SH88 realignment for stadium disrupts traffic

### November 3, 2010 – 7:33pm
SH88 reconstruction work will disrupt traffic flow
One of the next major construction elements in preparing Forsyth Barr Stadium for opening has begun. The realignment of State Highway 88 to bypass the Stadium will result in some disruption to traffic flow from as early as next week.
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### November 2, 2010 – 7:30pm
Motorists asked to patient during SH88 realignment
Motorists are being asked to be patient as work continues to realign State Highway 88 near Parry Street, around the stadium. Dunedin City Council Projects Engineer, Evan Matheson, says contractors have completed the round-a-bout, and are now in the process of joining it to Ravensbourne Road. Matheson says the road will be narrower than usual, but will remain two-way, so drivers are advised to exercise caution. He says the contracting firm has discussed the project with transport agencies and Port Otago to make allowances for large trucks.

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