“Malcolm, it’s about stadium DEBT”


### 3news.co.nz Fri, 18 Feb 2011 6:38pm
Dunedin’s new stadium happy to prove critics wrong
By Dave Goosselink
It’s what you might call “grass roots” rugby. Former double international Jeff Wilson gave the turf at Forsyth Barr Stadium its first mow, less than a month after a special blend of seeds was first planted.

Critics have long questioned whether grass would actually grow under the stadium’s clear roof. Carisbrook Stadium Trust chairman Malcolm Farry is delighted to prove them wrong.

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### ODT Online Sat, 19 Feb 2011
Hard to grow? Get off the grass
By David Loughrey
Just under four weeks since it was sown, the much-discussed grass at Forsyth Barr Stadium appeared more than ready for the whirling blades of a motor mower last week. And Carisbrook Stadium Trust (CST) chairman Malcolm Farry, clearly remembering those who said turf could not be grown, invited a swag of media to the event, which he described as an “historical moment”.
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Malcolm will continue to rub the faces of the Dunedin public in the so-called grass right through RWC to Elton John, but what then? When does CST sink into the mud, better not lose the tops off those sprinkler taps, Malcolm.

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One response to ““Malcolm, it’s about stadium DEBT”

  1. Calvin Oaten

    Malcolm is still besotted with his ‘Chimera’ the stadium. Who gives a hoot about the grass, as if it was the total answer? Malcolm, please answer us the following: How many permanent seats will your “thirty thousand seat” stadium have? After you have sold all the corporate boxes and permanent seats necessary to gather your $45 million of private funding as a contribution to the build, where then will DVML get the necessary revenue to cover its operating expenses plus pay all interest charges to the main debt vested with DVL?
    Where will the ORFU get its revenue from, if all, or most of the seats available are pre-sold?
    These are the questions which have been side-stepped time and time again right since inception, but neither you or your associates will ever do anything but evade the points. You even consistently hoodwink council with interim reports which never come to fruition. You only ‘witter’ on about being on time and within budget, which can only be proved at completion.
    Just as an aside, I remember your early propaganda about the synergy with the University, by sharing the east wall between the stadium and the ‘uni’ building. I notice the gap between them is of sufficient dimension as to require a huge amount of putty to fill. What do you say about that? All in all, a lot of unanswered queries.

    {Given the National State of Emergency declared today, and news that AMI Stadium in Christchurch is badly damaged, the chances of hosting RWC 2011 in the South Island at least are in doubt – although the Prime Minister today indicated his hope it will still happen. On the basis of need in Christchurch, construction people will need to be deployed away from Dunedin for the foreseeable future, we believe. -Eds}

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