Santa’s sleigh broke down…

santas sleigh george st 2010

After a photo shoot ran late this afternoon I jumped in a taxi to Dunedin’s Santa Parade, arriving at Pitt St to catch only the back end. But Tweeps tell me Santa nearly didn’t make it South of the Octagon! Oh noes.

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

[We really like the image inversion on the page – Santa’s sleigh and the stadium. Scary! -Eds]


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6 responses to “Santa’s sleigh broke down…

  1. Elizabeth

    I love it when What if? is referred to by – topical in light of the stadium and things Christmas. Ho ho.

  2. UglyBob

    May be they know who’s been naughty and nice …

  3. Stu

    All children South of the Octagon are on the naughty list?

    • Elizabeth

      ### ODT Online Mon, 6 Dec 2010
      Santa’s sleigh blocked; finger pointed at Grinch
      By David Loughrey
      There were dramatic scenes in Dunedin’s main street yesterday when a sleigh driven by Santa Claus was blocked from reaching the Octagon and, for a while at least, Christmas itself appeared in doubt. As thousands of worried children looked on, Mr Claus, whom the Otago Daily Times understands to be an experienced sleigh driver, was towed along Moray Pl by rescuers.
      Read more

  4. peter

    Maybe Santa could move his HQ from the North Pole to the stadium. After all, the Santa story and the Stadium story are both based on fantasy. The only difference is Santa gives – not takes – and he is a better cash cow.

  5. Elizabeth

    Check out photos of the upside down sleigh at Facebook. Poor Santa.

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