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Earthquake, Christchurch #eqnz Day 5

Prime Minister John Key has asked for 2 minute silence to be held on Tuesday 1 March at 12.51pm to remember those who lost their lives in the Christchurch earthquake. #eqnz

(7.47pm) Foreign search and rescue teams say the NZ rescue effort is the best organised they had ever seen. #eqnz

The Government will announce an economic package on Monday nzh.tw/10708856 #eqnz

WATER @ChristchurchCC Updated list of water supply locations http://bit.ly/eraFmi #eqnz #chch

The following information is partial and subject to change. Refer previous posts at this site for more information.

NOTE: Twitter is open domain. You can google all Twitter addresses – for example, @NZcivildefence – to read tweets without being subscribed to Twitter.


Emergency Helpline 0800 77 9997 – only call this number if you need help.

For missing people call Red Cross
0800 RED CROSS or 0800 733 276 #eqnz #christchurch

@CEQgovtnz If you’ve been reported missing in #chch but you are safe, please report to officials: 0800 733 276 Int: +64 785 02199 #eqnz

REFER to Police website for list of victims:
http://www.police.govt.nz (warning: if the site overloads – try again later)

(5.39pm) A police officer has been assigned to each of the families of those still missing. No live rescues were made today #eqnz

Faces of the missing: You can leave messages on the profiles of each of the missing. More to be updated today. #eqnz http://ow.ly/43Flt

Everything you need to know for Christchurch is at http://canterburyearthquake.org.nz/#eqnz #chch #nz

@CEQgovtnz @ChristchurchCC @ECan for official information

@CEQgovtnz Wellington New Zealand. This Twitter account links to central and local government agencies and others supporting the response to the Canterbury earthquake. The account is active with tweeting tips & latest news supporting @NZcivildefence #eqnz http://canterburyearthquake.govt.nz

@ChristchurchCC Today’s #eqnz update http://bit.ly/fz2eym covers the things you need to know: health, police, house inspections & more #chch

@minhealthnz Key public health messages for Christchurch residents http://tiny.cc/7larw

@NZcivildefence Quake Update 54: 1720, 26 February 2011 Can I get personal possessions out of a cordoned area?… http://tinyurl.com/4k9axqv

(6.14pm) The confirmed death toll from the Christchurch earthquake stands at 145, with more than 200 people missing. Hopes are fading for live rescues.
6 names of the deceased have been released, more to be named later today.
Over 20 nationalities among the victims.
2 Britons among the 145 dead.

(9.46pm) Victim ID experts due: UK disaster victim identification personnel expected in Chch Monday – specialist team alre… http://bit.ly/gZgcRr

Grid search of Christchurch CBD is completed except for the cordoned off area around the Hotel Grand Chancellor. The building has to be secured for safe search; senior engineers are monitoring the building.

(2.37pm) Unstable building brings new concern: One of the cordon’s on the outskirts of the Christchurch CBD is closed be… http://bit.ly/f6fVmh

Active search continues at the PCG building, CTV building and Christchurch Cathedral.
(2.35pm) Rescue workers have just removed another body from the CTV building #eqnz

All CBD buildings are being re-visited by search teams.

(7.47pm) Foreign search and rescue teams say the NZ rescue effort is the best organised they had ever seen. #eqnz

(9.48pm) Bldg assessments by helicopter: Choppers buzzing over central Chch are carrying out building assessments- flight… http://bit.ly/eFxB8j

Nearly 1000 CBD buildings have been accessed for inspection.
60% of buildings green stickered – cleared for access.
17% of buildings yellow stickered – limited access.
20-25% of buildings red stickered – immediate evacuation, in danger of imminent collapse.

The CBD won’t open “for months”.
(6.25pm, via 3news) Over a third of CBD buildings destroyed, maybe up to two thirds of businesses lost.

(6.20pm) Ballantyne’s store in the CBD is likely to open a satellite or pop-up store to keep trading.

Engineers are thinking to brace the Hotel Grand Chancellor. #eqnz
(10.18pm) Grand Chancellor being stabilised: Work is carried out on Hotel Grand Chancellor to stabilise it so operations c… http://bit.ly/gqxjeR


IMPORTANT: All suburban door knocking teams carry official identification #eqnz #chch

(via Mayor Bob Parker)
4000+ individual house and property visits have been carried out. Each house receives a welfare assessment and physical building inspection.
1100+ completed forms from these property visits have been processed and liaison for specialist support followed up.

Suburban housing and small business assessments:
4600 buildings green stickered – cleared for access.
500 buildings yellow stickered – limited access.
341 red stickered – immediate evacuation, in danger of imminent collapse.

Lyttelton and surrounding suburbs hardest hit. These communities are isolated – another 80 teams have been sent in to assist.
(5.46pm) 4 Lyttelton houses have been evacuated amid fears of rock falls in the area #eqnz

NZRedCross response team going door to door after #eqnz http://bit.ly/eJ3FMU

People from 341 houses have been evacuated to safety.
30 people were evacuated from Soleares Ave in Mt Pleasant overnight. #eqnz

Merivale Anglican Church was brought down this morning.
155-year old Hambledon Mansion on Bealey Ave, owned by the Smith family, has been demolished. The three-storeyed house was built in 1855 by George Gould, founder of the Pyne Gould company, when the area was still a farm.


