Oh for heavens’ sake, DCC

### ODT Online Sat, 20 Nov 2010
Wastewater plant plan
By Chris Morris
A plan to fast-track up to $11.6 million in spending on the Tahuna wastewater treatment plant will be scrutinised by Dunedin city councillors next week.Cr Syd Brown, the chairman of the council’s new finance, strategy and development committee, said he would be checking the proposal carefully over the next few days.

There was wide public support for the Tahuna project, but the proposal would have to go through a “testing process” and was not guaranteed to proceed.
-Syd Brown, Chair of Finance, Strategy and Development Committee

No project was “untouchable”, but debate and progress towards completing Tahuna dated back more than 20 years, and the project had strong community support.
-Andrew Noone, Chair of Infrastructure Services Committee

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One response to “Oh for heavens’ sake, DCC

  1. Phil

    Ah, but this project IS untouchable. Unless Cr Brown wants to line up in court alongside the CEO of DCC for breaching the conditions of their resource consent. Do these people never read the paperwork in front of them before racing off to the media ?

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