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Earthquake, Christchurch #eqnz Day 3

Four names released as confirmed dead in Christchurch http://ow.ly/42o2q #eqnz
REFER to Police website for list of victims:
http://www.police.govt.nz (warning: site overloaded – try again later)

Try NZ Herald website for victim names.


Emergency Helpline 0800 77 9997 – only call this number if you need help.

For missing people call Red Cross
0800 RED CROSS or 0800 733 276 #eqnz #christchurch

Christchurch Earthquake: Important Information: An update on important information regarding the Christchurch Earthquake http://bit.ly/fUmR80 (NewstalkZB)

@ChristchurchCC To avoid confusion with 4 Sept info, check Last Reviewed date at bottom of page on ccc.govt.nz #eqnz #chch

Welfare Centres fully stocked. The four centres are Pioneer Sports Centre, Burnside High School, Cowles Stadium, and Rangiora Baptist Church.

Mayor Bob Parker: “Too many bloody aftershocks.”


Follow latest quakes via Twitter @geonet

New Zealand Government
There will be a negative impact on the New Zealand economy. Prime Minister John Key says “We can afford to take the hit, we can cope with this as a country.” The Prime Minister is seeking help and cooperation from the private sector. He will hold a conference call with 40 CEOs (company chief executives) later today.
(5.33pm) Quake will impact Budget, PM says but austerity will continue http://bit.ly/eiUt3R #TVNZNews

Gerry Brownlee will give up his other ministerial portfolios to focus on Christchurch: nzh.tw/10708400 #eqnz John Key has assigned new earthquake resonsibilities to Ministers – these appointments will stay under review.

(13.13pm) @johnkeypm Just spoke to President Obama. We really appreciate the support offered by the US, Australia and countries all over the world.

Official @CEQgovtnz Wellington New Zealand This Twitter account links to central and local government agencies and others supporting the response to the Canterbury earthquake. The account is active with tweeting tips & latest news supporting @NZcivildefence #eqnz

(8.30pm) ONE News is now off air and will be back at 10.35pm. Coverage continues on TVNZ 7 and tvnz.co.nz #eqnz

TV3 will continue coverage this evening at 10.30pm via Nightline #eqnz

National TV networks live streaming from 6pm: http://rww.to/eLtY8t, http://rww.to/e0WVeh #eqnz


(8.12pm, via 3news) 80% of homes have no mains water.
20 extra water tankers have been deployed.
75% of the city should have power restored by tonight.
All but 5 of the City’s water pumping stations are out.
Petrol supplies are limited due to the power outage.

[power] Orion Energy says the worst affected areas are Dallington, Sumner, Brighton and the CBD.

A map which shows where the latest power outages are in the Canterbury region can be viewed here http://bit.ly/dXHcag #eqnz

@ChristchurchCC Power supply update as at 4pm: http://www.oriongroup.co.nz/ #eqnz #chch

Gas has been cut to most of the city.

@ChristchurchCC If water is available and there are no sewage flows, you can flush toilets sparingly. Otherwise dig latrines or use buckets. #eqnz #chch

@ChristchurchCC NO human waste to be put in rubbish collection. Please bury in your garden and maintain hygiene precautions. #eqnz #chch

@ChristchurchCC Kerbside collection for red and green bins resumes tomorrow Fri 25th. No recycling (yellow bins) this week. #eqnz #chch

Telstraclear have had 3 generators attached to cell phone towers stolen overnight. #EQNZ

EQC is going door-to-door seeing what they can do for people with damaged houses. #eqnz
For emergency repairs to residential property or to lodge a claim call EQC 0800 326 243 or www.eqc.govt.nz #eqnz #chch

(9.35pm) WATER deliveries for FRIDAY 25 Feb http://bit.ly/hnDnMa via CCC #eqnz #chch

(8.12pm, via 3news) 80% of homes have no mains water. 20 extra water tankers have been deployed. All but 5 of the City’s water pumping stations are out.

