Stadium technology bucket list

### ODT Online Wed, 8 Sep 2010
Stadium technology wants listed
By David Loughrey
Dunedin’s Forsyth Barr Stadium could boast technology that enhances punters’ experience of the venue at little or no cost, the company running the stadium says. Dunedin Venues Management Ltd (DVML) yesterday released the results of a survey it ran in June and July, which received 901 responses.

“All of the technology we’re looking at is either included in the stadium build through the fittings budget, or stand-alone items with revenue associated that pays for them.”
-Darren Burden, DVML development director

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Post by Elizabeth Kerr


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14 responses to “Stadium technology bucket list

  1. Phil

    I’m not a big fan of overcomplicating things. Let’s not lose sight of what it is that we’re building here. It’s primarily a football stadium. People are generally going to be in and out in under 2 hours. Being able to view a replay on my mobile phone is not going to be a determining factor on whether or not I pay my entrance fee. Especially not when I expect there to be a thumping great replay screen within viewing range. I’ve been in stadiums that dwarf this stadium 3 times over, and they survive very well without food stalls, bars, and iphone applications. Nice little gadgets and toys, but I think I’d rather see the effort spent in more practical areas.

    I’m also NOT a fan of having screens located in food and bar areas. I understand why people want that, but I can see it having the potential to very quickly turn into a pub. A good many people are likely to head straight down to buy a drink, and then park themselves there for the duration. Two hours of solid drinking. Great income for the person who leases the bar space but not a lot of fun to walk past on the way out. Forbury Raceway is a good example of how a sporting venue can become a sports bar. Which I’m sure is not the intention of the stakeholders.

  2. Russell Garbutt

    Put it in another context.

    How many people that go to a Symphony Orchestra concert in the Town Hall want to be able to have live pix and sound in the bar so they can sneak out to the bar during the concert?

    The reality is that this place will be used by less than 3000 people based on current attendances. Tell me why the ratepayers of this town should pay for their desires or wants?

    My suggestion is that we pay absolutely no heed to the crazy desires of these rugby heads. If they want to watch a losing team play rugby, then they should stay home, watch it on Sky (as long as they want to continue to televise something that is losing them ratings and earnings) and drink as much beer as they like sitting in their own sad lounges.

  3. Kiwifly

    your hate for all things rugby is getting rather tedious Russell – put a sock in it mate its being built, build a bridge…and get over it

  4. Russell Garbutt

    If you had read my posts carefully Kiwifly/Stekelmoll/Whatever you would know that I have no hate for amateur rugby – in fact I support those that wish to take part.

    My “hate” is for professional rugby and all it has done to the communities unlucky enough to “host” franchises or a team. These bludging businesses are losing money hand over fist and despite palpable demonstrations of lack of patronage still believe that those with no interest in their business are compelled to support it through their rates.

    You may sit in Wellington and discuss what Dunedin ratepayers obligations are, but we actually have to find the money to pamper to this small failed business, and to their allied Councillors.

    I do have one more suggestion for you as a Wellington resident – send us all a rather large donation – let’s say $350m – to make up for the rest of the lack of private funding.

    Also you might like to ponder upon the latest track record of stadia debt round the world at this address:

  5. Russell Garbutt

    Sorry Kiwifly, got you confused with UglyBob – you of course are a well-known local resident, but the invitation to contribute still stands.

  6. UglyBob

    Russell: against my better judgement, I’ll briefly respond since you seem to have some angst about my place of residence. As a NZ taxpayer I am actually making a financial contribution to the stadium albeit not anywhere as a large as I would if I was a Dunedin or Otago ratepayer. I would willingly make a financial contribution to the stadium although obviously $350m might be slightly unrealistic. I have already have made modest financial contributions to the Orokonui Ecosanctuary and Regent Theatre – I don’t mention this out of any ‘good for me’ sense but rather that it is quite possible for people in other parts of the country to assist projects in Dunedin and for people in other parts of the country to pay residential or commercial rates in Dunedin and support the stadium that way (although this latter point does not currently apply to me).

  7. kate

    Great idea Phil – do they come with seats attached to save us building ours to put them on?

  8. Phil

    I was thinking about that, Kate. I reckon that you could also squeeze a 5 year ground membership out of them also, naturally with an automatic 5 year roll over so you get to count it twice. Private funding shortfall taken care of. Why did we not think of this earlier ?

  9. Elizabeth

    ### ODT Online Fri, 17 Sep 2010
    Stadium food, drink card considered
    By David Loughrey
    The company operating Forsyth Barr Stadium is considering a “cashless tap-and-go” system, whereby food and drink could be bought without cash, speeding up service considerably. Dunedin Venues Management Ltd development director Darren Burden said yesterday the idea was another initiative popular with respondents to a survey the company released last week.
    Read more

  10. James

    Having just been to a venue recently (in this case for a concert) where there were LCD screens at food&bev, it was a real boon as there were still a small proportion of people (including myself), who were still waiting at the end of intermission. There was discussion, in terms of the area becoming a de facto sports bar, and also about who would pay, but seeing them in action made the answer obvious. It was not a continuous live feed, but playing advertisements (in fact, during the intermission itself ONLY advertisements). But then, during a concert, you could broadcast the sound, and intersperse live images with advertisements. During a sports game, it would be possibly to play ads, and splice them with replays of big moments. I think that is the worst (particularly thinking of cricket). You nip to the loo or the bar, the crowd roars, and you are left wondering what is going. If they can be self-funding from advertising (especially if they more than cover their costs), I think it is a great idea.

  11. Phil

    I’d go along with that one, James. Having it as a “highlights” screen only. Playing adverts the rest of the time would stop people from hanging around.

  12. kate

    Maybe we need to look at who really deserves to be the first game of rugby at the new stadium.

    The silence locally (apart from ODT great report) about the two Otago Black Ferns is disappointing – World Cup holders and as yet no civic reception that I am aware of – maybe they are not back yet. But wouldn’t it be great to have the first game as a test – women – with four-time world champions playing. Nothing too much required – no special changing rooms – these girls put up with anything for the love of the game and would happily run a barbeque as well to fundraise for their next defense so no kitchen fitout needed either.

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