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Earthquake, Christchurch #eqnz Day 4

FARMERS – Your Help Needed With City Clean Up. Bring your gear to the AMP Showgrounds on Saturday from 6.30am.

Emergency Helpline 0800 77 9997 – only call this number if you need help.

For missing people call Red Cross
0800 RED CROSS or 0800 733 276 #eqnz #christchurch

@CEQgovtnz If you’ve been reported missing in #chch but you are safe, please report to officials: 0800 733 276 Int: +64 785 02199 #eqnz

(5.51pm) A curfew will be in place from 6pm until 6am tomorrow Saturday #eqnz

#ff @CEQgovtnz @ChristchurchCC @ECan for official information

@CEQgovtnz Wellington New Zealand. This Twitter account links to central and local government agencies and others supporting the response to the Canterbury earthquake. The account is active with tweeting tips & latest news supporting @NZcivildefence #eqnz http://canterburyearthquake.govt.nz

NOTE: Twitter is open domain. You can google all Twitter addresses – for example, @NZcivildefence – to read tweets without being subscribed to Twitter.]

#eqnz Death toll at 113.
Many of the dead remain unidentified.

(6.45pm) 2 new names released. 2 men from chch. and police say no change on death toll of 113 but more bodies found today. #eqnz (via The Press)

REFER to Police website for list of victims:
http://www.police.govt.nz (warning: if the site overloads – try again later)

Victims of the Quake: Faces of the missing (via NZStuff)

LATEST (11.37am, via NZStuff) You can now add messages to the missing on each of their profiles. Know someone is safe? Let us know #eqnz

TV3 / 3news Friday: Nightline at 10.30pm. Saturday coverage 7am-10am. Midday news on Saturday and Sunday.

TVNZ continuous live updates

NZStuff Christchurch quake: latest info http://dlvr.it/HYmPZ (11.39pm)

NewstalkZB Listen to Danny Watson read the account of an ambulance officer’s day, the day the earthquake hit Christchurch http://bit.ly/fCuxZ1 #eqnz


Follow latest quakes via Twitter @geonet

Aftershocks continue in Christchurch
Quake: mag 4.3, Fri, Feb 25 2011 7:14 pm (NZDT), http://geonet.org.nz/3470254g 10 km south-east of Christchurch
Magnitude 4.4 aftershock hits Christchurch at 5.40pm (depth of 6 km) #eqnz

Via internet call up, 15,000 students are being deployed to low risk suburbs by bus to help with silt removal, provision of water and all other tasks assigned to assist residents. http://www.geoop.com/


@ChristchurchCC Public information update: http://bit.ly/ft4xkj #eqnz #chch

Christchurch City Council
@ChristchurchCC To avoid confusion with 4 Sept info, check Last Reviewed date at bottom of page on ccc.govt.nz #eqnz #chch

Water deliveries for FRIDAY 25 Feb http://bit.ly/hnDnMa via CCC #eqnz #chch

100L water tank making deliveries in Christchurch 027 226 3975 #eqnz

Several thousand litres of water is available at the corner of Harris Cres & Harewood Rd in Bishopdale #eqnz

Assume tap water is contaminated and unsafe to drink. BOIL all water for drinking, brushing teeth, washing/preparing food.. Commercially sealed bottled water is safe to drink.

@ChristchurchCC If you can’t boil your water, add one tsp of bleach per ten litres and leave for 30 min before using.

@ChristchurchCC If your property’s undamaged and no liquefaction, it’s OK to shower briefly and sparingly. #eqnz #chch

@ChristchurchCC If water is available and there are no sewage flows, you can flush toilets sparingly. Otherwise dig latrines or use buckets. #eqnz #chch

@ChristchurchCC NO human waste to be put in rubbish collection. Please bury in your garden and maintain hygiene precautions. #eqnz #chch

@ChristchurchCC Kerbside collection for red and green bins resumes today Fri 25th. No recycling (yellow bins) this week. #eqnz #chch

(via Orion Energy) 8,000 additional power connections since yesterday http://bit.ly/g7qoae #eqnz #chch

A map which shows where the latest power outages are in the Canterbury region can be viewed here http://bit.ly/dXHcag #eqnz

(11.13am) Orion Energy’s Roger Sutton hoped 80% of customers should have power by tonight. #eqnz When power comes back on, water pumping stations come back on too #eqnz People should turn off mains power if they’re worried and wait till their house has been checked #eqnz

(11.11am) Sutton: Decided to build new overhead lines, hoping to have up and running in a week, work starting tomorrow #eqnz

(10.49am) Mayor Bob Parker: Underground power lines shattered, legislation in place to help speed that process up #eqnz

For emergency repairs to residential property or to lodge a claim call EQC 0800 326 243 or www.eqc.govt.nz #eqnz #chch

Supermarkets are open and have been restocked – there is no need to stockpile. ONLY BUY WHAT YOU NEED.