Christchurch residents running low on fresh water can top up their supplies at the car park at Cowles Stadium in Wainoni. #eqnz (NewstalkZB)

Army engineers will be setting up two water points including water purification (Lyttelton and New Brighton) later today #eqnz
34 water tankers have been deployed around the city.
@ChristchurchCC Water Tanker Timetable for Deliveries: http://bit.ly/ggi12d #eqnz #chch
@ChristchurchCC Water is provided at the welfare centres. Please bring your own water containers. #eqnz #chch

@ChristchurchCC If water is available and there are no sewage flows, you can flush toilets sparingly. Otherwise dig latrines or use buckets. #eqnz #chch

Fresh water will be available at Christchurch South Intermediate School, Selwyn St from 3pm.
Water also available at Grassmere St, Glenroy St, Montreal St, Aston Dr, Waltham School. Take your own containers #eqnz
A man living opposite Opawa shops has piped water to the road from his artesian spring. Free, byo container #eqnz
Fonterra is installing five large vats of fresh water around Christchurch. New Brighton School, Shirley Prime, Wainoni Prime, Lyttelton School, Burnside High, Hagley Park (Harper Ave) & Latimer Square. #EQNZ

Assume tap water is contaminated and unsafe to drink. BOIL all water for drinking, brushing teeth, washing/preparing food.. Commercially sealed bottled water is safe to drink.

@ChristchurchCC If you can’t boil your water, add one tsp of bleach per ten litres and leave for 30 min before using.

Supermarkets are open and have been restocked – there is no need to stockpile. ONLY BUY WHAT YOU NEED.

The full list of what’s open from Foodstuffs: http://www.foodstuffs-si.co.nz/ #eqnz #food

The following Countdown stores are open: Avonhead, Kaiapoi, Northwood, Hornby, Rangiora, Ashburton, Church Corner, Northlands #eqnz

The Bush Inn and Moorhouse Countdown stores may open later today, but they will update us when they know. #eqnz

Open supermarkets:
New World in Ashburton, Bishopdale, Fendalton, Halswell, Lincoln, Northwood, Rangiora and Rolleston
Pak’N Save in Hornby and Northlands. All Four Square stores except the Lyttelton store.
Countdown in Avonhead, Hornby, Kaiapoi, Northwood, Rangiora and Ashburton.
SuperValue in Lincoln Rd and Wairakei Rd (Merivale and Sumner are expecting to open some time today)
FreshChoice in Barrington and Fendalton

EFTPOS and ATM facilities are working.

@BNZBankWe’re continually updating our #eqnz info page at http://bit.ly/i0eDrJ It includes ATMs, which BNZ stores are open, donations & more.

BNZ stores open tomorrow: Upper Riccarton, Rolleston, Rangiora, Papanui, Leeston, Kaiapoi, Akaroa store will also be open tomorrow from 10am to 4pm #eqnz
In the greater Canterbury region, these BNZ stores are already open: Kaikoura, Hamner Springs, Methven, Geraldine, Timaru, Waimate, Oamaru #eqnz

Petrol stations are open – there is no need to stockpile. ONLY BUY WHAT YOU NEED.
Think of Your Safety before Transporting Flammable Liquids.

Petrol supplies are being worked on to prevent shortages.
(8.12pm, via 3news) Petrol supplies are limited due to the power outage.
(5.349pm) Caltex says panic buying is draining fuel stocks.
Shell service stations are open in: Belfast, Templeton, Carmen Road, Kaiapoi, Carletts Road, Southbrook, Raceway, Bryndwyr, Yaldhurst, Burnside, Bishopdale, Darfield, Brougham, and Ferry Road #eqnz
(5.40pm) Shell NZ confirm there is a ‘fuel shortage issue’ at Ashburton station. It will be resolved in a matter of hours #eqnz

(11.44pm) Update information on road and bridge closures in Christchurch | NATIONAL News http://goo.gl/4vDa4 #eqnz

Emergency vehicles allowed to pass through Lyttelton Tunnel. Remains closed to public #eqnz

Lyttelton Port will open on Saturday for business nzh.tw/10708508 #eqnz

Air New Zealand flights being provided at an additional 2000 seats per day (the equivalent of nineteen 737 planes). $50 flights to anywhere in New Zealand available through to Sunday night.

International & Domestic flights are still operating at ChCh Airport. Free parking & WiFi available at airport for travellers. #chch #eqnz

Many people are leaving the city.
People leaving town asked to leave messages with neighbours, friend and family so they don’t worry #eqnz

@TelecomNZ Chch people, change mobile voice mail to say you’re OK, where you are & an alternate number; conserve your battery! #eqnz

@TelecomNZ Instructions on changing your voicemail from any phone on this page: http://cot.ag/evo1kk

Christchurch Residents: Stay HOME, Support Neighbours, Leave NOTES, work TOGETHER, share RESOURCES, and talk to each other about the reality #eqnz

@Police_NZ News: Advise friends and the authorities if you are safe – Location:  N… http://ow.ly/1btsNG

(11.18pm) @CEQgovtnz Search & rescue ops include teams from Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, & Japan. UK and USA teams expected within next 24 hours. #eqnz #chch

Search teams are spreading out to grid search the CBD area within the four avenues. The teams are using sniffer dogs, acoustic testing and cameras for signs of life. This remains a rescue operation. Helicopters and planes asked to stay away from CBD so the teams can have silence when searching #eqnz

The Civil Aviation Authority is extending the restricted air space requirement over central Christchurch. #eqnz

Search and rescue teams being deployed to the wider city and suburbs – to eastern suburbs, to Sumner, Banks Peninsula, Diamond Harbour and so on, for rescue and assessment of the help and resources required. This outward deployment will happen daily.

