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Carisbrook future…

Meeting: DCC Finance and Strategy Committee
Monday 13 September 2010
Fullwood Room, Dunedin Centre
Commencing at 2.00 PM

Agenda – FSC – 13/09/2010 (PDF, 62.4 kb, new window)

Report – FSC – 13/09/2010 (PDF, 362.3 kb, new window)
Trade Waste Bylaw Implementation

Report – FSC – 13/09/2010 (PDF, 481.2 kb, new window)
Financial Result – 1 Month to 31 July 2010

Report – FSC – 13/09/2010 (PDF, 2.6 mb, new window)
Future of Carisbrook Consultation and Options

Report – FSC – 13/09/2010 (PDF, 2.2 mb, new window)
Carisbrook Stadium Charitable Trust Progress Report

Report – FSC – 13/09/2010 (PDF, 116.5 kb, new window)
2011/12 Annual Plan Timetable

Report – FSC – 13/09/2010 (PDF, 85.2 kb, new window)
Residents Opinion Survey Results


### ODT Online Sat, 11 Sep 2010
Carisbrook plans a ‘missed’ chance for sports
By Stu Oldham
Carisbrook might soon host retirees or engineers in a move that has already been called a missed opportunity for Dunedin sport. City council staff have rejected calls to keep Carisbrook for sport to focus on selling it as industrial land or as a retirement village, or developing an industrial park there. Even if the land is sold, they want to restrict its use to stop it being developed into a shopping centre and to invest whatever profits come from a sale into a fund for South Dunedin.
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Submissions asked for Carisbrook to be developed as:

• South Seas exhibition centre and theme park
• Commuter bus and train depot
• Olympic-sized swimming pool and dive pool
• Playground and library, with swimming holes in green spaces
• Corporate boxes as a health centre and sports hub
• Community recreation space, including skate park
• Sports ground for multiple sporting codes
• Shopping centre
• Commercial, retail, industrial or residential land
• Commercial offices and horticultural/community gardens
• Retirement village and rest-home
• Options staff want to send to new council:
• Sell it as industrial-zoned land
• Sell it as a retirement village and rest-home
• Develop it as an industrial park, then sell the individual lots
Source: Dunedin City Council finance and strategy committee agenda

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