The Distiller + WIC — Dunedin entrepreneurs

### ODT Online Sat, 9 Oct 2010
Minding others’ business
By Dene Mackenzie
For years, Dunedin has been grappling with ways to keep its best and brightest residents in the city. As parents have watched their children leave, many not to return, much handwringing by civic and community leaders has taken place. Business editor Dene Mackenzie talks to a group of young entrepreneurs prepared to do something about it, at their own cost.
Jason Leong, Francois Bondiguel and James Wigglesworth (all of Pocketsmith), Pierre-Emmanuel Perruchot de La Bussiere (iVisit) and Tim Calder (ParkHawk) are busy building their own businesses and careers but spend many hours each week encouraging a new generation to succeed.
The five men founded The Distiller, an independent non-profit project that focuses primarily on technology-related, pre-seed entrepreneurial ventures.
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Facebook Photo: The Distiller
The Distiller co-founders (from left) Jason Leong, Tim Calder, Pierre-Emmanuel Perruchot de La Bussiere and Francois Bondiguel. Absent, James Wigglesworth. The Lab residents look on.


### ODT Online Sat, 9 Oct 2010
Access provider has confidence in association
By Dene Mackenzie
Wireless internet company owner Stuart Fleming is quietly confident that his decision to provide massive amounts of free internet to The Distiller will pay dividends for him and Dunedin. Seven years ago, Mr Fleming started his company, WIC, at the Centre For Innovation in the suite next to where The Distiller now operates.
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