The long awful admission for our king sport, DVML

### ODT Online Wed, 16 Feb 2011
DVML prepared for declining interest in rugby
By David Loughrey
A decline in interest in attending rugby matches, due in part to “wall-to-wall” television coverage, should not affect revenue at the city’s new stadium, Dunedin Venues Management Ltd (DVML) chief executive David Davies said yesterday. The decline had already been identified and worked into the budgets for Forsyth Barr Stadium, he said.
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18 responses to “The long awful admission for our king sport, DVML

  1. Russell Garbutt

    So who exactly were these “enthusiastic” people who made ridiculous revenue projections?

    Firstly, Malcolm Farry and his self-elected CST who blithely accepted and encouraged the wildly inaccurate forecasts of not only professional rugby but added into the mix things like the SWIMMING World Championships (think about it for a moment), visits by the Queen and the Dalai Lama etc. No-one believed them then apart from the DCC Councillors, and no-one believes them now.

    Next the management team. Who was the first CEO of the CST? Wasn’t it Ewen Soper? Wasn’t he the financial controller of the ODHB at the time that Swann was diddling the hospital out of $17 million? Didn’t he have the responsibility of providing some of these operating budgets?

    So who now has a realistic handle on the costs, the revenue and the debt? Malcolm? Yeah right.

    Anyone that was able to stand aside from their rugby-blinkered rosy glasses for a brief moment could see the trends that have been obvious for years. Anyone remember Paul Allison commenting on another Highlander’s loss when he said “I think there are more people on the ground than in the stands”?

    And now Canterbury – the most “successful” franchise in NZ is bleeding money and Chch residents suffering from gettting their infrastructure back together are being faced with stumping up with more than $40m to keep their stadium out of the red. For goodness sake. Pro rugby is a dead horse being ridden by over-paid jockeys, owned by people who believe that they are owed a living paid by the rest of us that couldn’t give a damn. When is the penny going to drop?

  2. Phil

    The World Swimming Champs was an absolute classic. I note that it still gets dragged up on other forum sites as a potential winner. The last time anyone tried to put a temporary paddling pool into a stadium for the same event was in Melbourne. In Australia, the home of swimming. The venue itself, lost one million dollars.

    But maybe the problem was that they didn’t do it “the Southern way”.

  3. peter

    Farry would have to be ‘Top of the Pops’ with the application of the ‘Most Enthusiastic’ label. He has played the role of being chief spin doctor for touting the stadium with his continued false assurances about the stadium’s finances, uses, etc. I remember hearing naive people saying ‘Oh, Malcolm’s just enthusiastic or positive about Dunedin and gets a little carried away at times’. You could see how he massaged his message to edge the project along to the next ‘line in the sand’. Those who can read people better could see his ‘devotion to Dunedin’ was far more self centred/egocentric. He’d lost the mayoralty to Peter Chin and in that campaign his advertising stated if he wasn’t elected as Mayor he’d be ‘lost’ to Dunedin. (He didn’t contest a council seat as a safeguard) Snort. At the beginning of 2007 he stated in the ODT he was aware that he was ‘taking on a poisoned chalice’, but he was prepared to take on the job he had ‘been asked’ to do. Crap! If he knew it was a poisoned chalice wasn’t he acknowledging – even then – that this project was going to face stiff opposition because it was not wanted and the stadium would face terrible financial hurdles – all of which will inevitably fall down.
    Yes, Phil, I remember, doing things ‘The Southern Way’ and ‘We can do it better in the South’. It made me cringe – especially when mouthed by Farry.

