As mentioned in the comments here someone pressed the wrong button the other day, and in true internet style, someone (me) was watching.

Interesting story in the ODT (Online) I finally got to read on Sunday morning about the last truss of the stadium being put in place. Cool I thought, get down there over the weekend and get some pics (as you do), only problem, the stadium truss isn’t up?

Now unless I missed something and the truss went up and is now back down again, this was a wee whopsie by the ODT, of course this was picked up the by the keen eyes of the readers of Whatif. The truss is firmly stuck to the ground and still being completed. I went back to the web page again today to see what the story is, and of course the article has been taken down.

I just hope they pre publish the results of the Melbourne Cup next year, give the folks of Dunedin a chance to get a bet on ;-)


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7 responses to “Whops

  1. Peter

    Yes, the ODT has barely been able to contain its excitement for the stadium. They have left it to others to criticise the project, but never taken a critical stance themselves. Contrast this with the neurosurgical services issue where it made sure the paper was prominently featured. I sometimes wonder if – aside from the importance of promoting the issue – they have done this partly to assuage their own guilt for letting Dunedin/Otago down – especially with the chickens coming home to roost with the stadium and the damage it is doing to the city in terms of predicted poor economic returns and opportunity costs.

    With the stadium they have tried to look ‘balanced’ by allowing letters and the odd anti stadium article, but they have never had the balls to publish damaging material earlier on that would have possibly put the kibosh on the stadium. No wonder the paper is called The Oddity by many people. I’ve never completely worked out whether they are just a bunch of guys that are rugby mad – to the point of myopia – or they are just too scared to oppose the powers that be that have pushed this project. Notice there are some people they have never dared to really challenge for their blatant conflicts of interest, and self interests, in the project. The ODT has only published some material, that casts a poor light on the stadium and its promoters, when they have been embarrassed into doing so by other media getting in first.
    The media can’t afford to sit back and take a so-called ‘balanced’ approach, when it suits them, over an important public issue that deserves to be fully investigated and exposed. They didn’t do so with the neurosurgical services issue. They saw it was a matter of public importance for Dunedin’s future. Why not the stadium?

  2. TheGreatSnowman

    Only with the collaboration of the ODT has the DCC been able to control and manipulate the stadium information fed to the people of Otago and Dunedin. To me, there seems to be a “special relationship” between the ODT and the DCC, both at management level and at the reporter level. At the reporter level one can imagine how a slant generally favourable to the DCC could be rewarded with exclusive or early access to information. Some articles look like they are completely written by someone at the DCC.

    It seems like both the ODT and D Scene have not asked some of the most basic questions, like
    -what is the total capital cost including everything
    -what ongoing ratepayer funding will be needed to operate the stadium
    -why has there been no peer review of the economic benefit estimates.

    These questions should have been answered before the decisions to build it, but worse than that is the possibility that we might never get honest answers to these and other questions.

  3. ro

    Interestingly the wording in the ODT paper edition is significantly, but minorly, different from here. Rather than saying the truss “was lifted into place… on Tuesday”, the paper edition says” “Workers lift the final truss into place on Tuesday.” When I read this on Saturday I thought how dangerous it was to lift it while men in cranes were alongside. And then I peered out of my window and counted 4 trusses and read again. I then understood the paper edition to be saying the truss WILL be lifted on Tuesday. But the on-line edition is crystal clear. The deed was done! Embarrassing!

  4. Russell Garbutt

    Reminds me of the day of Norman Kirk’s funeral when the evening paper in Chch published a moving account of the funeral cortege moving through sombre crowds etc etc, when in fact because of weather the casket was transported by air, I think, to Waimate, and none of the events reported on actually happened.

    Never let the facts get in the way of a good story.

  5. Richard

    Because of bad weather, the cortege had to come from Christchurch by road and it was very late getting to Waimate and the graveside service was some two hours later than scheduled.

  6. Elizabeth

    ### ODT Online Sat, 27 Nov 2010
    Stadium all trussed up
    The last roof truss was put in place at the Forsyth Barr Stadium yesterday.
    Read more

    • Elizabeth

      ### ch9.co.nz November 26, 2010 – 9:35pm
      Last roof truss for stadium lifted into place today
      The last roof truss for the first covered stadium in New Zealand was lifted into place this afternoon.

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