Dunedin Heritage Fund grants

The Dunedin Heritage Fund is jointly administered by Dunedin City Council and New Zealand Historic Places Trust.

The Dunedin Heritage Fund, with its own deed of constitution, is a separate legal entity to the Dunedin City Council. At no time should the Council claim the Fund as its own.

Previous representatives – in recent times – of the Council and the NZHPT standing on the Dunedin Heritage Fund Committee have made very sure to assert these separations during discussion of applications from the community, and when allocating funds by loan or grant to projects in the community.

Disclaimer. A former Chair of the New Zealand Historic Places Trust Otago Branch, Elizabeth Kerr was a NZHPT representative on the Dunedin Heritage Fund Committee (2000 – 2008).


Dunedin City Council
Media Release

7 December 2010

Dunedin Heritage Fund Allocated

The September 2010 Dunedin Heritage Fund grants round has been completed. These grants enable the Dunedin City Council to recognise the importance of the city’s heritage to its future.

Grants and loans have been allocated to six groups and organisations for projects including repairs to dry stone walls, conservation plans and restorations of various structural elements.

The recipients were:

Springfield – $18,000
Cargill’s Castle – $11,400
Dunedin Gasworks Museum Trust – $20,000
Corstorphine House – $20,000
Dunedin Prison Charitable Trust – $20,000
1075 George Street – $5,000

TOTAL $94,400

The next funding round closes at 5.00pm on Friday 25 March 2011 and application forms are available from DCC Customer Services Centres.

In another heritage initiative, the DCC’s recent free workshop for heritage building owners, attracted more than 65 people and feedback has so far indicated that attendees found it very useful.

The DCC’s Policy Planner (Heritage), Glen Hazelton, says, “Based on the extremely positive response we had to this first workshop, we will look at running more. We will discuss with those who attended which aspects of the workshop they found most useful and structure the next one accordingly.”

Contact DCC on 477 4000.
DCC page link

Post by Elizabeth Kerr


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10 responses to “Dunedin Heritage Fund grants

  1. UglyBob

    So what’s the story with the Dunedin Prison Charitable Trust formed in August this year? Has Corrections sold the old building or does it or a new owner have an arrangement with the Trust? Some interesting names on the Trust Deed – a local architect, goldfields historian … Any intent of usage for the building other than restoration? Old Melbourne Gaol Dunedin style?

    • Elizabeth

      Ah, move back to Dunedin and get the inside story!! Saw you’d searched that, UglyBob – this been percolating since I was chairing NZHPT OBC, my old pal Stewart Harvey is the person to contact for updates.

  2. Phil

    Hang on, isn’t the Gasworks still owned by City Property? At least, it was. If that is still the case, should a DCC department be taking money from a DCC trust to maintain a building in its portfolio? A little incestuous, methinks. Nothing against the [Dunedin] Gasworks Museum, but I would have thought the purpose of the [Dunedin Heritage Fund] is to provide necessary funding to organisations who otherwise would struggle to complete their projects.

    {Moderated, see square brackets. -Eds}

    • Elizabeth

      Yes Phil, the Gasworks Museum property is owned by DCC.
      The Dunedin Gasworks Museum Trust may well have applied for the funding – don’t know, will check.

      While I was on the Dunedin Heritage Fund Committee – at the time, Robert Tongue was also on committee – we explored similar issues for the DCC-owned Fortune Theatre building. Neither of us wanted the Council to benefit from the community funds, simply not a good look. There are other words for this.

      Not sure how this one got through and with what conflicts of interest present or not present.

      Technically, the Dunedin Heritage Fund is a separate legal entity to DCC – potential conflicts of interest should be recognised early and clean separations made. I’m not happy. I’m making enquiries.


      ### ODT Online Wed, 8 Dec 2010
      By Stu Oldham
      Heritage funding for prison trust
      The Dunedin Prison Charitable Trust has received a grant from the Dunedin Heritage Fund to prepare a conservation plan for the decommissioned Dunedin Prison. The work would be part of an overall assessment of the cost – and viability – of possible future uses for the empty 114-year-old brick building.
      Read more


      ### ODT Online Wed, 8 Dec 2010
      Tracery window restored to tomb
      By Nigel Benson
      A spider crane was used to lift a replacement tracery window into William Larnach’s tomb at the Northern Cemetery yesterday. “It’s a feature that’s been gone for 50 years, so it’s good to have it back,” master stonemason Marcus Wainwright said.

