ODT on the “the phoenix of design and innovation”

Dunedin has a proud history in engineering and has shown – particularly with F&P’s continued success and development – it has the flexibility and labour market to supply technologically advanced adjunct industries.

### ODT Online Thu, 23 Dec 2010
Editorial: Laudable growth
It is a scandal that Hillside’s engineering workshops are being bypassed for the contract to build 300 flat-bed wagons, work which would have secured its ongoing future as one of the few heavy manufacturing entities left in the country – and certainly in the south. But the success of Fisher and Paykel Appliances’ Dunedin operation, which is expanding its staff numbers, is an example of the ways in which modern flexible businesses can reinvent themselves – in moving from the more traditional practices and technologies into the modern, more service-based support arenas.
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F&P remained a major employer in the city, with more than 100 production designers and engineers working on designs for cooking and dishwashing appliances sold around the world.

### ODT Online Tue, 21 Dec 2010
F&P’s city staff numbers set to rise to 180
By Neal Wallace
Whiteware manufacturer Fisher and Paykel Appliances hopes to increase its Dunedin workforce to about 180 people by the middle of next year as it expands its production design and call centre staffing levels.
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3 responses to “ODT on the “the phoenix of design and innovation”

  1. Elizabeth

    On technological adjuncts and advances elsewhere…

    ### reuters.com Thu Dec 23, 2010 8:46am EST
    Vroom Vroom: Silent electric cars need noises
    By Stuart McDill
    COVENTRY (Reuters) – Should an electric car go vroom vroom like its internal combustion ancestors, make a noise like a space ship in Star Wars or emit the tranquil sounds of birdsong? Researchers in England considering noises to alert pedestrians and cyclists to the presence of oncoming electric cars say legislation to force silent electric vehicles (EVs) to make a warning noise is inevitable. “It’s definitely coming,” Warwick University Professor Paul Jennings told Reuters. “It’s being prompted by the fact that there are now real statistics.”
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  2. Elizabeth

    The phoenix can rise VERY quickly! …as can a flash flood

    ### ODT Online Sat, 15 Jan 2011
    Brisbane flood graphics developed in Dunedin
    By Dene Mackenzie
    The computer-generated graphics of the flooding in Brisbane being shown on Australia’s Nine Network are another example of the innovative technology being developed in Dunedin.
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    • Elizabeth

      On local fibre optic networks…

      ### ODT Online Wed, 19 Jan 2011
      Dunedin sound at speed of light
      By Nigel Benson
      The Dunedin hills are alive with the sound of music. In fact, it’s even running under our streets. When the Dhol Foundation beat its drums at the Regent Theatre during the Otago Festival of the Arts last year, the sound travelled more than 3km. However, it wasn’t the power of the percussion of the Punjabi drummers, but a New Zealand-first experiment which fired the sound at the speed of light from the Regent along a fibre optic network to the New Zealand Music Industry Centre (NZMiC) in Albany St.
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