Dunedin Amenities Society: UGLY Dunedin

“Dunedin is a beautiful city but we also have our share of ugly areas that blight our landscape and decrease the value of our city for visitors and the community. The Society would like Dunedin people to cast a critical eye over their city and the communities they live in and consider what is good and bad in their landscape and environment. What makes you sit up and take notice?”

Check out the Dunedin Amenities Society website . . . have your camera ready!

Post by Elizabeth Kerr

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One response to “Dunedin Amenities Society: UGLY Dunedin

  1. Thank you for posting this here, this project is about constructive critical thinking around the image and condition of our city. It’s not just about the world cup coming to Dunedin, it’s about the long term city that we live, work and play in. Ugly Dunedin asks people to consider some big concepts like the landscape, streetscape and conservation policies that govern our city. It also asks people to consider smaller concepts, like litter, graffiti, weeds and other threats to Dunedins’ visual aesthetic and ambience. We may not solve all of these issues immediately, but we need to add the “ugly” to our collective conciousness and enable constructive debate on the state of our city and its communities. We all have areas and issues in Dunedin that annoy us and offend our individual sense of what is ugly. This is an opportunity for people to consider how we make a great city even better. So, let’s get ugly, but let’s get it out of Dunedin.

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