No Fanzone at Octagon

### ODT Online Sat, 22 Jan 2011
Octagon fan zone dropped
By Stu Oldham
Dunedin’s world cup fan zone might be shifted to the Forsyth Barr Stadium after the Dunedin City Council decided yesterday not to have it in the Octagon. Councillors yesterday dropped the $300,000 plan for a sanctioned central-city fan zone in favour of what they hope will be a cheaper option at the new stadium.
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2 responses to “No Fanzone at Octagon

  1. Phil

    Ok, so they take the money they were going to use in the Octagon and use it to offset the loss incurred for opening the stadium so that the public can view the final of the RWC free of charge. Making it an event with no admission fee, thus satisfying the RWC requirements. No money saved, but the stadium gets to have its big RWC final party after all.

    The seasoned drunks will still be falling over each other in the Octagon pubs. As per usual. All in the name of sport. So that will keep them busy and away from families, which would have been impossible to enforce in the Octagon. Still a chance that the stadium could be turned into an excuse for a beer fest, but the space may make it easier to police.

    Opening the stadium up as a paying venue for the finals was always going to be risky for the stadium operators. Mainly because it depended almost entirely on the All Blacks being in the final. This way they are guaranteed to cover their costs, even if no-one turns up.

  2. Elizabeth

    Mayor Dave Cull: “The last thing we want is to be known as a place that sticks up some tents and has a whole lot of drunks swilling in them.”

    ### ODT Online Wed, 9 Mar 2011
    ‘Huge problems’: bar owners air World Cup concerns
    By Chris Morris
    Fans leaving Forsyth Barr Stadium after watching Rugby World Cup matches could find themselves shut out of Dunedin’s bars. That is the warning from a group of frustrated Octagon bar owners, upset at Dunedin City Council plans for the global sports tournament.
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