Hey, mate . . . #2011RWC

Our thanks and appreciation to Garrick Tremain for contributing this work, previously published in Otago Daily Times on Saturday, 24 January 2011.

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr


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10 responses to “Hey, mate . . . #2011RWC

  1. peter

    Garrick Tremain’s stadium and DCC cartoons have certainly added some levity, tinged with despair, to the state we are in. What choice have we got but to laugh at these fools who continue to blunder on with shoring up the mess they have put us in.

  2. Russell Garbutt

    Garrick is a genius in many ways. He fills the role of cartoonist superbly in that he points out the realities in a way that makes us laugh, but as Peter says, the message is one that is serious. Farry, Chin, Guest, Walls, Brown etc will surely go down in history as the architects of the financial ruin of our City. Watch them try and rewrite history.

  3. peter

    Hi Russell. Part of the rewrite is now trying to put across the idea that the $400k to fund the RWC pool matches here in Dunedin is an ‘investment’ where – somehow – you spend money to make money. Never mind that the stadium was initially touted to be a financial winner in its own right – one that would make money for the city. Wasn’t it said in the CST Feasibility Report 2007 that the stadium would make an operational profit of $200k pa? Sick joke now, eh.

  4. Calvin Oaten

    You say that Farry, Chin, Guest, Walls Brown etc will go down in history as the architects of the financial ruin of our city. Farry will say that this was telegraphed long ago. (From Auckland probably)

  5. peter

    Calvin. What was that other Farry master plan all about, concerning the new industrial estate out Mosgiel way, when he was head of the Economic Development Committee on council? I’ve forgotten the details, but the end result, I understand, was that it was a dud-like the stadium.

  6. Calvin Oaten

    Peter; that was a construct around the F&P deal, which was a huge cost to the ratepayers. The idea, promoted by Malcolm as chair of the Economic Development Committee and then ‘senior manager’ Peter Brown. The idea was that the DCC would take over land surplus to F&P’s requirements, subdivide it into parcels and tout them as industrial sites for small businesses to complement F&P. It near as ninepence happened, which would have involved the capital expenditure (borrowed) of roading, water, drainage, electricity, kerb and channeling etc. Peter Brown and Malcolm were wildly enthusiastic, citing all manner of operations which could be coming. I asked Peter Brown publicly, how many were coming. He said it was so confidential that if he told me he would have to kill me. One in particular was so close he could smell it. Malcolm castigated me for doubting, saying I always see my glass as being half empty (or is that half full?). Luckily, as it turned out the scheme didn’t proceed, and to this day no businesses have turned up. And as for F&P, where are they now? Last I heard it was Mexico. So that was another winner Malcolm picked which turned out to a lemon. I hope he doesn’t inhabit the horse races.

  7. peter

    Thanks, Calvin. Hopefully, this council will put a trespass notice on him when he comes sniffing around the town hall with another bright idea. How’s your glass these days?

  8. peter

    The man’s a true visionary.

  9. Anonymous

    Ah, Calvin, that’s not quite accurate. There’s a thriving business park out there now, you should take a look sometime. I can count 10-12 export-led businesses.

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