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What is a public place? Not the ‘Civic Plaza’ or the entrance to Dunedin Public Library.

Tweet (13 Jan 2010 9:20 PM):

@JournoMan ODT photographer accosted by security and council manager outside library today. His crime? Um, photographing the building… #mediaskills


### ODT Sat, 15 Jan 2010 (page 35)
Prester John’s Talk of the Times
Every picture tells a story
One of our photographers tells me he had a puzzling experience this week when he was trying to take a picture of the entrance to the Dunedin Public Library from the plaza. A security guard told him he needed permission from the DCC to do so because it was not a public place, an attitude also shared by a library staff member who joined the discussion. It must have been a quiet day! I’ve no doubt the council does own the land where our photographer stood, but isn’t this taking privacy matters just a little too far? I understand the whole episode was captured by the council’s security cameras.


Prester John’s item, available in print and digital editions of the newspaper, is reproduced here as a follow-up to the tweet received, and served with a large dose of incredulity.

“Paranoia to the People!”

Another thing, how quiet it is on the City Property mission to replace painted signage on the Moray Place elevation of the Library building (see the wall to the public footpath, now painted dark gray). We were to receive, whether we liked it or not, a new ‘super graphic’ in time for the libraries’ conference held in November but something went wrong. Was resource consent required after all, to significantly change the colour of the wall, and to introduce the graphic (buildings as signs) in the precinct?

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