DCC Media Release – RWC 2011 Volunteer team

Dunedin City Council
Media Release

Time running out to join RWC 2011 Volunteer team

The deadline is looming for those wanting to put their hand up and join the team of volunteers needed to make Rugby World Cup 2011 the best ever.

Registrations for volunteers close on Friday, 24 September, 2010. Volunteers can indicate their interest and areas of expertise at www.rugbyworldcup.com/volunteer or visit the Dunedin City Library’s Volunteer Registration station.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for people to play their part in making RWC 2011 a success,” said Brendon Ward, Volunteer Manager for Tournament Organisers, Rugby New Zealand 2011.

New Zealand netball legend, Dame Lois Muir, has added her support to the Volunteer recruitment campaign: “This is a great way of getting involved in the city’s RWC efforts – it will be something to tell your grand-children. But you’ll need to be quick as we have to move soon on training up our Volunteer team.”

There are plenty of hosting jobs to apply for in Dunedin, ranging from greeting visitors at Dunedin Airport, drivers and media assistants, to guiding the way on match day.

More than 5000 volunteers are needed across the country to assist the expected 60,000-plus international visitors, along with the playing teams.

Volunteer Ambassador Michael Jones says RWC 2011 will succeed “through the efforts of all New Zealanders.

“We aim to be a nation of four million great hosts, and volunteers will play an important role in helping the country to welcome our guests.”

Dunedin will host three matches: Scotland v. Georgia, Ireland v. Italy and England v. either Uruguay or Romania – (Romania and Uruguay will play-off in November for the last spot in the Cup).

Contact DCC on 477 4000.

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Post by Elizabeth Kerr


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2 responses to “DCC Media Release – RWC 2011 Volunteer team

  1. Elizabeth

    RWC 2011: ‘Several hundred volunteers needed in Dunedin’

    ### ODT Online Fri, 17 Sep 2010
    Call for Rugby World Cup helpers
    By John Gibb
    Former Silver Ferns netball coach Dame Lois Muir is urging more Dunedin people to volunteer to help when Rugby World Cup games are played in the city next year. Helpers are needed for a wide range of tasks, including greeting visitors at Dunedin International Airport, and working as drivers and media assistants.

    Volunteers can indicate their interest and areas of expertise via the internet or visit a “registration station” which has been set up on the first floor of the Dunedin City Library. Applications close next Friday.

    Read more

  2. Peter

    A couple of months back, I seem to remember, they tried to get volunteers, but the take up was not good. Hence they are trying again. Where all the keen RWC people out there? Are they giving the volunteers free tickets to the games?

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