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Ryan Shaw outstanding aerial photographs of stadium

Local photographer Ryan Shaw’s portfolio has received a huge boost thanks to the friendly people @ForBarrStadium (DVML) and their photographer.


@tinopai Aerial photography #Dunedin #ForsythBarrStadium #Flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/47258825@N04/sets/72157624861876994/

@10PARK @tinopai tell me, how did you get a plane to the stadium aerials huh?

@tinopai @10PARK They saw my photos, showed their photographer & he liked them & then wanted to take me up :D Also going on site with him.

@10PARK @tinopai So brilliant – sorry if i missed tweets about this b4. V.pleased for ya. Who woulda thought ;DD

@tinopai @10PARK Thank you :) So happy!

@10PARK @tinopai Just to reiterate you’re so bloody good (what, I didn’t say that before, nah I meant the photos) :P

@tinopai @10PARK Thank you that means a lot! :)

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Peter Lyons goes for broke, and if intending DCC councillors aren’t singing from the same hymn book they’re absolutely stuffed or not in the game AT ALL

### ODT Online Thu, 2 Sep 2010
Opinion: SCF collapse exposes NZ’s weaknesses
The failure of South Canterbury Finance once again exposes the glaring structural deficiencies in the New Zealand economy, writes Peter Lyons.

Adam Smith said, “there is much ruin in a nation”.

The failure of South Canterbury Finance is a stark wake-up call to the fundamental flaw in our economy. Our future prosperity will not hinge on welfare reforms or mining or compulsory savings or house prices. Our economic wellbeing will be determined by investing in productive activities that create saleable output and well-paid employment.

Our track record in this area is pathetic.
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