‘Civis’, the columnist . . .

. . . provides some hard facts in today’s print and digital editions of the newspaper.

### ODT Sat, 8 Jan 2011 (page 31)
Passing Notes
On grunting, haircuts and big roofs
By Civis
[Excerpt] The stadium, despite the moaners, is beginning to look as though it may earn its keep – not necessarily in hard cash, but in its tremendous amenity value… Whenever private individuals such as Eion Edgar have had the money, the nous and the freedom from the nay-saying pessimists to put big roofs over our various sports and recreations, those activities have thriven beyond belief.

Civis was outed long ago.


I always admire Dan Belton for his vision, intelligence, aesthetics, prowess and project management skills. In a word – “energy”, to make things happen.

### ODT Online Sat, 8 Jan 2011
Raising the roof – a personal choice
“I would like to see a large-scale opera play at the new stadium, because the Dunedin Stadium is ideally suited to stage such works and can become an arts stadium just as much as a sports stadium. A brand new opera on the grand scale would be a great way to kick off the stadium’s multi-use platform. The arts and sport align in many places.”
-Daniel Belton is a Dunedin film-maker and choreographer
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