@NZRedCross Quick summary of response to date following #eqnz http://bit.ly/fvVv5Q

Four names released as confirmed dead in Christchurch http://ow.ly/42o2q #eqnz
REFER to Police website for list of victims:
http://www.police.govt.nz (warning: site overloaded – try again later)

Try NZ Herald website for victim names.

(6.13pm) Update: 98 people officially confirmed dead. Prime Minister: “The death toll may rise more rapidly than any of us feared.”
Police confirm bodies of the victims are being taken to temporary morgue at Christchurch Police Station.
226 missing persons, numbers expected to rise.
431 people admitted to hospital.
164 people seriously injured.

No deaths reported at Lyttelton, Defence Minister says area is heavily devastated.

Police are reviewing the missing persons list.
Victims names will be released – Key: John Key has announced at a press conference this morning that police will… http://bit.ly/ekYg9A (NewstalkZB)

(7.45pm) Details of victim identification http://bit.ly/gmAGr0 #TVNZNews
Superintendent Dave Cliff, Christchurch Police:
The identification process is methodical. Police are using DNA, finger prints, dental records and all other data about missing individuals (for example, scars, bithmarks, tattoos, distinctive jewellery, and so on). Based on overseas experience, Police are avoiding the use of visual identifications which may lead to mistaken identities. Where solid identifications have been made Police will endeavour to release a small list of names at 4pm today.

There were no live rescues overnight.
Rescue efforts within the CBD are focused on four main sites.

Police know a number of people are buried by rubble at Christchurch Cathedral, with no chance of life.

Three men lost their lives attempting to remove the pipe organ from Durham Street Methodist Church.

(5.33pm) LATEST CTV Building. Police say 23 bodies have been pulled from the CTV site today taking the total number from that area to 47 #eqnz
The five levels of the CTV building collapsed causing severe injury and death. The upper limit of people having been in the building estimated at 120.
A Filipina English student txted classmate at 3am from CTV building #eqnz Rescuers went back in under lights – no rescue effected.
Today, a specialist Japanese search team has been assigned to this site – currently proceeding with hands and shovels. Body removal is underway. 4 bodies were removed over night, unable to be identified by visual ID.

Hotel Grand Chancellor has moved but is stable, could fall in aftershock.
There is no life at the Holy Cross Chapel in Chancery Lane.

(12.01pm) Pyne Gould Corporation has been advised by emergency services that the focus at the PGC building is now one of recovery #eqnz (12.52pm) 14 staff are still believed to be in the Pyne Gould building: nzh.tw/10708450 #eqnz

Liquefaction at Bexley and Redcliffs, these suburbs devastated.

LATEST (11.53pm) NZ Police: Redcliffs suburb in Christchurch evacuated

The best way you can help is by giving donations of money to the Canterbury Earthquake Appeal via Red Cross and the banks. Go to the Trade Me home page for information on how to donate.

@BNZBank To donate to BNZ’s @NZRedCross appeal account, use the donate button within BNZ internet banking or this acct: 02-0500-0982004-000 #eqnz

@BNZBank We’ve just updated our instant #eqnz donation button on BNZ internet banking to include credit cards. There’ll be no fees for CC donations.

Red Cross donations: text ‘quake’ to 4419 to make a $3 donation #eqnz

Text ‘quake’ to 5339 to donate/give $3 to the Salvation Army’s Christchurch Earthquake Appeal. #eqnz

Welfare Centres fully stocked. The four centres are Pioneer Sports Centre, Burnside High School, Cowles Stadium, and Rangiora Baptist Church. (see ACCOMMODATION AND WELFARE CENTRES below)

Donations of food and clothing – go to earthquakehelp@msd.govt.nz

Telecom asking for old style telephones (eg wired not cordless) for #EQNZ as they work with no power. Take into local telecom stores.
@telecomnz store: http://cot.ag/huChok via @TelecomNZ

Primary health care via General Practitioners (GPs) – 60% of general practices will be up and running by today. This is acknowledged as a pressure point and the District Health Board (DHB) is working on this to ensure people have access to medical care.

