What to say: “reinforced grass”

### ODT Online Wed, 13 Oct 2010
Stadium turf gets $605,556
By Hamish McNeilly
The Dunedin City Council has been granted more than $600,000 to buy an artificial turf system for Forsyth Barr Stadium, the largest poker machine grant given to a local body. New Zealand Community Trust chief executive Mike Knell confirmed the trust had granted $605,556 for the artificial turf system, following a request from the Dunedin City Council. “It is a legacy for the whole community,” he said.
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2 responses to “What to say: “reinforced grass”

  1. Phil

    And of course that’s what Community Trust money is intended for. To be given to the largest commercial entity in the city to pay for a commercial venture. Not for schools, sporting clubs, youth groups, womens refuge, or anything like that. Can’t believe they had the nerve to go there. I see that Malcolm’s already trying to label it as “private funding”.

    Now that gripe is off my chest, I see there’s already criticism of the proposed new turf system in the latest batch of ODT letters. Google and Wikipedia make it way too easy for mis-information to be spread. The comparison between this stadium turf system and the problems with the turf system at Wembley stadium are wrong. They could have poured green concrete on the ground at Wembley and the pitch would still have failed. Wembley’s problems are a result of an incorrectly laid sandy subsurface clogging up the drainage under the pitch. The groundskeeper at the time tried to raise the issue, and promptly got fired. It has absolutely nothing to do with the turf system. It’s a good system, just not one that should be paid for with community funding to a company that has other means of finding the money.

  2. Stu

    I’ve just changed the lens on the North Stand webcam and realigned it to cover the pitch area.

    Delta are installing the slit drains now.

    Once that’s complete, you will be able to watch the grass grow…

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