Minor alterations to pylons !

### designdaily.co.nz 04 Oct 2010 12:31 pm
When giants roam the landscape…
By Design Daily Team
There’s nothing like a meddling mass of metal in the form of a power pylon to create a blight on the landscape. Enter Boston-based Choi+Shine Architects, “A practice of thoughtful design”. Thoughtful indeed as these adapted pylons show. The pylons, designed by Jin Choi and Thomas Shine, have been proposed for the Icelandic landscape, and require only small alterations to the existing pylon design.
The proposal is so good, it received an honourable mention in 2008 at the Icelandic High-Voltage Electrical Pylon International Design Competition and this year, was one of four winning project for the Boston Society of Architects ‘2010 Unbuilt Awards’.
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One response to “Minor alterations to pylons !

  1. James

    Those are quite remarkable. I especially like how they are able to change pose with the landscape*.

    *From a purely pragmatic view, it would be ‘safer’ to have all the same design, on the off-chance that there were to be some unexpected ill-effect in one of the novel designs.

    In some respects, it’s a little reminiscent of the Millau viaduct. Much of the raw engineering was done first, and then in the final stages there was a design/engineering collaboration to take it from something purely utilitarian to something amazing. I saw the other four non-winning contenders for the viaduct the other day, and they all seemed very unininspired. One of them would have been an all concrete affair, with over twice the number of pylons holding it up. Others had a dramatic solution for the highest span over the river, but very bland for the other 2km. The final solution is a very big imposition on the landscape, but it is an inspiring one.

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