Insights: noticing/managing city views

### ODT Online Wed, 27 Oct 2010
Opinion: Rear ends on show in Dunedin
By Chris Skellett
Chris Skellett notices that life in Dunedin has been getting a little back to front. In recent weeks, I’ve become increasingly aware of a puzzling theme to my life in Dunedin … I suddenly realised that throughout Dunedin we are increasingly defining our positions with respect to the buildings that we find ourselves behind!
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Posted by Elizabeth Kerr


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2 responses to “Insights: noticing/managing city views

  1. Phil

    I would have thought that was the common sense description, noting the final feature one passes before one arrives at one’s destination ? Saying that you’ll meet before you get to the Railway Station narrows it down to pretty much the whole CBD.

  2. ro

    The rerouting of traffic to avoid the CBD is something that we will look back on in horror in time to come. I believe it is what destroyed Christchurch’s city centre and is about to destroy Dunedin’s. The damage is not only to the loss of the frontal views that Chris complains of.

    Turning the Exchange into a traffic junction that feeds people into wider highways has turned Princes St south and the entire Queens Gardens into pedestrian-free zones – everyone gets through the lights in those areas with one thought in mind – to get his or her foot down and roar into the freedom of the multi-lane highway beyond.

    No development of the Princes St buildings will return that area to the shopping or pedestrian public. The only thing that could is the reduction of Princes St from the Exchange south to one-lane of traffic by allowing parking in the centre of the street (free hour-long parking!) in addition to the sides.

    The legacy of the closure of Castle St in front of the University Registry, and the prior closure of the Union St bridge, is the proposed university access bridge. This project may well rise again with a new VC.

    These are just random thoughts that I’m writing too early in the morning. But I really enjoyed Chris’s article and think that trying to recover access to the fronts of our best buildings is a worthwhile project for more reasons than the aesthetic alone.

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