FREE wireless internet in Dunedin …now that’s wicked!

Media Release
Dunedin, New Zealand. 12 November 2010.

Wireless Internet Connections (WIC NZ) Ltd launches free wireless access in Dunedin.

WIC NZ Ltd introduces its free wireless service in Dunedin under the Wicked Networks brand. Wicked Networks has been operating since March 2010 and has over 2300 registered users regularly using the network of around 30 Wi-Fi (802.11N) hotspots across the city. The service provides a registration-based, advertising-supported portal with high-capacity access to local services and shared Internet capacity upstream.

Wicked Networks was officially launched by Clare Curran MP at 5:30pm Friday 12 November 2010, at the Centre for Innovation, 87 St David Street, Dunedin.

Wicked Networks provides an easy, low-cost means of access to information and services by locals, business users and visitors alike. The coverage, capacity and user base of the service are all scalable at incremental cost. Wicked Networks has grown at the rate of 100 new users per week and delivers around 150GB of monthly traffic.

The Wicked Networks infrastructure provides an open-access platform to support services operated by multiple service providers. WIC NZ maintains robust interconnect arrangements with other local operators for high-capacity data exchange at low cost.

Wicked Networks is used by Otago Polytechnic to extend the range and coverage of their campus wireless network across the city. Wicked Networks is used to support the delivery of augmented reality content in a novel project supported by the Dunedin City Council lndustry Project Fund. Wicked Networks welcomes and encourages other operators to adopt the service and willingly engages with any third-party provider wishing to operate differentiated services on the open-access platform.

Wicked Networks addresses many issues that are commonly encountered for free wi-fi:
• securing the customer relationship via e-mail and text verification systems
• robust traffic management to reduce or eliminate unacceptable usage
• support for “access with payment” voucher codes at designated locations
• ability to cooperate with existing wireless providers.

The key to the success of this platform is the inclusiveness provided by the cooperative interconnect arrangements with other providers. Any service provider can broadcast their wireless service identifier (SSID) over the common infrastructure and have their traffic delivered at a designated exchange point. Usage of the Otago Polytechnic campus wireless service has more than doubled since the introduction of the additional coverage on Wicked Networks. The open access component was designed to stimulate innovation and we are delighted to see this happening already.

The costs of the Wicked Networks service are met by advertising revenue on the login and registration portal pages that appear in a Web browser, and from the interconnect arrangements with third-party providers.

For more information about Wicked Networks, please direct all enquiries to:

Stu Fleming
Managing Director, WIC NZ Ltd

Wicked Networks PO Box 13146, Green Island, Dunedin
Freecall: 0508 942 533 or 0508 WICKED

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3 responses to “FREE wireless internet in Dunedin …now that’s wicked!

  1. Elizabeth

    Slingshot’s Global Mode had allowed New Zealanders access to the United States’ version of Netflix which launched a New Zealand version here last month.

    ### ODT Online Tue, 14 Apr 2015
    Curbs on internet freedom opposed
    By Dene Mackenzie
    Threats to curtail the use of Global Mode will directly curtail internet freedom and should be opposed at every opportunity, Dunedin internet service provider Stewart Fleming says. Global Mode provided legitimate way for New Zealanders to access overseas content from digital providers, and pay for the content they accessed. […] Mr Fleming, the owner of Wicked Networks, was appalled the proposed legal action to stop Global Mode was being considered. He was joined yesterday in his opposition by Consumer New Zealand.
    Read more

  2. Elizabeth

    ### ODFT Online Wed, 15 Apr 2015
    Backdoor TV users survive deadline
    Source: NZME
    Slingshot and Orcon subscribers with backdoor access to American pay TV services have survived a 5pm deadline and will keep their global mode services, for the time being. The major global mode suppliers Bypass Network Services and CallPlus – owner of Orcon and Slingshot – are standing firm and have told the broadcasters they will not meet their demands to cease and desist global mode despite undefined claims they breach copyright.
    Read more

  3. Elizabeth

    Dates corrected within press release received from Wicked Networks at original post (top of thread).

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