Nooo! Pulling our legs.

From Christchurch yesterday:

“PS Is it true that the roof of the new stadium in Dunedin is not strong enough to support the lighting equipment for Elton John’s concert and that special modifications will have to be made? Someone screwed up!”

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr


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4 responses to “Nooo! Pulling our legs.

  1. Max Burns

    What Rubbish!
    [The writer of the message (not Ms Kerr)] has no clue about lighting etc at the Forsyth Barr Stadium.
    Where do ill informed people like this come from?

    {Elizabeth Kerr passed the message from Christchurch to What if? as a query. -Eds}

  2. Anonymous

    “Where do ill informed people like this come from?” From the 1930s usually.

  3. Phil

    If you are the same Max recently partaking in the on-line cake fight on the ODT website, then you’re an employee of a concert promotion company. Or are you Max Burns, the structural engineer ? Maybe you are, maybe you’re not. Either way, it’s probably the smart move to stick to what one knows. Presuming you’re the promotion company employee, your loyalty to your employer is obvious (and commendable). But, if you’ve come onto these forums with the intention to win everyone over to the glories of the stadium, then you might be in for a bit of a disappointment. We’ve all become rather well informed about the stadium over the past 3 years. Not much you could tell us that we don’t already know. Unless, of course, you know the final construction cost. Then we’re all ears.

    The debate around the stadium precedes your employer’s interests by several years. Indeed, we all remember Phil Sprey being very public in his view that the geographic location of the new stadium would struggle to attract concert visits of any note. The highlights (or lowlights) of Phil’s article were:

    “Carisbrook Stadium Trust is in for a major shock if it hopes to regularly pull big crowds to concerts and spectaculars…… He has no plans to bring any acts to the Dunedin stadium…. It’s highly unlikely we would ever use it – highly unlikely….. It’s nothing against the people of Dunedin but you don’t have the population base….. Auckland always gets the pick of the cherry, as they have the size of population…Taking a concert to Dunedin, regardless of whether it’s covered (by a roof) or not…it’s a capacity thing; the economics of how many people can you get to sit in a stadium at X amount of dollars per seat.”

    But, of course, that was before he was contracted to promote the stadium. So you’ll have to excuse us if we harbour the view that comments coming out of Capital C are tinged with a hint of personal bias.

    This is a forum set up specifically to discuss Dunedin issues, and (unless I’m mistaken) not designed to be highjacked as an advertising forum. Just giving you a little heads-up before we mistakenly end up down that path. You might like to take some time to search through the archives here to get a feel for the variety of in-depth and well informed discussions we have here.

  4. peter

    Touche, Phil, and so say all of us.

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