Carisbrook future…

Meeting: DCC Finance and Strategy Committee
Monday 13 September 2010
Fullwood Room, Dunedin Centre
Commencing at 2.00 PM

Agenda – FSC – 13/09/2010 (PDF, 62.4 kb, new window)

Report – FSC – 13/09/2010 (PDF, 362.3 kb, new window)
Trade Waste Bylaw Implementation

Report – FSC – 13/09/2010 (PDF, 481.2 kb, new window)
Financial Result – 1 Month to 31 July 2010

Report – FSC – 13/09/2010 (PDF, 2.6 mb, new window)
Future of Carisbrook Consultation and Options

Report – FSC – 13/09/2010 (PDF, 2.2 mb, new window)
Carisbrook Stadium Charitable Trust Progress Report

Report – FSC – 13/09/2010 (PDF, 116.5 kb, new window)
2011/12 Annual Plan Timetable

Report – FSC – 13/09/2010 (PDF, 85.2 kb, new window)
Residents Opinion Survey Results


### ODT Online Sat, 11 Sep 2010
Carisbrook plans a ‘missed’ chance for sports
By Stu Oldham
Carisbrook might soon host retirees or engineers in a move that has already been called a missed opportunity for Dunedin sport. City council staff have rejected calls to keep Carisbrook for sport to focus on selling it as industrial land or as a retirement village, or developing an industrial park there. Even if the land is sold, they want to restrict its use to stop it being developed into a shopping centre and to invest whatever profits come from a sale into a fund for South Dunedin.
Read more

Submissions asked for Carisbrook to be developed as:

• South Seas exhibition centre and theme park
• Commuter bus and train depot
• Olympic-sized swimming pool and dive pool
• Playground and library, with swimming holes in green spaces
• Corporate boxes as a health centre and sports hub
• Community recreation space, including skate park
• Sports ground for multiple sporting codes
• Shopping centre
• Commercial, retail, industrial or residential land
• Commercial offices and horticultural/community gardens
• Retirement village and rest-home
• Options staff want to send to new council:
• Sell it as industrial-zoned land
• Sell it as a retirement village and rest-home
• Develop it as an industrial park, then sell the individual lots
Source: Dunedin City Council finance and strategy committee agenda

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4 responses to “Carisbrook future…

  1. Anonymous

    Read 3 pages of that report. Despaired at the poor level of quality evident in the writing.

    “Attached is the…reports…”
    “The synergies required…has always been paramount…and is now reflected…”


  2. Elizabeth

    Reading the Carisbrook Stadium Charitable Trust Progress Report

    Looking at Appendix 2 Project Delivery Team (PDT) Milestone Summary. It’s certainly informationally ‘minimised’ – how realistic are the milestones? Tight as. Was this the format DCC Finance and Strategy Committee asked for?

    Get Carisbrook ready for 2011 Rugby World Cup.

    My imagination, or is each status report for this major construction project getting less and less wordy, less descriptive, and less precise. Is this the game we play on a ratepayer funded project. That wasn’t a question by the way.

    • Elizabeth

      Mike Stk at Facebook The DCC has lost the plot.

      ‘Despite what Farry says publicly just about everything (timing, cost, risk and health and safety) is now reported as “Medium Risk, some significant concerns, potentially damaging”. The turf is now on a separate contract, as is the plaza (where’s the money for these coming from?) The private sector funding appears to be $8.9m (presumably the Forsyth Barr contract) and $.73m of pending endorsements – the rest is just the faux reporting of future revenue as fund raising.’

  3. Elizabeth

    ### ODT Online Tue, 14 Sep 2010
    Council could add Carisbrook options
    By Chris Morris
    The idea of retaining Carisbrook for use as a sporting venue – or other ideas for the ground’s future – could yet be considered, Cr John Bezett says.
    Cr Bezett was speaking at yesterday’s council finance and strategy meeting, as councillors considered a report recommending a shortlist of three options for Carisbrook’s future to be examined in more detail.

    A sudden rush of blood to the head, and a concern about rates…
    Deputy mayor Syd Brown said indicative costs were for about $1.1 million a year to run a multisport venue at Carisbrook. “That’s about a 1.5% rates increase and that’s an indicative cost … it’s not going to come down – it’s more than likely going to go up.

    Read more

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