EXCITE – Otago Polytechnic student exhibitions

Students’ work from throughout the polytechnic is on display over the next few weeks as part of its annual Excite programme.

School of Art: November 20-25, noon-4pm, cnr Albany and Riego Sts.

Fashion design, product design, communications design, interior design: November 17-25, noon-4pm weekdays, 11am-4pm weekends, former Wickliffe Press building, Albany St.

Fashion design show: November 20, 8pm, former Wickliffe Press building, Albany St.

Creative studies: November 23-26, 11am-4pm, A Block, cnr Harbour Tce and St David St.

Architecture, building and engineering: November 16-20, 9am-4pm weekdays and 11am-3pm Saturday, L Block, Anzac Ave.

Trades courses charity house auction: November 20, 2pm, Parry St. InfoLink

Horticulture plant sale: November 20, 10am, L Block, Anzac Ave.

[Source: ODT Online]

Post by Elizabeth Kerr


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3 responses to “EXCITE – Otago Polytechnic student exhibitions

  1. Peter

    I’ve been going to the Site exhibitions at the Art School for years – out of personal interest, but also partly motivated when my son was there a few years ago and graduated with his BFA. I’d recommend it as there is usually something there for everybody that is of interest. Often quite innovative too. I quite like how art sometimes confronts the viewer – hence the often strong reactions to it. We just have to look at the teeth molars on Portsmouth Drive! (I actually don’t mind their quirkiness-though the cost might be debatable).

  2. Dave

    Agree totally, the students at OP do wonderful work, particularly the Architecture and Engineering Design students. Complex and riveting displays of their work are a must see.

    • Elizabeth

      ### ODT Online Thu, 18 Nov 2010
      Shop design students’ creative outlet
      By Allison Rudd
      Take a group of young people, give them some cardboard, glue and cable ties and tell them to build a shop. Being Otago Polytechnic design students, the result is a whole lot funkier than a primary school craft project.
      Read more

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