What if?

### petapixel.com Dec 30, 2010
Polar Bears Hate Being Spied on by Hidden Cameras
By Michael Zhang
For the BBC documentary “Polar Bear: Spy on the Ice”, special hidden cameras were designed with unobtrusiveness and durability in mind. They didn’t succeed very well in either, as the polar bears quickly detected and destroyed the pesky cameras intruding on their privacy. What they did accomplish was capturing footage showing what it looks like to have polar bears perform CPR on you. Luckily they didn’t have real photographers crouching in those domes!

(via Gizmodo)


We trust Dunedin City Council’s use of social media will convey as much curiosity and success in 2011. Happy New Year!!!

Post by Elizabeth Kerr


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10 responses to “What if?

  1. Anonymous

    This is possibly what happened to the DCC/TVNZ weather camera on Radio Otago House. 3 months on, still no worky…

  2. Phil

    Sadly, I suspect that Rodney wasn’t trying to be funny. Not the sharpest knife.

  3. Anonymous9

    “Trippy” even

  4. pat adamson

    What’s happened to the ODT online comment site ? Not one comment on or listed today Seems strange at this time in the morning, are they discontinuing it because many don’t agree with their stance on some things ?

  5. pat adamson

    Just tried again, it’s on now, they must have read my thoughts

  6. Hype O'Thermia

    Happens often, at various times of the day. A long “no changes” then a whole bundle at once. I suppose someone has to finish other jobs then go through the collected comments. What I find more strange is when one new post appears, just one. Perhaps no more have arrived since the last bunch were put on site. I’d have imagined they trickle in all day, maybe not.

  7. pat adamson

    .South Dunedin Library

    L McConnell has made a very good point. A few years ago a South Dunedin Library would have been an advantage for the elderly in that area although they did have a Community library run by volunteers first at the St Kilda town hall then in a shop in South Dunedin which the central Dunedin Library could have supported in some way to keep it open. Like everything times change. A South Dunedin Library is not a viable option today, it would be more wasted money. We have free buses, thanks to Winston Peters Gold Card, so there is no expense to go to the central Library and get the bus back to your nearest home stop. A few seats at the bus stops would help! There are Book Buses that stop in various parts of the City on certain hours and days of the week, also I believe there is a book delivery service for those who can’t get out. What more could we want ?? Our City is nearly, if not already Bankrupt! Spending unnecessary money at this time would be just plain foolish. But then with our Council and its spendthrift attitude it would be running true to form. Time for a clean out!
    This is my full letter to the ODT that was Abridged by them. What’s wrong with giving Credit for the Gold Card that gives the Elderly free transport in non peak hours to Town.

  8. Hype O'Thermia

    I agree with Pat. The matter of a community centre is something else. What activities have been identified that require a building that is not already there, in South Dunedin? Is there a venue that is not used to its full potential? For example the computer class is held in what used to be a big drapery and clothing shop. What spaces are there in the Mayfair – for example – that could be used for the kind of meetings and gatherings that are expected to be held in a South Dunedin library in its non-“dead books” function? I want to see a definite list of what community activities the library is NEEDED for before I will be comfortable about this spend-up. I cannot help remembering Malcolm Farry’s vast array of activities that “could” be held in the Fubar Stadium, and how at the time I thought, “But the people who are involved in these already have their own club rooms which they paid for and fitted out for their own purposes, with their own work-days and fund-raising. Why would they give them up just to use a new venue to make up the numbers?”

    • Elizabeth

      As we know (covered by earlier posts), DCC purchased the PACT buildings on King Edward St with a view to developing a South Dunedin library – I won’t bother to define the potential building functions that might entail here but we might assume there’s the possibility of adaptive reuse for some or all of the current building fabric on site. The report produced by Octa Associates Ltd for DCC Libraries should be read before getting to cast iron definitives.

      Personally, I would never use a bus to attend Dunedin Central public library – Gold Card or not. Too much of an inconvenience, too far away, especially with the associated load bearing (of old style library use…). The book buses carry insufficient ‘range’ for my eclectic reading habits. What is a contemporary community suburban library ?

      South Dunedin has wide socio-economic and age demographics, it’s culturally diverse, and is also a catchment for first home owners.

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