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RWC 2011 ticket sales

### stuff.co.nz Last updated 13:56 16/12/2010
Rugby World Cup NZ’s highest-grossing event
By Michael Fox – The Dominion Post
The Rugby World Cup is still several months away but it is already New Zealand’s highest-ever grossing event, organisers say. Figures released today show 864,000 tickets have been sold, netting organisers $166 million in ticket revenue alone.
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Richard Goldie on urban planning

### publicaddress.net 12:51 Dec 16, 2010
It’s called “planning” for a reason
By Richard Goldie, Peddle Thorp architects
My first blog. I’m told you just write as if you were talking — to be fair the absentee audience is a bit off-putting — heckling from a place of greater safety perhaps? And I’m not that fluid a typist. The good news is that the GFC* has afforded us all some headspace, so I’ve used a bit of the time to undertake more of what I call ‘thought projects’. Naturally a number of these are focused on Auckland. I’ll briefly introduce three of them now and hope the feedback will spur deeper thinking and then maybe the chance to speak to these in more depth. Here goes….urban planning!
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*Global Financial Crisis

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Congratulations Brockville School kohanga reo auahi kore

### ODT Online Thu, 16 Dec 2010
Growing Brockville community
More than 150 parents and children from Brockville School kohanga reo auahi kore, and the local community celebrated the official opening of the Brockville community garden.
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