(5.47pm) @BNZBank In addition to Leeston and Rolleston BNZ stores opening tomorrow, Ashburton will also be open from 10am to 2pm on Saturday #eqnz

EFTPOS and ATM facilities are working.

(11.56am) The Reserve Bank of NZ has posted maps of operational ATMs in Christchurch http://fb.me/AvC6BYcx #eqnz

@BNZBankWe’re continually updating our #eqnz info page at http://bit.ly/i0eDrJ It includes ATMs, which BNZ stores are open, donations & more.

Petrol stations are open – there is no need to stockpile. ONLY BUY WHAT YOU NEED.

(11.13am) @ChristchurchCC Open petrol stations: http://bit.ly/eVsg69 #eqnz #chch

(10.48am) Civil Defence Director John Hamilton said there was no need to worry about petrol supplies. Petrol and diesel coming in from Timaru. #eqnz
Think of Your Safety before Transporting and Storing Flammable Liquids.
People are urged to stay off the roads and stay home.

Update information on road and bridge closures in Christchurch http://canterburyearthquake.org.nz/road-closures/ #eqnz

Lyttelton Port will open on Saturday for business nzh.tw/10708508 #eqnz

Air New Zealand flights being provided at an additional 2000 seats per day (the equivalent of nineteen 737 planes). $50 flights to anywhere in New Zealand available through to Sunday night.

International & Domestic flights are still operating at ChCh Airport. Free parking & WiFi available at airport for travellers. #chch #eqnz

Many people are leaving the city.
People leaving town asked to leave messages with neighbours, friend and family so they don’t worry #eqnz

@TelecomNZ Chch people, change mobile voice mail to say you’re OK, where you are & an alternate number; conserve your battery! #eqnz

(11.48am) @TelecomNZ More than 20,000 calls have been made from 260 free @telecomnz payphones across Christchurch #eqnz ^RI

The best way you can help is by giving donations of money to the Canterbury Earthquake Appeal via Red Cross and the banks. Go to the Trade Me home page for information on how to donate.

@BNZBank To donate to BNZ’s @NZRedCross appeal account, use the donate button within BNZ internet banking or this acct: 02-0500-0982004-000 #eqnz

@BNZBank We’ve just updated our instant #eqnz donation button on BNZ internet banking to include credit cards. There’ll be no fees for CC donations.

Red Cross donations to Christchurch Earthquake Appeal: text ‘quake’ to 4419 to make a $3 donation #eqnz

Salvation Army donations to Christchurch Earthquake Appeal: text ‘quake’ to 5339 to make a $3 donation #eqnz

Telecom asking for old style telephones (eg wired not cordless) for #EQNZ as they work with no power. Take into local telecom stores.
@telecomnz store: http://cot.ag/huChok via @TelecomNZ

(11.09am) Plans for health services over the next 6 weeks are being finalised today #eqnz
(11.07am) Thousands of outpatient surgeries cancelled, will get most urgent ones in first #eqnz

(10.46am) Mayor Bob Parker: People should go to GP before going to hospitals #eqnz
(10.46am) Mayor Bob Parker: Field hospital in Cowles Stadium #eqnz

Canterbury residents with urgent medical needs can visit a GP free of charge until Sunday.The DHB is also providing access to pharmaceuticals free of charge.
People are asked to seek medical care when they need it, do not delay.

If you are #EQNZ affected (in #chch OR have left) & need emergency supply of medicines talk to ANY NZ pharmacy they may be able to assist

Healthline 24 hour service staffed by registered nurses can assess health needs + give advice on the best level of care 0800 611 116 #eqnz

Southern Cross Radiology and Cashmere Radiology are operational for URGENT cases and Pregnancy scans check 0800 869729 #eqnz

For urgent assistance or advice from Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind, call helpline 0800 243 333

(7.24pm) Text “HELP” to 4662 to donate $3 to Paw Justice towards pet food for Chch Animal Quake victims ♥

People with pets: Animates Tower Junction will be open at 10am Saturday. Ring them #eqnz

@CEQgovtnz Information about animal welfare and lost/found pets is available on the SPCA NZ website http://bit.ly/he8SKU #eqnz #chch

@RNZSPCA Canterbury SPCA animal emergencies 9am-4pm call 03 349 7057 ext 201 or 205; after hours call 03 366 3886 #eqnz

For lost or found dogs please contact Animal Control on 021 240 8310 or visit 10 Metro Place – Open 8:00am to 6:00pm #eqnz

Welfare Centres fully stocked. The four centres are Pioneer Sports Centre, Burnside High School and Rangiora Baptist Church.

