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2011 Happy New Year from What If…

First of all a very happy new year to all of the readers and contributors of the site. The past 2 years have been huge for Dunedin and this site. A wee while back we passed the milestone of 200,000 visitors to the site! When I first sat down thinking it would be fun to have a wee blog to discuss the design and architecture of the stadium little did I know what would become of the site. From the fun, serious and bizarre, this site has had it all over the last 2 years, but most of all it’s been one fantastic place for the frank and open discussion about firstly the stadium but latterly the city at large.

For that I am completely indebted to Elizabeth Kerr for her tireless work on updating content here. Little did I know that when I thought it an obvious step to invite prominent anti-stadium campaigner as a he said/she said, or good cop/bad cop (won’t speculate which hats we were wearing) opposing voice on the site, that it would be Elizabeth that would take the site to the next step.

So to Elizabeth on behalf of myself and all the contributors thank you so much. Finally to the contributors & commentators thank you. We’ve covered a lot, from sports to political systems. Without all of your contributions this would not have been possible.

We must be doing something right for 200,000+ reasons for folk to come back and visit the site.

2011 is going to be a massive year for not only the city but the country. I hope you all have a safe and fun New Year.

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