Canterbury residents with urgent medical needs can visit a GP free of charge until Sunday.The DHB is also providing access to pharmaceuticals free of charge.
People are asked to seek medical care when they need it, do not delay.

If you are #EQNZ affected (in #chch OR have left) & need emergency supply of medicines talk to ANY NZ pharmacy they may be able to assist

See bottom of this release for list of Christchurch pharmacies open today: http://bit.ly/hCMx0o #eqnz (NewstalkZB)

Healthline 24 hour service staffed by registered nurses can assess health needs + give advice on the best level of care 0800 611 116 #eqnz

Southern Cross Radiology and Cashmere Radiology are operational for URGENT cases and Pregnancy scans check 0800 869729 #eqnz

For urgent assistance or advice from Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind, call helpline 0800 243 333

The Triage Centre at Latimer Square CLOSED and moved from that site.

A 75 bed Australian Army Field hospital is due to arrive in Christchurch this afternoon and will be utilised over the coming days #eqnz (NewstalkZB)

Two aged care facilities have been evacuated.
A group of rest home residents have been transferred from Christchurch to facilities in Nelson and Marlborough. #eqnz
A further 200 elderly people are likely to be moved to other facilities around the South Island or to the North Island.
Some aged care facilities are without water and power.
The Air Force is moving residents in damaged rest homes to new accommodation around the South Island: nzh.tw/10708400 #eqnz

@CEQgovtnz Information about animal welfare and lost/found pets is available on the SPCA NZ website http://bit.ly/he8SKU #eqnz #chch

@RNZSPCA Canterbury SPCA animal emergencies 9am-4pm call 03 349 7057 ext 201 or 205; after hours call 03 366 3886 #eqnz

For lost or found dogs please contact Animal Control on 021 240 8310 or visit 10 Metro Place – Open 8:00am to 6:00pm #eqnz

Welfare Centres fully stocked. The four centres are Pioneer Sports Centre, Burnside High School, Cowles Stadium, and Rangiora Baptist Church.

New Welfare Centre at Grace Vineyard in Brighton. Address: 111 Seaview Rd, Brighton.

New Welfare Centre opening 6pm at Rolleston Community Centre, taking people from Burnside & Cowles centres. #eqnz

@nzbusiness Google map with accommodations listing available inside Christchurch http://j.mp/eKEQEw #eqnz

Housing NZ is appealing for people who can offer accommodation to call 0800 HELP 00 (0800 435 700) or http://www.housinghelp.govt.nz/ #eqnz

There are nearly 1,000 offers of free accommodation on @trademe #chch support website #eqnz http://bit.ly/giExtk
UPDATE: TradeMe has started free listings for people offering places to stay for earthquake victims. Onyas. #eqnz #chch

@DnCityCouncil If you have spare accommodation that you can offer people coming from Chch, go to http://bit.ly/gC1lim or email visitor.centre@dcc.govt.nz

@nzbusiness Central Otago Emergency Accommodation Register. Please like page and Retweet http://on.fb.me/centralotagoaccomm #eqnz

People wanting accommodation in Invercargill can call Quest Invercargill on 0800 101 801 #eqnz (NewstalkZB)

If you live in a Housing New Zealand house in Christchurch with urgent safety issues call 0800 801 601 or go to www.hnzc.co.nz #eqnz #chch

For any of our Canadian friends in distress in Christchurch, Canadian High Commission hotline: 04 473 9577 #EQNZ #CHCH

Christchurch City schools and early childhood education centres will remain closed until further notice. #EQNZ

(9.11pm) Updated: Some schools in Selwyn, Waimakariri may open next week, but Christchurch city schools and early childhood centres will remain closed. #eqnz (NewstalkZB)

Statistics New Zealand: The delivery of census forms has been delayed until midday tomorrow throughout the whole country. (NewstalkZB)

The upcoming Ellerslie Flower Show has been cancelled. Tickets will be refunded by Ticketek. #eqnz (NZStuff)

Inland Revenue has information for its customers affected by the quake http://bit.ly/f0VYf5 #eqnz http://bit.ly/d94pAr

Lots of people out there wanting to help http://www.trademe.co.nz/Chch-earthquake-support/Volunteer-labour/mcat-9530-9532-.htm #eqnz

A website has been set up to coordinate support for IT businesses in Christchurch at http://business.eq.org.nz/ #eqnz

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