Cowles Stadium Welfare Centre NOW CLOSED. Due to concerns about the spread of measles and diarrhoea. #PublicHealth Cowles has no running water and thus no sanitation. At its peak 400 people were sheltered at Cowles; only 80 persons chose to be relocated by bus to Rangiora.

New Welfare Centres
Grace Vineyard in Brighton. Address: 111 Seaview Rd, Brighton.
Rolleston Community Centre, taking people from Burnside & Cowles centres.

(10.37am) There’s a crisis centre with all sorts of good facilities in Methven. Toilets, counselling, food and drinks. 03 302 9666 #eqnz

@nzbusiness Google map with accommodations listing available inside Christchurch http://j.mp/eKEQEw #eqnz

Housing NZ is appealing for people who can offer accommodation to call 0800 HELP 00 (0800 435 700) or http://www.housinghelp.govt.nz/ #eqnz

There are nearly 1,000 offers of free accommodation on @trademe #chch support website #eqnz http://bit.ly/giExtk
UPDATE: TradeMe has started free listings for people offering places to stay for earthquake victims. Onyas. #eqnz #chch

The Dunedin City Council website has a newly created section for Christchurch Earthquake Relief info http://bit.ly/eV3o26 #eqnz #chch

@nzbusiness Central Otago Emergency Accommodation Register. Please like page and Retweet http://on.fb.me/centralotagoaccomm #eqnz

People wanting accommodation in Invercargill can call Quest Invercargill on 0800 101 801 #eqnz (NewstalkZB)

(10.58pm) Canterbury Museum has been declared structurally sound! Check out latest update here: http://bit.ly/i6rpOa #eqnz #fb (via MuseumsAotearoa

(10.22pm) Radio NZ house badly damaged and bodies pulled from collapsed Methodist church :( poor Durham St (via @publicaddress)

(7.24pm) Christchurch Girls High School, the old gothic building, featured in Peter Jackson’s Heavenly Creatures, is to be demolished tonight. #eqnz

(5.49pm) Mayor Bob Parker says the level of liquefication is up to is 300-500 percent higher than it was after September’s quake #eqnz

(11.49am) Damaged buildings are being made more unstable by rain falling in the city today, police say. nzh.tw/10708664 #eqnz

(11.02am) Urban Search and Rescue. Fire Service’s Paul Baxter said about 600 USAR personnel were on the ground from NZ, Queenstland, NSW, Japan, UK, Taiwan and Singapore #eqnz

Major efforts still going on 24/7 at the PGC and CTV buildings. Baxter was not aware of any live rescues this morning. #eqnz

(11.02am) Search for cathedral bodies begins http://dlvr.it/HW9k2
(10.35pm) Today a camera was lowered into the collapsed steeple for assessment. The steeple will be stabilised before bodies can be recovered.

(10.47am) Mayor Bob Parker: 80 teams checking of safety of houses, protection of human life very important #eqnz

(10.46am) Mayor Bob Parker: Engineers and assessors will go out to shopping centres, malls, pharmacies, medical facilities #eqnz
(10.30am) A 90m cordon is around the Hotel Grand Chancellor. It’s movements are being monitored by the Department of Building &Housing. #eqnz #chch

URGENT: Looking for Motel or Hotels in chch with availability for Trauma Specialists flying in from 2mro CONTACT @fleurtee #eqnz

COURIER SERVICES @UrgentCouriers We can still get things to Christchurch to help out with #eqnz over the weekend just give us a call 09 307 3555

LAUNDRY Need to get your washing done? Fisher & Paykel have set up a community laundry: http://ow.ly/436cQ #eqnz

If you live in a Housing New Zealand house in Christchurch with urgent safety issues call 0800 801 601 or go to www.hnzc.co.nz #eqnz #chch

Christchurch City schools and early childhood education centres will remain closed until further notice. #EQNZ
Updated: Some schools in Selwyn, Waimakariri may open next week, but Christchurch city schools and early childhood centres will remain closed. #eqnz (NewstalkZB)

Earthquake forces cancellation of census http://bit.ly/fox46n Stats Minister Maurice Williamson can give no commitments whatsover on whether this Census will ever be held at all.
#eqnz Census cancelled in 1931 (Great Depression) and 1941 (World War II) So far $42 million has been spent preparing for this year’s census. #eqnz

The upcoming Ellerslie Flower Show has been cancelled. Tickets will be refunded by Ticketek. #eqnz (NZStuff)

Inland Revenue has information for its customers affected by the quake http://bit.ly/f0VYf5 #eqnz http://bit.ly/d94pAr

Lots of people out there wanting to help http://www.trademe.co.nz/Chch-earthquake-support/Volunteer-labour/mcat-9530-9532-.htm #eqnz

A website has been set up to coordinate support for IT businesses in Christchurch at http://business.eq.org.nz/ #eqnz

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