    • Elizabeth

      ### ODT Online Thu, 17 Feb 2011
      100 million could watch Dunedin TV feature
      By Hamish McNeilly
      Former All Black Josh Kronfeld has turned presenter for a Dunedin television feature expected to reach a global audience of up to 100 million viewers. Kronfeld is one of seven former All Blacks who are presenting their own 30-minute magazine show on a different New Zealand city for the International Rugby Board’s show Total Rugby.
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      ### ODT Online Thu, 17 Feb 2011
      Rugby: How super will NZ sides be?
      By Steve Hepburn
      Two seasons may not seem like a long time, but in terms of success in the Super rugby competition it is a very long barren run for New Zealand teams. The Crusaders were the last New Zealand side to win the competition in 2008 and look the team to beat this year. Rugby writer Steve Hepburn, who assesses the Highlanders’ chances tomorrow, looks at the four other New Zealand teams.
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  4. Stu

    ““Rugby is growing in popularity, and the World Cup is absolutely huge,” he said.”

    It’s rugby. Interest is declining. It’s growing in popularity at the same time.
    It’s like climate change.

  5. Phil

    It’s about how you fudge the numbers. They refer to the increasing numbers of countries, not about the numbers of people actually playing the game. It’s played in more countries today, but by less people. I read some rubbish over in the ODT tabloid about how the RWC was almost as good as the Football World Cup because 80 countries tried to qualify. Vanuatu and Tahiti also tried to qualify for the Football World Cup, but I wouldn’t start citing their participation in order to increase the profile of the sport. The fact remains that rugby is a minority sport in every country in the world where it is played. Except for one.

  6. Russell Garbutt

    How about the Oddity’s piece in this morning’s issue from Athol trying to set out where the debt lies and who is responsible.

    I think it is high time that there was a simple flow chart that incorporates the DCC, CST, DVML, DVL, DCHL and any other players such as the ORFU, NZRU, Academy of Sport, The Centre of Excellence in Amateur Sport, Delta – not sure who else.

    Such a chart should show exactly what is flowing where and why.

    Can such a chart be posted here do you think? It would assist a lot of people in understanding just what is going on and maybe even why….

    {see comment -Eds}

  7. peter

    I think, in the end, most people with a brain realise that the various bodies have been set up to rob Peter to pay Paul- and to rob us. It’s all a tangled mess of deceit to hide the grand larceny that has been perpetuated on the ratepayers of Dunedin to further the interests of rugby. Who now cares about the Highlanders and the All Blacks? I don’t.

  8. Stu

    “for our king sport” = phonetic?

  9. Russell Garbutt

    Reading Athol’s answer – and I think he is a lot lot straighter than the past CEO – it still manages to confuse and doesn’t take into account any other streams such as allied debt (building the Academy of Sport a new building), Delta direct and indirect payments, anticipated revenues, operating costs etc etc etc.

    I’m reminded of a little spreadsheet I put together when this sorry shambles started that listed all of the people that were involved one way or another. When this was done, it was comparatively clear who was part of what and as a consequence why things were happening. A chart that takes into account such phrases as “forgoing dividends” could easily show just what money is flowing hither and yon. No sense in looking for money coming from the ORFU or the NZRU as that would be a waste of time to look.

  10. Elizabeth

    Rugby union to post big loss

  11. peter

    Maybe we should send Malcolm up to Manawatu to give them a helping hand. He has the expertise. He used to be a director of the Highlanders till about a year ago and arranged for their debt down here to be wiped off. You just share your debt around. Now ain’t that nice.

    • Elizabeth

      It’s surely one of the greatest success stories, Peter. How to convince a little city council to pay the massive cumulative debt of a professional sport.

      • Elizabeth

        ### ODT Online Thu, 24 Feb 2011
        Rugby: Stadium damage casts doubt on Cup matches
        Dunedin’s Forsyth Barr Stadium has the ability to host additional Rugby World Cup games but its size may prevent it from holding a quarterfinal.

        There were reports of massive liquefaction damage at AMI Stadium yesterday, and a suggestion it could be out of action for five months. That would force the Crusaders to look for a temporary new home – possibly Nelson or Timaru – or play Super 15 games outside the region.

        Read more

  12. peter

    Yes, his comment said it all really and it reminds us that, thankfully, not all rugby heads are boofheads who can only immediately think of how the earthquake might affect the RWC. For the boofheads, it’s a bit like them asking someone, who has just lost their spouse, whether they will get married again.

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