updates from the #chch earthquake disaster relief effort. nzh.tw/10709068 #eqnz

(10.11pm, via NZStuff) Christchurch quake – latest updates http://dlvr.it/HkdNn

Some churches in Christchurch are holding services on Sunday morning despite being damaged in Tuesday’s earthquake. http://bit.ly/f7zTd2

Christchurch Earthquake: Westminster Cathedral vigil for Christchurch quake. http://goo.gl/MYvYi #eqnz #christchurch

Aftershocks continue.


Follow latest quakes via Twitter @geonet

Satellite images of Christchurch after the quake http://bit.ly/fO3XaJ

@tetoroa NZDF GIO Geospatial Intelligence Organisation: Christchurch Earthquake – Imagery and Geospatial Info nzdf.mil.nz/downloads/gio/default.html #eqnz

Before/After Google maps satellite images of the destruction in the Christchurch CBD http://bit.ly/hHf13O #eqnz

@dannews has compiled a montage of radio and television audio/footage as news of the quake became known http://bit.ly/hDEDv3 #eqnz

The best way you can help is by giving donations of money to the Canterbury Earthquake Appeal.

(via @NZcivildefence) The New Zealand Government has launched a global appeal to help the people of Christchurch and Canterbury http://goo.gl/juym3 #eqnz #Christchurch [How to make your donation by Credit Card]

Go to the Trade Me home page for information on how to donate.

Visit your local banks and make donations there.

New World Supermarkets You can make donations to the Canterbury Earthquake Appeal at all New World checkouts.

@BNZBank To donate to BNZ’s @NZRedCross appeal account, use the donate button within BNZ internet banking or this acct: 02-0500-0982004-000 #eqnz

@BNZBank We’ve just updated our instant #eqnz donation button on BNZ internet banking to include credit cards. There’ll be no fees for CC donations.

@NZredcross Pls note: 0800 733 276 is NOT a donation number for #eqnz U can donate here: http://www.redcross.org.nz/donate thnks


Donations by Text Message:

@CEQgovtnz Telecom, Vodafone and 2 Degrees mobile customers can text ‘chch’ to 933 to make an automatic $3 donation #chch #eqnz

Red Cross donations to Christchurch Earthquake Appeal: text ‘quake’ to 4419 to make a $3 donation #eqnz

Salvation Army donations to Christchurch Earthquake Appeal: text ‘quake’ to 5339 to make a $3 donation #eqnz

VodafoneNZ Red Alert 2011 Earthquake Appeal: text ‘QUAKE’ to 555 to make a $5 donation. 100% of your $5 donation will go to the Red Cross 2011 Earthquake Appeal.


@TelecomNZ asking for old style telephones (eg wired not cordless) for #EQNZ as they work with no power. Take into local telecom stores. @telecomnz store: http://cot.ag/huChok

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