(via Orion Energy) Power has been restored to 80% of the city.
If your house is severely damaged, turn off mains power.
If your power is off, unplug sensitive appliances at the wall and make sure the stove is turned off http://www.oriongroup.co.nz/ #eqnz #chch

(via Contact Energy) Contact energy is offering free cooking gas to residents. People can fill their 9kg gas bottles at locations listed at www.contactenergy.co.nz


WATER @ChristchurchCC Updated list of water supply locations http://bit.ly/eraFmi #eqnz #chch

The first priority is for people to stay healthy.
Many homes still without water.
65,000 homes still without power.
100,000 homes are without sewerage services.
963 extra Portaloos are being airlifted in from USA.
17,500 tonnes of silt removed.


(9.48pm) New welfare centre has opened in Chch this evening- it is at Windsor School on Burwood Road http://bit.ly/fFWVO9 #eqnz

Cowles Stadium Welfare Centre closed due to lack of reliable water and sewerage services.
(6.20pm) 500 people are being catered for across all Welfare Centres, with that number dropping as more people stay with friends or leave town #eqnz
For more information on Welfare Centres at this website, see previous post.

(6.20pm)St John has 17 clinical staff across welfare centres at Burnside High, Pioneer Stadium, and Rangiora where there are are 500 people in total #eqnz

All hospitals have been cleared for intake of casualities, specialists arriving.
All elective surgery has been cancelled until 7 March.


Follow latest quakes via Twitter @geonet

Aftershocks continue. There have been 14 aftershocks since midnight. The largest at magnitude 4.1.

TV3 / 3news Continuous updates via http://www.3news.co.nz/
Evening news at 6pm. Midday news on Sunday.

TVNZ Continuous live updates Evening news at 6pm.

CTV still on-air, despite all that has happened.

Satellite images of Christchurch after the quake http://bit.ly/fO3XaJ

Vodafone CHCH customers, you can TXT 3166 to have your Vodafone landline number diverted to your Vodafone mobile. Free for 30 days. #eqnz

TelstraClearNZ From today, for the next 2 weeks all outgoing International & National Calls will be FREE for our #Chch residential customers #eqnz

Everything you need to know for Christchurch is at http://canterburyearthquake.org.nz/ #eqnz #chch #nz

Air NZ extends compassionate airfares: nzh.tw/10708919 #eqnz


@BNZBank A few more BNZ ATM’s back in business in ChCh – the latest update http://bit.ly/i0eDrJ #eqnz

The cost of the earthquake is likely to be over $30 billion.

(6.26pm, via NZStuff) Half of Lotto sales to go to Christchurch – Minister http://dlvr.it/HdhvR

Access to the Chch Art Gallery where civil defence HQ is has been closed because of concern about an unstable building #eqnz

Christchurch police say “normal’ policing has resumed & warn they’ll crack down on burglaries #eqnz

HMNZS Canterbury will return to Lyttelton from Wellington with water, vehicles, fuel tanker, fire appliances, telecom vans and other materials #eqnz

Air Force has moved 1542 passengers in and out of Christchurch; Air Force facilitated 121,000 tonnes of freight to Chc in the last 24 hours.


Family Liaision Teams will hold two meetings today, one with local families and one with families from overseas. #eqnz

More than $1 million in emergency grants has been paid out to stricken Cantabrians, Social Development Minister Paula Bennett said #eqnz


For emergency repairs contact EQC on 0800 DAMAGE (0800 326 243) #eqnz #chch

Official link to Housing NZ emergency housing website for victims & property owners http://ow.ly/435VL #eqnz

Housing NZ are accepting offers of housing from all over NZ http://www.housinghelp.govt.nz/


Lyttelton tunnel has now re-opened for local residents & emergency vehicles #eqnz

@ChristchurchCC Christchurch rubbish collection is currently 2 days behind schedule #eqnz #chch

Former Prime Minister Helen Clark has been spotted by a 3 News reporter at Auckland Airport on her way to Christchurch. #eqnz

Christchurch mayor Bob Parker on how the city will move forward following the earthquake nzh.tw/g/116999 #eqnz

If affected by the earthquake find out how IRD can help you http://www.ird.govt.nz/earthquake/canterbury-quake-index.html #eqnz #chch


List of open supermarkets in Christchurch has been updated http://ow.ly/43N06 #eqnz #eqnz

New World making it easy to donate to Red Cross by adding it to bill at checkout. #eqnz

South Island supermarkets have started rationing milk and bread and supplies of other perishable food are running short due to disruptions caused by the earthquake in Christchurch on Tuesday.
Countdown stores in Dunedin were yesterday limiting milk to four containers per customer and some New World stores to two per customer.
Bread was in limited supply and limited to two loaves per customer at New World yesterday afternoon.

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