      The Historic Cemeteries Conservation Trust of New Zealand raised $345,000 for the restoration.

      Read more


      ### ODT Online Wed, 8 Dec 2010
      Roof repair set to start
      By Stu Oldham
      An historic building damaged in a suspicious fire two years ago should have some of its roof repaired by Christmas in the first push towards redevelopment next year. The 131-year-old Stavely Building, on the corner of Bond and Jetty Sts, was bought from POS Developments by Dunedin company Purvis Investments Ltd in June. The building’s roof was left a charred, skeletal shell and the interior severely damaged by a fire in March 2008 and further damage was done by the elements.

      Purvis Investments has asked the Dunedin City Council for rates relief, which was discussed by councillors last week.

      Read more

      • Elizabeth

        Woops, led Phil astray – somehow I entered comments on the wrong thread. Awake now…

        I said: The Dunedin Gasworks Museum, I believe, falls into Graeme Hall’s Community Life basket – not sure where that sits given the City Property portfolio these days. Obviously, City Property has real ability to generate funds.


        Submitted on 2010/12/08 at 8:32 pm

        Thanks, Elizabeth. I recall CP managing the restoration works recently completed. It may well have been on behalf of Graeme’s team. Still not convinced it’s appropriate that DCC departments should be dipping into a DCC public trust.

        {Not a DCC public trust, just a public trust. -Eds}


        Then I said:

        Related Post – current discussion not taking too much away from my byline then:

        May 13, 2010 Dunedin City Council preserves Dunedin Gasworks Museum

      • Elizabeth

        ### ODT Online Sat, 29 Oct 2011
        Stavely Building awarded $27,000
        By Chris Morris
        The owners of a historic Dunedin building damaged by a suspicious fire more than three years ago have been awarded nearly $30,000 to help pay for restoration work. The 131-year-old Stavely Building – on the corner of Bond and Jetty Sts – was among eight recipients together awarded $124,500 in the latest round of allocations from the Dunedin Heritage Fund.
        Read more

        Dunedin Heritage Fund (DHF)
        Jointly administered by Dunedin City Council and New Zealand Historic Places Trust. Latest round of eight grants includes assistance to strengthen five Dunedin buildings against earthquake damage:

        • St John ambulance headquarters, 17 York Pl ($22,000) – Owner: Order of St John South Island Region Trust Board

        • 364 Princes St ($22,000) – (see 3 Stafford St) Owner: Blezard Properties Limited (Directors: Jennifer R Blezard; Paul G Blezard)

        • 14 Dowling St ($20,000) – Owner: Timaru Creek Limited (Director: Jonathan R M Riley)

        • Former RSA building ($18,000), 469 Moray Pl – Owner: Beach Road Limited (Directors: Grant A McLauchlan; Therese M McLauchlan)

        • Woodside house ($10,000), 4 Lovelock Ave – Owners: Graeme M Crosbie; Gillian K Crosbie (see Wikipedia: Francis Petre – Domestic Architecture: Woodside, also known as Castlamore)

        Other DHF grants:
        • new fire protection system for Wingatui Railway Station ($5000)
        • barrier to protect remains of historic trout hatchery, dating back to 1868, behind Logan Park High School ($500)

        Related Post:
        13.6.10 No temporary cover: historic Stavely Building of Dunedin

  3. Phil

    Ok, I see that now. DCC is one of the administrators. Still doesn’t sit right with me with the potential to portray preferential treatment towards DCC as an applicant, and that DCC does (or should) have means to raise the required sum themselves without taking funding away from those who have no other means open to them.

  4. David

    Here’s a very successful use of an old jail – Dornoch Jail, Scotland

    • Elizabeth

      Thanks David – forwarded your comment by link to Stewart Harvey, for the pending ‘Dunedin Prison Charitable Trust’ (to be registered).

  5. Richard

    DCC Property has several portfolios:
    (1) endowment/commercial – expected to make a commercial return; this is where the contribution to the ‘dividend/investment’ return to the ratepayer comes from.
    (2) property used for community purposes: eg the Railway Station where a commercial return is not expected. Offhand, I think this includes the Civic Centre, the Library, the Town Hall*, Dunedin Centre*, Municipal Chambers and the like but they could be in a separate portfolio.
    (3) community housing: managed on behalf of Community Development.

    City Property also manages projects for council departments.

    (*as is already known, ownership of these is proposed to pass to DVL at an as yet undetermined date. Management is – or will be – in the hands of DVML).

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