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New Zealand Academy of Sport, South Island

### ODT Online Tue, 14 Dec 2010
Sports academy discussion to be in public
By David Loughrey
The future of the New Zealand Academy of Sport, South Island, may become clear this week, in an outcome Dunedin Mayor Dave Cull yesterday described as “an opportunity for both the academy and the city”. Discussion on the issue was adjourned yesterday, after debate on a report in grey papers, or the non-public part of a Dunedin City Council meeting. That debate would begin again on Friday, but this time in public, Mr Cull, who campaigned at the election this year on a more transparent council, said last night.

The city agreed to provide the academy with a headquarters when Dunedin was picked as its South Island home. The academy’s move from its home at the former art gallery at Logan Park has been on the agenda since 2005, under the council’s $15.7 million redevelopment plan.

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