DCC Finance, Strategy and Development Committee

A meeting of the Finance, Strategy and Dvelopment Committee was held on Monday 29 November 2010, in the Fullwood Room, Level 3, Dunedin Centre at 2.00 PM.

Agenda – FSD – 29/11/2010 (PDF, 46.6 KB, new window)

Report – FSD – 29/11/2010 (PDF, 224.8 KB, new window)
Reconstitution of working parties

Report – FSD – 29/11/2010 (PDF, 284.7 KB, new window)
Purchase Card Review – attachment

Report – FSD – 29/11/2010 (PDF, 1.6 MB, new window)
Stadium Update

Report – FSD – 29/11/2010 (PDF, 43.7 KB, new window)
Purchase Card Internal Audit Review

Report – FSD – 29/11/2010 (PDF, 2.1 MB, new window)
Tourism Dunedin Annual Report 2010

Report – FSD – 29/11/2010 (PDF, 46.9 KB, new window)
Waipori Fund

Report – FSD – 29/11/2010 (PDF, 76.7 KB, new window)
Project Fund

Report – FSD – 29/11/2010 (PDF, 177.4 KB, new window)
Commercial Filming Policy

Report – FSD – 29/11/2010 (PDF, 101.3 KB, new window)
Increase in the capital of Dunedin City Holdings Ltd

Report – FSD – 29/11/2010 (PDF, 412.7 KB, new window)
Financial result

Report – FSD – 29/11/2010 (PDF, 156.3 KB, new window)
Climate Change Adaptation Plan

Report – FSD – 29/11/2010 (PDF, 76.3 KB, new window)
DCHL Election

Report – FSD – 29/11/2010 (PDF, 99.2 KB, new window)
Directors’ fees

According to the reports above DCC has a Community Resilience Forum… (formerly the Community Sustainability Panel). The new name seems most appropriate when viewed in relation to the Council’s brazen spend on the stadium and the entirety of the Council’s debt management systems.

Post by Elizabeth Kerr


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6 responses to “DCC Finance, Strategy and Development Committee

  1. Elizabeth

    There are other things worth noting in the reports but I’ll start with these in the Stadium Update:

    On Health and Safety, given the construction site was insecure enough to allow a crane drive in the middle of the night… [bolding by What if?]

    (page 4) “Health and Safety issues are still being managed very well. However as the risk increases for overhead lifts, the site is still on high alert and site visits from non construction related personnel is being discouraged.”

    (page 5) “An incident report has been completed for the break in to site (vandalism) last month. Improvements have been recommended and confirmed going forward.”


    (page 5) “With the other related incident that recently attracted media attention being the snow in Invercargill it is important to note that the media report regarding snow loadings and acts of God on the Stadium were misleading with qualification. For clarity the Stadium design complies, as a minimum, with the New Zealand Building Code which under the NZBC has a 50 year design life. For a building importance level 3 for crowds a 1 in 250 year return event design is required which is what the Stadium is designed to. The 1 in 500 year return event relates to a higher level classification for buildings used in post disaster or similar events. References to snow depths are not accurate as the structure has been designed to the NZBC uniformly distributed load for snow but this is not the only requirement across the roof. If necessary, we will review any investigation reports issued from the Invercargill incident to assess if any lessons learnt should / could be introduced into the Forsyth Barr Stadium design.”


    How interesting…

    Key Issue:
    (page 9) “North stand requirements for the Speight’s bar and the potential to move the broadcasting box from the South to the north need to be progressed along with the options currently being considered for the Academy of Sport moving to the back of the North Stand.”

  2. Richard

    As a matter of interest, the term ‘Forum’ is being used by Len Brown, Mayor of Auckland in place of panels and working parties, especially those that comprise elected members and outside individuals/parties.

    I came across it in the appointments announced by Mayor Brown. Councillors will chair the ‘Forums’ so they are, it seems, rather more formal within the structure of the ACC than mere Panels or Working Parties.

    Which also seems to fit with what Dave Cull has been talking about.

    If that is so, I personally think it a good idea from several p-o-v.

    • Elizabeth

      Yes all for that Richard, agree!
      (I was taking a wry look at “community resilience” in the face of Council’s doings…)

  3. Why is the Council spending $3.8 million on a new building for the Academy of Sport, to be used by relatively few athletes other than professional rugby players?
    This seems to have been decided with very little discussion. If the Council is looking to save money, surely existing space in the City can be used for much less cost.

    • Elizabeth

      Alistair, unfortunately for us all the local body election didn’t dent the power lobby. And the usual farce occurred (the longstanding Dunedin plague), people in large enough numbers voted lazy people in who didn’t campaign at all. Don’t expect change of direction anytime soon.

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