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In a city spending up large on RWC 2011

The sober ODT opens the new year by lobbing in some chasteness…

“The realisation that individuals, families and the country have been living beyond their means has been striking home, and people are reluctant to spend freely.

Efforts to reduce household debt, a long grind for many, have begun.

Similarly, local authority councillors and mayors – notably in Dunedin and Queenstown – have finally recognised the need for frugality and hard spending choices after seemingly believing that money could be spent with abandon.”

Another Dickens story. Thank heavens, the newspaper editor lightens up in the end.

“As Otago faces another challenging year, it is as well to remember the province’s priceless attractions – its beauty, its space, its liveable climate, its agricultural base, its history and its heart.

These characteristics are worth recalling and emphasising as we meet the challenges of 2011.”

ODT Editorial

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