New stadium frenzy (heaven)

In the wake of the decision to hand the 2018 and 2022 world cups to virtual footballing minnows (with all respect to Russia), the race is on to design and build a plethora of new stadia.

Thankfully The Telegraph from the UK has a nice feature on the stadiums either under development, redevelopment or still in the planning stage.

Firstly, FIFA Football World Cup 2018 Russia


are just two examples from the winning Russian bid.

While these are from the Qatari winning bid for the FIFA 2022 winning bid (basically the bid I was hoping that was going to Australia).

As soon as I get a chance to get more details of these stadium projects I’ll post more.

Post by Paul Le Comte


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18 responses to “New stadium frenzy (heaven)

  1. peter

    I bet the above stadium builders would be bowled over by our amazing stadium design, beautifully sited next to a quarry on reclaimed land and within cooee of a fertiliser works, the town dump and other beautiful industrial buildings.

  2. fergal

    You’re right, the dump that is Carisbrook (and don’t get me wrong, I love the place but it’s well past its use by date) is situated between a motorway, railway track, railway yards, scrap yard/dump etc, and is a far better location than our new stadium which is nestled between Logan Park sports grounds and its surrounding tree lined walkways and gardens, harbour waterfront and historic University precinct…
    We all look at things differently (I can’t see the reclaimed land for example, perhaps you can), and I think it’s a great location (even if it makes it more difficult for me to get there).
    Your comment re stadium design is spot on though – we should’ve spent more on that aspect of it and got something much bigger and better!

  3. Anonymous

    Is it?
    Not yet.

  4. Well of course it’s not water tight – it’s not finished?

    Fergal, thanks for pointing this out, this is why I have the “study of site” menu at the top of the site – images of the all too amazing current surrounds of Carisibrook.

    BTW, nearly all of these stadia are in virtual wastelands at the moment, so to compare ours with theirs on artistic impressions is just cheap jabbing anyways.

    I can tell you one thing for certain the urban landscape with the vast green space of Logan Park on one side, the Marina on another and the river on another side is a lot closer to the mark than Peter’s description – and in the end a lot closer to the above images

  5. Anonymous

    Where the ETFE meets the guttering, in at least 2 places, no.

  6. Phil

    To be fair, there’s probably several hundred metres of guttering that hadn’t been tested before. Better that gaps be found now. Also an ongoing maintenance issue, I would say. Large roof spans with internal gutter systems (Settlers museum comes to mind) are always going to be prone to clogging through dirt accumulation, flying plastic bags, etc.

    One of those funny things though. People cope, and play sport, quite happily (almost) in the driving rain. But getting dripped on is bloody annoying.

  7. peter

    OK. I take your point. Both Carisbrook and the stadium are immediately surrounded by ugly wastelands. How about the design? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder they say, but when you compare those stadiums pictured-and ours- you’ve got to laugh. The coat hangers (trusses) look odd. They serve an obvious functional purpose to keep the roof up-for now- but aesthetically they look ridiculous. The cladding looks cheap and tacky-thank God- or else the whole damn thing would have cost us more.Is it still possible to build something like a stadium ,with some creative flair, with a ‘budget’ of $300 plus million?

    • Elizabeth

      Peter, the stadium design is a mite compositionally stunted. Not quite built like a brick shithouse but…
      Budget trimming in the early design stages has pre-empted any attentuation of line that would have settled it down three-dimensionally. Successfully shedding a paddock at height is for the avoidance of designer constipation.
      This is one very uptight rig. Words fail…

  8. Russell Garbutt

    Peter, the cost of building a stadium is around the $10,000 per seat mark. Long historical basis for this costing. That is for a basic stadium with no roof and no other cost-causing problems like building it on reclaimed land, nor allowing for way over the top costs of land acquisition. All of which go on top of that basic costing. Of course the CST and the DCC have a problem in that they can’t argue for a 30,000 seat stadium either as it really is a 17,242 seat rugby stadium.

  9. peter

    Yes, Russell, you are right. We have bought ourselves something that has cost us a bomb, but delivers badly in terms of what it was set out to achieve. In retail you can often take your receipt and ask for your money back. No luck here.
    The 17,242 permanent seats. Maybe we could try double bunking – two people sharing the same seat – to bolster the seating capacity without the additional cost of temporary seating! It works in the prisons.

  10. Calvin Oaten

    I see Malcolm with his perpetual grin on Channel 9 tonight extolling the fact that there is to be an announcement of some sort of ‘gig’ signed up. He says it will put to rest the constant naysayers. In his dreams. Before the fat lady sings he has to get the punters through the turnstiles. That may be more difficult than he thinks, unless the ticket price is right. As Peter says, what was to be a 25,000 to 30,000 seat stadium is really just a half sucked lolly at 17,242 seats. Nothing half sucked about the cost though.

    • Elizabeth

      ### December 15, 2010 – 8:11pm
      Forsyth Barr Stadium to announce first major music act
      The first major music act to take the stage of the Forsyth Barr Stadium is to be announced tomorrow. The news came while 9 Local News was filming a story on the stadium’s progress earlier today.

      Don’t tell me, Calvin, Malcolm found a job for Cr Bill Aklin as the warm-up act.

      • Elizabeth

        Geesh, the new ghetto – who da thought? D:

        ### Last updated 18:34 18/12/2010
        Officers bitten and spat at in Dunedin – police
        By Sarah McDougall – NZPA
        Police are describing assaults on four police officers in Dunedin in the past two days involving biting and spitting as “appalling” . . . Acting Senior Sergeant Chris McLellan said three officers had been assaulted after arresting a man and a woman, both aged 36, early this morning. Police were called to the Forsyth Barr Stadium, which is under construction for the Rugby World Cup, about 3.15am, after reports of people blocking off the road and redirecting cars through road cones.
        Read more

        • Elizabeth

          ### ODT Online Mon, 20 Dec 2010
          Police kicked, spat at and bitten by couple
          By Hamish McNeilly
          Police officers were kicked, bitten and spat at by a Dunedin couple, whom they had coaxed out of bushes near the Forsyth Barr Stadium early on Saturday morning.
          Read more

  11. Phil

    They could haul Elvis out of the checkout line at Countdown supermarket in Riccarton, and get him to stage a come back concert at the Edgar Centre. That’s no great feat. All you have to have is enough money to pay for him. Of course we can get concerts in Dunedin. That’s never been an issue. What has stopped them in the past is that no-one could afford to pay for quality acts to come to Dunedin. And because of the inconvenience of flying all the way down here. For the most part they only play in Auckland because it’s either on the way to (or from) Sydney. It costs a band like U2 nearly a million dollars a day when they are on tour. That’s with no performance costs and fees. You think that Bono dips into his pocket for that ? No, the venue operator has to front up with the cash to give to the tour promoter.

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